Thursday, 8 February 2018

CSNW photos

Good evening everyone

Last night I popped in briefly to see the ladies of the CSNW club. 

When Bob & I got there they were already working on their project for the evening - so I stayed long enough to wish everyone a Happy New Year, pay for the room, hand out new birthday lists & pick up a set of notes for the evenings project.

This morning I had been sent a set of photos from Elvena who has taken on the job of club photographer.

Their project was a rather cute little note book - I did put a photo of the one I had - on the club projects photo page.

These 2 photos shows the outside & an inside view of the note book made by Ruth.

Here are the 2 photos of  Anne's note book. 
 I am not sure what the little pieces of paper projecting out of the top of the pages are for.
I didn't have them in my note book.

This time it is Grace's 2 views of her note book

The inside & outside of Kate's note book
Now, Kate has those little tabs too.
Doesn't that geometric paper work well for the cover.

The outside & inside of Elevena's note book.
More little tabs - must find out why they are there & what they are for.

Outside & inside of Joan's note book.
I like that bright sunny paper.

Outside & inside view of Claire's note book.
Claire has managed to find time to put something on the front of hers - a rather cute owl die-cut

The 2 views of Gwen's card this time & once again the coloured tabs

My thanks to Elvena for taking & sending me the photos in order to put them here on the blog. These are very useful little note books & made from 2 sheets of 12x12 paper.

My thanks to Grace as well for showing the ladies the project.

I love my note book - it is beside me when I am surfing the Internet to note down anything of interest - craft wise of course - that I want to look further into & try.  So I had better make myself one as the one I have is getting pretty full.

That is me for today.  I have finished my card box & will show you a photo tomorrow.


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