Future Events & Workshops

This page will hold information on club workshops & any type of events being held within the clubs.

Plans are afoot for a workshop sometime in 2017  so keep an eye on this spot.
Information at your meetings.


I have now heard from Elizabeth Robinson, the lady I have been speaking to about a workshop for the 3 clubs.

Periods of time she can offer us are;

3rd or 4th week of September - so that would be Saturday 16th or 23rd


1st or second week of October - which would be Saturday 7th or 14th.

For the October dates - the 7th would not be suitable as that is the date of the Autumn 
Happy Stampers Festival.
Apart from most of you wanting to go to that - so would Elizabeth, so she obviously hasn't got it in her diary yet.

If you don't have any objections I would like to open the workshop to the 3 ladies who form my regular rubber stamping workshop down at Daleside.

Please would you give me an idea asap as to which of these dates suit you - you can select more than one.  

I will also get in touch again with Queensferry Memorial Hall to see which of those dates are free.

I cannot give you a cost per person until I know how many will be attending, so that is why I would like to know asap your preferences. When I know that I will divide the overall cost of Elizabeth's fee & the hall fee between the number attending - I have suggested to her it would probably be about 30-35.  Of course it could be less than that, but the more we have the cheaper it will be per person.

If you know of any of the ladies from the club who do not read the blog - please pass this information on to them.

I will endeavour to also send an email to everyone as well.