Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A recent card

Good morning everyone - I hope you are all well.

Today I have a card that I made recently & was initially holding it back as I was hoping to be able to put it to you as a club night project.  But as I am not sure when that would be I thought I would show it to you anyway, but without too much information  😃.

That doesn't sound fair but I hope you know what I mean. I am hoping to very soon make a visit to each of the clubs where I once again give the project so hope you don't mind waiting a little bit.

Here is the card & there are 3 photos showing it from different angles as well as closed. You will see that it opens in a slightly different way.

View of it closed

Viewing the front from the side & open

Viewing it looking into the card when open.

The little floral stamps were part of a free set on a magazine some time ago & are really useful. I use them quite a bit.

I made the card for my friend Caroline who had a birthday last month.

That's me for today.  I will go & have a look in my card photo library & see if there are any more that I haven't yet shown you.

Have a nice day.  'Bye for now.

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