Sunday, 27 May 2018

a recent project

Good afternoon everyone.

I am not so sure it is that good as we have just had a thunder storm start, & go very quite straight after.  Is it the calm before the next storm?

Anyway my project.

Last weekend I decided to try another mini album project - I really like making these & it serves two purposes.  It is using up my stash little by little & they will make nice raffle or fund-raising projects for my friends scout group.

The one I made last weekend was - the Wallet album;

This it closed up complete with belly band.

I made it from a file folder.  I have quite a few as before I slowed down on workshops I was going to run a workshop at the garden centre, with the mini file folder album that Carolyn showed us last year.

This shows the top flap open

This one shows it with top & bottom flaps open.

The central panels also open & this one shows the left hand side flipped back

This shows it with the right hand flap now flipped back as well,.

Those side flaps also fold back. This shows the left hand flap opened out.

This one shows the right hand flap opened out.

I couldn't take a photo of it completely open as it was too big for my camera.   

I used a 6x6 paper pad that I had to decorate the pages, & inked all the edges with Distress Ink - Vintage Photo, & also all the folds of the base wallet.

No pockets in this one, although there is a slightly different version that does have pockets & fold out concertina pages.  I think that will probably be my next one.

I am still working on the special album I first wrote about back in early May - it has now been put together & has some decorative pieces on it - the next stage is to get some content into it ready for giving.  Once it has been given I will be able to show you photos. I am really very pleased with how it has turned out.

I did set myself up with a project for 2018 of going back to creating tags in different techniques etc - but that has rather been pushed to the back burner by the albums.  But I will return to them later.  

Tomorrow I hope to have a member showcase for you - at the moment the photo is on my phone so I need to download it.

'Bye for now, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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