Thursday, 8 March 2018

Just chatting & updates

Good afternoon everyone.

Just popping in for another quick chat.

First - I have updated club pages where needed.  The main change was on the Mold II club page as due to the recent weather & quite a few ladies being unable to attend, the meeting for February was cancelled.

I did not make it to the CSNW meeting last night as I had been feeling rather tired & had an appointment with the oncologist this morning.  I am looking forward to receiving any photos that may have been taken during the evening to show how they got on with their project.

The oncologist is pleased with my response to the new medication & I will be seeing her again in a month.  I have also received a letter from the Lymphodema clinic for a check up & another letter from my consultant for a follow up after my recent surgery.  Phew! it's all go here with the appointments.  It wouldn't be too bad really if there wasn't so much waiting around time with each one of them.  But I mustn't moan to much as I am being really well looked after.

That was a bit of a surprise to see the snow again this morning. Bob had mentioned last night that some was forecast.  There was more of it out around Bodelwyddn & looking toward the mountains. Most of that that we went through on our journey to the hospital this morning had started to go by the time we were driving home.  Lets hope that is it for a while - like next winter!!!!

I hope you are all well.  Talk soon.
'Bye for now.

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