Thursday, 3 January 2019

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

This morning I  have the first of the 2 member showcases I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, & it is from Joanna of Mold club, who has been busy sewing again;

In her email that accompanied the photo Joanna said;

 "I actually did a bit of sewing and made this last-minute extra for someone special  😉                        The hanger is 13" tall so it will be very obvious that it is her room! 
 I'm having so much fun with my sewing machine at the moment - you can probably tell!"

It is beautiful Joanna & I am sure Millie was delighted.

Personal gifts are always so nice to receive & to give. Which reminds me I must show you something I made as a Christmas present.

Another member showcase tomorrow - 'bye for now.

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