Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Little surprises!

Good afternoon everyone

Sorry I didn't write a post yesterday - it was Oncologist day.  Ir's surprising how much of the day it takes up when you add travelling time to waiting time & appointment time.  On the way home we grabbed a light meal to save cooking when we got home.

Anyway - little surprises!

Early in the New Year I received a card from Rachel of Mold club - as she hadn't got around to making Christmas cards.  Now, Rachel likes making small cards - the size of ATC's

Here is the card she sent;

Then a week or so ago Rachel sent me another little card - just to "cheer my day";

This little card is absolutely delightful - look at the faces on those fishes, & as Rachel intended it did cheer my day.

Thank you Rachel.

Well, I hope you have all received nice Valentines cards & perhaps some flowers or chocolates.  Bob & I are going out to a local eatery for one of their Valentine meals.  Looking forward to that - mind you must watch my weight.  But not tonight.

I have had a good day today making some cards which I will be able to show you a bit later.

Hope you are having a good day.

That's me for now.  I hope to make another short visit to the Mold club tomorrow evening - so look forward to seeing those ladies then.

'Bye for now

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