Friday, 4 May 2018

A play day that follows.....

...... on from a "Get Set - Ready" post on 6 April.

Good evening by the way - I hope you are enjoying this lovely sunny day & looking forward to the weekend with its good weather forecast.

On 6 April I showed you this photo;

It shows some materials sorted ready to start an album that I wanted to make - file folders, kraft card & manilla envelopes.  The first step I did was to sort out the envelopes which would make pocket pages.  Some pockets with top opening & some side opening.  After I prepared them complete with the half circle punches for the finger holes - I didn't like the look of them against the file folder that was to be the album base - the colour wasn't right.

After some thought I decided to make the pages from some more file folders - that way everything matched. A week or so ago I formed the album cover by using the file folder in its folded state giving the cover some more strength.  I also made the page carrier by a method I had seen on You Tube - called "Stack the Deck".

I decided the mats on the pages would be with black card so I remade the pages with the file folders, then cut out the black layers, created a couple of pockets & glued all the layers.

So my WIP album although still in pieces - now looks like this;

This is the album cover - you can just see the spine -  & the "Stack the Deck" page carrier is by the side of it.

This photo shows the 2 different types of pages - one side opening & one top opening.

This shows a page with a bottom pocket added to the front of the page

& this photo shows a page with a side pocket added to the front of the page.

My next step is to make the photo mats (or whatever I use them for), that will go inside the full pages. These I am going to make from the file folders as well to keep the Kraft colour carried through. The final stage will be attaching the "Stack the deck" to the inside of the spine & then attaching the pages to that.

I am still working on what method of album closure I am going to use.

I am rather pleased with the work so far & it was made a lot easier by a couple of recent purchases.  A few weeks ago I decided to buy a new trimmer & bought the Tonic one, complete with scoring blade. The one I had been using did not seem to ever cut square. The Tonic one is perfect.  Also - earlier this week I bought an envelope punch board - it is by "We R Memory Keepers".  That made the finger holes very easy to produce.  But I didn't buy it just for that, it does more than make envelopes & I have already made a mini folio.  It just needs some finishing off to hold the items that will be going in it - when that is done I will show you a photo.

Have a great weekend.
'Bye for now.

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