Thursday, 11 May 2017


Good afternoon ladies

Sitting here last night I gave a great deal of thought to each of the club nights this month.  As you already know I had to back out of last nights CSWN meeting in Rhuddlan. So I have made the decision not to attend the Mold meeting on Thursday 18th May & the Mold II meeting on Tuesday 23rd May. I have made the decision based on my chest infection & feel that by the June meetings I should be fit again & at no risk of passing anything on. Also hopefully will have built up my strength again.

For the Mold meeting on the 18th ............... this was to have been a double evening with Joanna & myself. So Joanna will take the evening showing you the card to be made with the butterflies you were given to decorate.  The flowers that are for my part of the evening - please keep them safe & we will use them at the June meeting.

For the Mold II meeting on the 23rd ............... this was to have been the same sort of evening.  So things will go as for Mold above, with the butterflies. My session with the flowers will not take place until July - so keep them safe.

I will organise the programme sheets during the next couple of days & will find some way to get them to the meetings for you.

Enjoy the meetings & hopefully someone will take photos for me to see.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.
'Bye for now.

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