Thursday, 10 August 2017

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Good afternoon - yes, it's just after noon - so that's what it is.  When I started the post it was still morning!!!!

Ah hum!!!! Just popping back in to edit this post as my DH has just pointed out two errors in my choice of words & spelling. The sentence following this edit, should have had the word "hope" not "hoe".  Then in the first sentence of the second paragraph I have used the wrong version of "there".  I had inadvertently used "their" - purely a typo, & of  course not picked up by word check.  My apologies to all who read the blog.  😀

I hope you are sitting comfortably as this could be a long post for a change.

I once again have to apologise for there being some days when I don't write, or haven't written a post. At the moment I am in a catch 22 situation.  Recently - over the last couple of months - I have been very lax at putting craft things away after using them.  So they are spread over the spare bed that is in my craft room.

One look at it the other morning & I decided that it was time I tidied up.  You can't put everything away as it might be needed quite soon after its original use - but there are ways to keep it tidy even so.  Well that is what I had to tell myself.  But then when doing that sort of tidy you come across papers, stamps etc that haven't been used for a while & the part of the mind that can be creative takes over from the part of the mind that is supposed to be tidying up.

Then last week I was asked by the craft shop in Daleside if I would look at creating a workshop for Christmas card ideas.  Trouble is - you don't know what experience the ladies attending have, or what craft techniques they like.  (Note - I wasn't being sexist when I called the people who attend the classes "ladies" it is just so long since I had a man attending one.)  So I have spent a couple of days sorting out styles - such as some of the shapes we have learnt at the club meetings & techniques.  It means that mainly the cards will be paper designs - so, have I got enough in  my stash to cover several ladies making cards - or - have I got to buy in specifically.  The choices have to be fairly open as the other unknown factor is what style of cards the ladies like making - if they have indeed ever made a card before.

Add to that the fact there are ideas I want to try out for myself. I am starting to collect ideas for next years club meetings, & preparing for the next club nights so I don't leave stuff at home. Then there is the liaising with Elizabeth for our workshop in October & finally & possibly the most important distraction - our grandson.

I have been so busy with my camera each time we see him that I have quite a library of photos building up.  I want to create a memory album & know that doing it paper based means I will probably never finish it - or fall behind with creating pages. So I have decided to create it digitally. Even that still keeps me in front of the computer for hours on end.

So I am afraid I get lost in this strange world & then realise that I haven't written anything for you ladies.  My apologies.  I will try & keep my act (or should that be acts) together.

I hope you are having a great day.  I am now off to plan the first few 2018 months programme for the clubs & upload project photos for the next few months.


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