Monday, 28 May 2018

mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the photos from the Mold II meeting last Tuesday, kindly taken & sent to me by Carolyn once again.  This set of photos is of their Show & Tell which was the second note pad holder that they were shown by Dot last month.

On the evening Dot took along 2 designs for the ladies to make - they made one on the evening & I have shown you those photos last month.  They decided to make the other design for this month's Show & Tell.  Dot provided everyone with the tag shape, a peg, & a pencil & flower.  The ladies had to provide their own papers & any other embellishments.

Here is Annette's version in shades of pink. I like the different coloured bows on the spiral of the notepad.

Carol's version uses a shorter pen which fits well & double flower on a very pretty bronze coloured paper.

Carolyn has a multi strand bow on her pad & a different style of pencil. 
 Also she has covered the face of the peg.
I think Annette did that too.

Pretty lilac shades for Elma's note holder & she has either covered the peg with lilac paper 
or painted it.

Lots of pretty bows on Rita notepad holder & some lovely flowers  & again a decorated peg.

Dot also suggested that this note holder wold be good with a magnet on the back - sorry, I cannot remember if any of the ladies did that.

Tomorrow I will have the evening's project photos to show you, but in the meantime I am going to update the Mold II page with information on their June meeting.

It will be closely followed by the same information for Mold club.

Enjoy the last day of the bank holiday.

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