Saturday, 13 January 2018

Christmas cards received - part 3

Good morning everyone.

I do hope you have a lot of nice things planned for the weekend, & that you have a great time.

Here are the last ten photos of the lovely Christmas cards that Bob & I received this Christmas;

As with the other two posts - thank you everyone for these lovely cards - we were absolutely delighted with them

As you know when I show you the cards I have received I don't comment on like I do for Show & Tell cards & Projects.  But I have one little request to make & that is in regard of the very last card shown here.  The really cute little nativity scene.  The card came in a batch of cards that was given to me & I cannot remember if it was from Mold or Mold II club.  I am pretty certain that it wasn't from CSNW club - so apologies if I am wrong.  The reason being that although it came in an envelope withe my name on the front - the person who made it did not sign it, & I would like to know who it was from.  If it is your card please either leave a comment or email me.  Thank you.

Of course I have also realised that not everyone reads the blog - so if anyone knows who made it perhaps you would let me know instead.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I am looking forward to another visit from my brother who is hoping to get to me on Sunday.

'Bye for today


  1. Hi Gloria, I had one like this from Rhiannon 😀 ( and one using the same stamp, but coloured differently from Maureen) I think the stripy shepherd is a definite giveaway!!

  2. I received one of these from Rhiannon. Glad to see you posting again.

  3. How silly of me, I wonder how many more had unsigned cards I gave out, but I did have a bout of flu about then I better put my name on this comment Rhiannon from Mold Thursday night club. I hope that you are feeling a little better Gloria and a happy New year too you.


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