Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning ladies
I am sorry I didn't post again after Wednesday - I had a couple of days where I was quite tired - but that seems to have worn off now.

This morning I have the first set of photos from the Mold meeting a coupe of weeks ago.  I held back showing these photos so that Mold II still had a surprise when they had the same project earlier this week.

This project is the one using the precut butterflies that you were given to decorate.  So - here are Mold ladies creations;

This is Joanna's sample card that she made to show me the idea.

I really like Clare's "earthy nature" colours

A very delicate colour scheme from Joan & the matching butterfly on the cover ties it all together.

Lovely vibrant colours from Lynne  those butterflies inside look great on the striped paper.

One of Maureen's favourite images - butterflies.  How pretty they look with their floral decoration.

Rhiannon added quite a lot of colour to her butterflies & at first I thought they were made from vellum.  But of course you had all been given the paper ones.

I love the bold colours i the inside of Sheelagh's card

A lovely group of butterflies with a delicate pattern on them from Yvonne.
They can't be called a "group" - anyone know what the collective noun for butterflies is?

I think Joanna might have used Janet as a guinea pig for this project.
Well she certainly seems to have enjoyed making the cards - they are beautiful.

That is me for now - I will have the photos of the Mold second project later today.

'Bye for now.

It's me again ..................... I just had to look up what that collective noun was.

A flutter

What else!


  1. I think it is kaleidoscope, hope you're better xx Rhiannon

  2. I also looked it up and yes,kaleidoscope is one term....

    Butterflies flight a flight of butterflies
    Butterflies flutter a flutter of butterflies
    Butterflies rabble a rabble of butterflies

    Rabble!!! Not a suitable term at all I reckon. ;)


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