Sunday, 22 October 2017

Mold photos - part 2 - an extra card

Hello again everyone.

When I checked my emails this morning I had one from Sheelagh of Mold club with a photo of another u-fold card she had made.

Her message said;

"Hello, I only managed to get the large card done on Thursday but I had bought a stamp from Clare and I have a friend whose birthday is on 11th November and I had already decided to do a poppy card so I used the new stamp and did the smaller size card. Quite pleased with it!!

Here is Sheelagh's card;

That is really pretty Sheelagh I am sure your friend will love it - thank you for sending me the photo.

If anyone else makes another of these U-fold cards, please send me photos. In fact you should all know by now that I love receiving photos of your cards & putting them here on the blog for others to see.


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