Saturday, 17 November 2018

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

On Thursday it was the final meeting for 2018 of the Mold club & Joanna has taken photos of both the Show & Tell and the evening's project.

But as she has been rather busy there will be a little delay before I can show them.

I had an email from her apologising for the delay & showed me the reason why.  Here is a photo of the project that she was working on & had to finish;

As well as making some beautiful cards, Joanna is also a great needlewoman.
Here is her email message;

"I found this embroidery design by a New Zealand company and have spent a
large part of today stitching it - it's about 19" high and 15" at the
widest and was really complex. Had to be stitched in 6 different parts
with wadding under the fabrics to give the quilting stitches depth. I
love it and am planning to give it to our son and his partner (they're
all black, white and grey at their house) and do another one for us
perhaps using golds and reds.

Forgive me for showing off but I'm really pleased, about to post it on
Facebook so you'll see it again :)"

When I replied to the email I said she had every right to be proud of herself - it is beautiful.

I really love to hear about other crafts that you do as well, obviously, the stamping & cards are the you do  - but please send photos of other things you make.

I will have another member showcase for you tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.  'Bye for now.

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