Sunday, 11 November 2018

csnw photos - part 2

Good evening everyone I do hope you have had - or are still having - a great weekend.

I am sorry I didn't blog these photos the other day when I said I would, I just don't know where the time went.

On Friday we did meet up with an old friend of Bob's which, of course included a meal.  This did take quite a chunk out of the day, then Saturday just seemed to come & go.  I did spend some time during the afternoon going through some magazines & their Christmas freebies to see if there was any I wanted to use.  I did come up with a couple of ideas!

Anyway, to the photos of the project from Wednesday meeting of the CSNW ladies where we returned to an old favourite - the Waterfall Card.

Their will be 2 photos for each card - one with the waterfall closed & one with it open - or at least partially open;

Ann has used some really delicate flower sprays & flower heads on her card. Love the colour.

Silhouette flowers on Claire's waterfall movement & I love those silhouette die cuts that are on the base card.

Again some more delicate flower sprays, this time decorating Grace's card  & I love 
the colour scheme.

Gwen chose a dainty snowflake for her card.  Makes a lovely Christmas cards, Gwen.

Kate used this rather stylised butterfly on her card - works really well.

I love the way that Elvena has placed the flourish down the sides of her card, with more of it on one said than the other.  Very nice card.

Ruth was the only person to put her waterfall movement onto the card horizontally rather than vertical.  It does work so well.

Well done ladies they are great cards, & it was such fun returning to this technique I really enjoyed making my samples.

Thank you once again to Elvena for taking & sending me the photos of both the project here & the Show & Tell I posted back on Thursday.  It is much appreciated Elvena.

That is me for today.  'Bye for now - enjoy your evening.

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