Friday, 26 January 2018

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Good afternoon everyone

A little while ago I had an email from Sheelagh of Mold club who wanted to know where she could get hold of some tissue boxes like the ones we need in the October workshop. She wanted to decorate some more as someone had shown an interest in the one she had made then. She also hoped that she would be able to remember the process in decorating them.

It hadn't been a difficult process but sometimes when you are talked through something, later on it is not easy to think of the order of things.

Anyway, I managed to find a source for her for the boxes & I think Sheelagh had also found some square boxes as well - but not wooden. 

Then I got in touch with Elizabeth who took the workshop regarding the decorating steps.  She, being the star she is - typed me up some notes.  In case anyone else is thinking of decorating another tissue box - or any box in a similar manner I will put the instructions on the blog.  Will let you know when I have done it.

In the meantime here are photos of Sheelagh's box;

The ladies of the Mold club will know that Sheelagh has a great way of describing her work & there is always a little laugh with it.  So I thought I would print what she said in her mail that accompanied the photos;

I came home yesterday and have worked on the box today. 
I'm not as pleased with it  as the one from the workshop. I found it was tricky to stamp with larger stamps as the box is a bit flexible!  Perhaps it would have been better to use smaller stamps. 
I also put out too much acrylic! Learning curve!  
The leaves are a silvery blue and don't stand out well. 
I really think the wooden box is the way to go and I should give a bit more thought to the colours before I start. Ha ha.
Someone who knows nothing about stamping may be quite pleased to receive it anyway.
Cheers and thanks for your help.

Your welcome Sheelagh & I think it looks good.

That's me for today - have a great weekend.

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