Sunday, 25 March 2018

member showcase

Good evening everyone I hope you have been having a good weekend & didn't miss that hour this morning very much.

This evening I have the second card that Dot of Mold II club has sent me, to show you.

What a beautiful card Dot.
One lucky 70 year old is going to be so thrilled to receive this card.

Easel cards always look so good don't they.
Thank you, Dot, for sending me the photos.

Before I go - thank you to some of you who have been in touch about the post I wrote the other day regarding the cost of the Hall we use.  Also a couple of ladies who have also got back to me about a 2018 workshop.  So hope to hear from more of you later.

That's me for today.  I have another hospital visit tomorrow - they seem to be coming rather more frequently at the moment.

'Bye for now.

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