Tuesday, 28 November 2017

mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have the photos from the Mold club meeting of the 16th & they are of their project for the evening.  This project was shown by Mold club member Janet & she covered the grid technique with an added twist.

Here are the photos & it looks like two methods were shown;

Maureen's two cards show one of each method.

As do Joanna's cards also. I love the use of text on them.

 Both of Sheelagh's cards were created with the alternative technique

Rhiannon has also used the alternative technique - this time showing clean clear lines.

Joan has used the alternative technique & I rather like the informal outer edges on this one.

Mair has one of each technique on her card.  I do like the idea of just the central panel Mair.

Oh I do like those images on Rachel's card.  A really fun card.

One of each style from Yvonne & I like the impact of the white space in the centre of the right hand one.

Two cards from Clare also & the right hand is more in the style of the original technique.
Two great looking, different designs using the same images & colours.

Wow Lynn - it would almost look like stained glass if your lines had been black.
As it is it reminds me of marbled patchwork.

Finally - two examples from Janet which I think she probably did during the evening whilst demonstrating the technique.

Thank you Janet for showing the ladies this technique.
I think you can safely say - looking at their results - that they thoroughly enjoyed making these.

Well done ladies - now I need to have a go myself but it won't be for a while just yet.

Tonight is the last meeting of 2017, for the Mold II ladies - have a great evening ladies.

That is my post for today - back again as soon as I can.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the consultant - will let you know how I get on.


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