Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My mini album so far

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I thought I would show you how my file folder album is going.  Not the one I started at the club meeting but the second one, when I had found nicer matching & toning papers to use for a more cohesive finish.

The front cover

The inside cover & first page.
I have added a little pocket on one side & a tag flap on the other.
The right hand page is also part of the top loading pocket page & holds a large tag 
(you can just see the thread pull)

The next 2 pages
On the right hand side I have added a waterfall photo album. 
It will hold 10 small photos, as each page is double sided.
The right hand page is also part of the side loading pocket & holds a large tag.
Again you can just see the pull thread at the side.

The next 2 pages 
So far only the right hand page has had something added to it.
This time I have added a very narrow pocket into which I have put a mini album.
This right hand page is also part of the second top loading pocket.

The last page & inside cover
So far I have not added anything to these pages.

Finally - the back cover.

Once I decided to make this second one I worked on it non-stop for a few days.  Now I have to decide what other embellishments I will put on it & what photos are going in it.  It has a slightly vintage look to it & I have some photos of my grandparents & great grandparents that I may reproduce in sepia tones & put in there.

I absolutely loved making this & I am already thinking of another one.  
Thank you very much Carolyn. 
I had wanted to make one for ages & kept putting it off to do other things.

That's me for today.  Off to have a play ............ uhmm, I mean, make some cards - probably Christmas.


  1. Oh I do like this album Gloria. I like the waterfall idea. I must try that in mine. Dot


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