Friday, 22 June 2018

just chatting

Good afternoon everyone & what a lovely sunny day it is too.

Just popping in for a quick chat.  I popped along to the Mold meeting last night but didn't stay long as I had been at Glan Clwyd hospital, what seemed most of the day.

They were very busy & I waited nearly 2 hours for my appointment.  The Oncologist had the result of my CT scan & my last blood test.  My bloods are looking fine & the CT showed that the medication appears to be doing the job it is supposed to do.  So, basically it  is keeping the cancer under control.  I have been experiencing rather bad backaches lately so mentioned this to her & she checked my back.  I did sort of let out a groan when she pressed on the lumbar region of my spine.  So, she is putting me forward for a single dose of Radiotherapy aimed solely at that part of my back.  It is slightly possible that I may have to have 2 sessions - but she believes one will be sufficient.

As I didn't stay long at the Mold meeting I do not have photos from it for you - but Joanna was taking them as usual - so I will probably receive them in the next day or two.

Today I have my brother with me - just for the day - he goes off to visit friends tomorrow mid-day.

So, another weekend is here I do hope you have some nice things planned.

That's me.  'Bye for now.

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