Wednesday, 10 May 2017

That time for us break ....................

............ hello everyone.

Well, what a break we had.  What a disaster.

Both of us have been very ill for the 2 weeks. Hardly any food passed our lips - just glasses of water. The outcome for me is a chest infection - & without having a cold too.  Bob was ill first then a  day later it hit me.  He is now recovering quite well although no way is he fit. But it has left me breathless, no energy & in some discomfort.  Both of us have lost a stone in weight - which under some circumstances would be good - but not to lose it so quick.

The first effect on things is that I have had to excuse myself from taking the CSNW club night tonight.  I am so sorry ladies - I hate letting you down, but I just couldn't possibly make it. Plus of course I wouldn't want to pass any infection on.  I have also had to back out of the demonstration evening I was to do for the HSNW club next Monday evening.  I am on strong antibiotics for a week, to be reviewed next Wednesday.

I think I have some photos from the Mold club evening on 20 April - so will gradually look them out & pop them here. There might even be some of my recent cards to show you.

I will pop in & post when I can - but it won't be every day.

I hope you re all keeping well.

'Bye for now.

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