Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Mold II ph0tos - part 1

Good morning everyone.

Well it's a lot brighter this morning than it was yesterday.  I hope you haven't had too much snow & that if you have it clears quickly.  So take care when you are out & about.

Last night was the first meeting of 2019 for the Mold II ladies.  I had received an apology from Helen on Monday night to say she was unwell.  Then yesterday I had an email from Carolyn stating she & Dot would not be there as they were concerned more about the journey home later in the evening.  As also was Rita who also sent me an email.  So I knew it was going to be small group, but went along to see who did arrive. Apologies were sent from Sue who was unwell.  It ended up with there being 6 ladies present plus myself - so we decided to ho ahead with the evening - especially as 2 ladies had come a distance.  Bob took me so we asked him to keep an eye on the weather for us & if it changed drastically we would call a stop to the evening. As it was we got through everything - the project I had brought to do was a really quick & easy card - & when it looked like it was going to start snowing again quite heavy we called it a day.  I think we finished about 8:15 so not too bad.

So, the photos today are of their Show & Tell cards, which was to make a card from a sketch with butterflies as the theme.  Here is the sketch;

Here are the cards that were made;

Two cards made by Carol - both very delicate designs.  The top card has been interpreted slightly different but you can still see the sketch.  Really lovely cards.

Another delicate card, this time from Annette who explained she didn't like so much white space when she was making the card. So she used the little flow of butterflies to fill it - along with the outline around the card which keeps the whole design together.

Look at those stunning butterflies on Chris's card.  
The camera doesn't do that blue panel justice as it was an absolutely gorgeous colour. 
A really striking card.

Madeline's delicate butterfly is reflected in the mirri card panel it is set on - gives it a lot of depth.
A different approach for the diagonal panel using ribbons.

Two different style cards from Elma.
I love the way Elma has used the long tailed butterfly to be the vertical panel - very clever.
A multitude of butterflies on her very delicate second card.
Beautiful cards.

Two fantastic & stunning cards from Elizabeth.
The sketch challenge said "Tall & Skinny" & these cards ARE tall, which emphasises skinny. 
I have made sure that the size of the photo gives the idea of how tall they are.
Both made in the most beautiful card.  I particularly like the colours in the first one - which I too am using at the moment in cards.

Lovely cards ladies - well done.

Tomorrow I have my 4-weekly visit to the hospital, so I am going to write the post of the second set of photos from last night - their project - & then schedule it to appear some time during the day.

If this snow continues please take care everyone.

That's me for today.  'Bye!

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