Thursday, 18 January 2018

Finding myself a project

Good afternoon everyone.

Over about the last week or so I have been trying to think of a project for myself  - either long lasting or just for 2018.  So in time honoured practise I went to T'internet to get some inspiration.  Usually I end up trawling through the many many pages on Pinterest.  Which I did again this time.

After days of searching & getting lost in all the wonderful things out there that very clever people make, I found something entirely new to me which has whetted my appetite - but this will need quite a bit of thinking about.  Also something that I started doing back in 2010 that I had not tried for ages. 


Yesterday I hunted out the book that I had started keeping tags in & took photos.  Some of them were from tag workshops I had run, there were a couple I had entered into blog challenges & the rest were ones that just seemed to get created.  I was very surprised by how my tastes had changed & look forward to seeing what I can do now - quite a time later.

Here are some of them from the book;

The one on the left was inspired by seeing some papers with Nursery Rhyme pictures on them & I created a pocket on the tag in to which I placed a little book with one of the pictures as a front cover. 

 The 3 butterfly ones were made using a CaroLines butterfly stamp & the fourth one is a little moment in time with a photo of my Mother, Grandmother & Uncle, when Mum was a little girl.

 The 2 tags on the right were using a couple of saying stamps. 
Then the other one is my family photo again with a different style.

On these 2 tags it would seem I have started into a different stamping style & ways to use inks. 
The tree on the left is another of CaroLines stamps & the one on the right is off a "Seasons" stamp set

I think these 3 were made at a workshop - for basic paper craft - based around tags.

It really is quite strange looking back on work that you have done & seeing how your styles & ideas have changed. This happens of course due to new techniques, products & ideas from others being discovered.

So this is to be my first project - bringing my tag styles up to date.  In the meantime I will give the other project idea some more thought & research.

Here is my first new tag;

Well! I didn't say I had actually started did I?  
That is me for today.  

I am hoping to get along to the Mold club meeting tonight for a little while - so I hope I will see some of you there.


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