Wednesday, 3 October 2018

member showcase

Good evening ladies

Tonight I have a photo of an Anniversary card made by Dot of Mold II club.

In her email with the photo Dot said -------------------

"The die is one of Chloe's and I passed it through the Cuttlebug 3 times. The first one I glued straight onto the card and the other 2 were cut into thus making individual flowers which were glued on at their centre point and a pearl added. Sentiments were hand written and affixed, along with  bow.  I hope you like it."

I do indeed Dot - it is beautiful & I am sure it will be very much appreciated. Thank you for sending it in.

I have just got back home from the CSNW meeting this evening.  So hope to have some photos for you soon, along with the ones from their September meeting.  Elvena sent those to me via Whatsapp on my mobile, but for some reason I didn't receive them.  Looking into that tomorrow to see what went wrong my end, if anything.

That's all for today.  'Bye for now.

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