Saturday, 3 November 2018

One Year

Well, time really does fly.

It is a year today that I went into hospital for my lumpectomy operation, & it is also 14 months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, & later in December was told that I have secondary cancer in my spine.

It has been 14 months that started with a very scary feeling & has taken me through different mood swings, mixed emotions & thoughts.

My life, & I should really say Bob's life as well, revolves around my 4-weekly visits to Glan Clwyd Hospital.  When planning things to do we always have to check if it is hospital week.

A few days prior to the visits I have to have a blood test so that it can be monitored as to how I am responding to the various drugs. The main issue has seemed to be with my white blood cell count. - immune system.  It has sometimes been quite low & when it is I cannot have my medication for the next 4-week session. This is the time when our plans can be turned upside down & have to be changed.

So that means I have to go for another blood test a week later then revisit the hospital & usually I have then been able to have my medication.  So when I then go back it is always with fingers crossed that my white cell count is where it should be.  So far so good & I haven't had to wait another week before returning to my medication routine. The routine is the hormone therapy (chemo in a pill) I am taking, I take for 3 weeks then have a week free. The free week is the one before my following visit to the hospital.

It seems that so far the treatment is controlling the cancer, which is good to know.  So it is not getting any worse, it is being contained & managed.

Within myself, in general now, I feel quite good.  I get tired, but at least my emotions & mood swings are settled down.  I was disappointed that the problem with my back means I walk with a stick now - makes me feel like an old lady 😄 - but at least it keeps me upright.

It is due to the massive support & care I have received from Bob, right from day one that I have been able to deal with this & am doing so well now.   Of course I have had lots of support from family as well. Importantly, as well, is the way that several of you from each of the clubs have stepped in & looked after the clubs this year, organising projects for the evenings.  It has really been appreciated & has been a great relief to me.  I was so worried in the beginning knowing I would not be able to continue quite the same way.  But I should not have done so - you are such a lovely caring group of ladies. I hope to be a little more involved next year providing things continue as they are - or better still - improve.  The most annoying side effect of all this - as I have already said - is the tiredness. I never know when it is going to hit me.

Thank you to everyone for your help & support.

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