Saturday, 17 February 2018

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have the Show & Tell photos from Mold clubs meeting on Thursday night.  The theme was cold & frosty!

When I am not actually at the meetings for this part of the evening I cannot comment on ways the cards were made, as we go around the table explaining how they were made - but will most likely make my own comments about them.

Here they are;

I am only showing this card in it's closed state - as the design was actually the project for that evening & I have the opened photos along with several others that Janet made as samples.
In the flesh you an see the sparkle to make it frosty.  I will try a close up for the next set of photos.

Love the sparkle to create the frosty & the white around the images helps with the cold

I would love to see the Northern Lights & it is up where it is cold that they are best seen
So this design makes me "feel" the cold

This card is so cute & says it all. You need that hot drink.

Ah look at that cute robin sitting there in the cold.

Well - there is certainly Cold & Frosty here
(I wonder which one is Cold & which one Frosty  😏 hmm! think I might have lost it here)

Well done ladies some really lovely cards.

Oh yes - then there is

Me.  Yes! I joined in again
I saw something like this on the Internet & thought to myself - I could do that for cold & frosty.
Using a scrap of paper torn to make the curves I used Card-io stamps to create a flower bed. Then I used a product that goes on like toothpaste but when you heat it it fluffs up. That made the snow drifts & snowflakes.  (It used to be called Liquid Applique).  Finally I used the Sparkle Kiss clear paste dabbed on with a dry baby wipe over the whole card to give a frosty finish.

That's me for today, have a lovely weekend.

More Mold photos tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

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