Monday, 26 March 2018

member showcase

Good morning ladies

This morning I have another member showcase for you, & once again it is Rita of Mold II club.  When I first spotted her card in a recent issue of Creative Stamping I thought - Rita has already sent me a photo of that card & I have put it on the blog! 

Just to make sure I went into my photos folder & there was in fact a card from Rita on a similar theme.  So! I haven't shown you this one yet.

Well done again Rita.
It's a great card.

I have that set of stamps & magazine & they are both sat on my desk waiting for me to do something with them.  I guess I had better sit down soon & use them.

Off to the hospital in just under an hour. I am hoping we won't be there too long & then perhaps I can get some crafting in when we return.  I know the oncologist has a busy clinic today - so not holding my breath for a quick & short visit.

Have a nice day - it certainly is nice & bright & sunny.

'Byte for now.

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