Thursday, 30 September 2010

Welcome to your new Club website & blog

Hello everyone!

Well, here it is at last - the new website.  I am really confident that you will enjoy browsing through it & find it a lot friendlier to use.

There is a lot of information in this post - so please read it all.  Thank you.

First I will give you a quick verbal tour - then please go & have a look around for yourselves.  Make yourselves familiar with where to find things you want to know about - but to be honest - it is not difficult.  Like the Glitter Girls - where possible I don't do difficult.

Now due to my absence from the meetings the latter part of this year your programme pages are not showing much - but when I return.............. well I did say ....... "I will be back" ...........details will be as they used to be on the old site.  Talking of the old site it will remain open so it will be there for you to pop back to for reminders of what we did, so don't take it off your favourites list, but DO REMEMBER to add this one to your favourites.  Whilst you are doing that, please add my personal blog to your favourites as well.  There will eventually be a link to it on the side bar but for now click here. 

Right! Now for the tour.  You will see six (6) tabs at the top of the Home page.  These are -

The home page on this site is where the daily posting appear, & these appear in chronological order from newest to oldest.  Once a certain number of postings have been made a new page is automatically started.  That newest page is always Home.  At the bottom will be a link to Older Posts to read the previous pages.

"Basic Information";
This page is the general information on all three (3) clubs with a short write up for each individual club as well.

"Basic Kit";
This lists the best items to bring with you to meetings so that you are well prepared for whatever is being shown at any meeting 

"Future Events";
This will give information on any event outside of the normal evening meetings - such as workshops I may organise, & also details of any visits from retailers or demonstrators.

"CSNW"            "Mold"                 "Mold II";
These three (3) tabs take you to the programme pages for each individual club & will work the same as the old site.  I will list three (3) months at a time with details of the "Show & Tell" & the "Project" along with any other specific equipment that you may need to bring extra to the basic kit. I will continue to provide you with paper programmes as well on a three-monthly basis, as not everyone uses the Internet.

Each of these tabs is available at each of the pages for you to move around the site.

At the bottom of each of the posts - which I intend to be daily as much as possible - there is an option to leave a comment.  In these postings there will also be slide shows of the photos taken at meetings for the "Show & Tell" & also the "Project" - they will not be on separate club pages as before.  There will also be - when applicable - single photos, again as before. So, if you like something someone has done - leave a comment to say so.

Please note  ----  leaving comments;
As I am going to use the comments feature for people to get in touch about the club, or for you to leave me a message if you do not have email, I have added a moderation feature.

This is how it works;
Enter your comments.  Next select "Post comment" - if you are asked for a profile - select "Anonymous".  Then when you click post comment a message will appear saying that your comment will appear after being moderated.  When I receive the comment I can then publish it.  I have built this safety factor in because I have suggested on the "Basic Information" page that anyone who is interested in joining our clubs can contact me leaving their email or telephone number & that way their privacy is maintained.

Also on the "Home" page there is an option on the side bar to be a "follower" - you need a Google account to be one of those - but it is easy to set up.  The main criteria is that you need an email address to link it to; then it is nice if you add a little picture too.  It doesn't have to be you as you will see from my blog - thats a picture of my lovely little Yorkshire Terrier I used to have.

I intend to blog in a similar manner as I have been to-date - but sometimes I might point you to my personal blog for specifics.  By this I mean I will tell you what I have been up to in the same way I have - but if I tell you about any of my challenges at other blogs the full details will be on my blog.

Well! I think that covers everything.  Tomorrow - maybe there will be photos too.