Wednesday, 24 January 2018

boring information but .........

........... necessary.

This post is just to remind everyone that this years subs will be due shortly.  There are various dates so I am going to list them here.

For Mold II - they are due in February

For CSNW - they are due in March

For Mold - they are due in April

I cannot guarantee that I will be at those meetings but will organise how they can be collected.  There is no change to the amount.

Please be aware that the old £10 note finishes on 1st March - so be sure to divest yourself of them.  I have checked the club boxes that I hold here & have swapped the old £10 notes in them for new notes, & will definitely have spent them before March - 😉

So if you can avoid it please try not to pay your subs with these old notes.  Thank you.

Proper post later today.
'Bye for now.

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