Saturday, 19 August 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have a member showcase for you, not this time from a published magazine letter - but from a practise of an idea.

The member is Joan of Mold club who on Thursday night brought in some lovely background design to show me, that she had created. I forgot to photograph it during the course of the evening but yesterday got in touch with Joan & asked her if she would photograph it & send to me.  I received the photos this morning;

One of the A4 sheets

The A4 sheet with another one folded to make a card

The folded card

This is what Joan said in her email;

"Here are the two pieces of card,  I used acrylic pearl that I have had for many years ,then I painted on parchment. I then used Adirondack colours,
Very pleased with the results,"

The acrylic pearls were put onto the paper using a crunched up piece of plastic wrap.  Doesn't it look lovely?

Thank you for sending the photos Joan I think the backgrounds look beautiful,

The ones I did a few days ago I used Gesso to make my "splodges" but I think I am going to have look out my acrylic pearls now.  They  haven't had an airing for a while - what a lovely way to use them. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
'Bye for now.

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