How to decorate a wooden box

Decorating a Tissue Box 
Instructions for wooden box

Give the wooden tissue box a coat of white gesso. 

As it dries the grain of the wood may open, so once it’s totally dry give it a light sanding back, before adding a second coat of gesso.

Add acrylic paint to your work mat and spread out using a flat brush to create a thin layer ready for picking up with your stamp.

Stamp out your design with the paint, and remember to drop your stamp into cold water asap before the paint dries on it. 

It’s also worth cleaning your stamp after you have stamped two or three images, as the paint begins to build up on the stamp, and you lose clarity of the image.

Once you have stamped out your design choose which colours you are going to paint it with (I normally use 3). 

Dilute the paint and have fun! 

Add random dots of paint around your images using a chopstick or end of a pencil. This is a great way to tie all the colours together.

Once the design is complete, take a large flat paintbrush and pick up one of the colours you’ve used on the design. 

You only need the smallest amount, so dab off some paint before gently dry-brushing from the outer edges inwards, to create shading. 

Work your way around the box and don’t worry if it looks too dark, as once it’s dry you can go over the top with your white gesso and repeat the process to knock the colour back a little.

Once you are happy with your box take an ordinary wax tea light/candle and gently rub all over the box. 

Then with a clean piece of kitchen roll, or a soft cloth buff up the box. This will give the box a smooth finish and a little protection.

From Elizabeth Robinson
as carried out on October 2017 workshop

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