Tuesday, 30 July 2019

So what have I ..................

.............. been doing the last week or so.

Good afternoon everyone - I hope you are all well.

Well! what have I been doing over the last week or so?

This is what I have been doing .....................

I have been looking for projects, writing up the notes, sorting some card & paper etc to make samples.

The notes right at the front & the card & paper under it have now been dealt with.  The papers went back in my 12" x 12" box & I chose some A4 card & paper instead.  During the afternoon (today) I made two samples of the card ready for one of the meetings.

So that's one down & several more to go.

That's me , a quick visit today.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

mold II photos - part 2

Good morning everyone on a very wet Sunday morning.  I hope this rain hasn't spoilt your plans for the weekend.

This morning I have the second set of photos from Tuesdays Mold II meeting & they are of their project for the evening - the telescopic card;

A festive approach from Carolyn.  
The Christmas trees look good on the diamond shape don't they! 

Then a few days later Carolyn sent this photo of the same card.
She had added some snowflakes to the background a glitzed the trees.

Helen is definitely in a yellow & butterfly mood,
 as these are the same colours as her Show & Tell card.
Love that flower on the top one.

A really nice crisp & clean design from Cathy.
Love those bird images & just some soft colouring to set them off.

Chris used the same image on all three sections of her card.
I think it looks really elegant & it would have been difficult to change the orientation
with the image being so symmetrical. 
It also shows the pieces do not have to be different sizes to work well.

Elizabeth also had birds as her images & they were set onto a gold glittery background, 
which made them look really classy.
I like the difference in the sizes as well, along with the largest size at the top not the smallest.

Another festive design this time from Annette.
Having the sentiment in the middle really works, I love it, & it is so Annette.

Delicate papers & stamping on Carol's card, in a lovely pale blue.
Very nice birthday card.

Another set of great cards ladies.

I had a thought yesterday - sometimes when I comment on the photos put here - I might say something like - "very xxxxxxx" or "so xxxxxx", where the x's are someones name. I hope that doesn't come across wrong - it is meant to be complimentary.  I have done it in a way one of the above cards. We all have our own styles which now & then we break away from - its just expressing that I recognise it as being someones style.

Hope that makes sense.

That is me for today.  I think seeing as it is so miserable outside I will go to the craft room & have a play.  Providing of course some creativity comes through.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

A recent card

Good morning everyone & its a slightly cooler day today with the air freshened by the drop of rain we are having at the moment.

Today I have one of my recently made cards to show you, then tomorrow I will show the second part of Mold II's photos.  I have had one sent by WhatsApp & need to download it to my computer.

My recent card - is this one;

A golden wedding anniversary card.
I think the die cut sentiment is from Crafter's Companion.
The layering dies I have ages & cannot remember whose they are & the wine glass I think was part of a Tonic set.

Talking of Crafter's Companion - do any of you watch Dragon's Den?  Well, Sarah Davies who owns Crafter's Companion will be the new dragon when the new series starts soon.  You may have seen the promotional advert for it & recognised her - or - thought I know her who is she?  So there you are.

That's my offering for today.  More next time.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 July & a CSNW club member 
has a birthday

Happy Birthday Grace

Have a great day

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone on another really really warm day.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from Tueday's meeting of the Mold II club & they are of their Show & Tell cards.  The theme was for a card with an opening flap, or flaps, on the front.

Here we go

What a lovely bright card, with pretty butterflies & yellow papers from Helen.
Where's the flap?  You might just be able to see "pull" by the ribbon on the right......

Pull it & you get this..............

This is the front of Carolyn's card & it is an envelope
So the normal envelope flap is the flap in this card.
but there's more..................

life the flap & inside the envelope is a pretty little "post card"'
It is all attached to a proper base card.
Such pretty paper too.

Madeline's pretty in pink card has an arched door which opens to reveal
a pretty floral image inside.
It is also decorated around the door with flowers & leaves to set it off.

A different fold card gives Annette's card a flap.
The design is called a "Joy" fold.

Here is the card opened up.
The main card opens from the left as normal, & the joy fold card from the right.

On Elma's sea themed card the flap is the embossed shell on the circular flap.
A very different & great idea for an opening, Elma.

& here it is open.

A bouquet of flowers from our newest member
& Cathy did tell us that this was created with the use of her Cut 'n Scan.
Ooh dear - or was it a Cricut machine.  My head, honestly!!!!

...... the flap?  Well here it is open.
It was the wrapper around the bouquet

Great cards ladies, & a couple of them have been ear-marked for an evenings project in the future.

My visit to hospital was not so successful this morning, as my bloods were not right so I couldn't have my next lot of medication.  Have to go back again next Thursday for another blood test & see if it has sorted itself out.  Then if so - I will get my medication.

Right - that's me for today.
Try & keep cool & fresh in this warmth.

More next time.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - I do hope you are all enjoying this warm ! weather.

This morning I have the second set of photos for you from the Mold meeting last Thursday & they are of their project for the evening - a Diorama Card.

There will be 2 photos of each card - one of the front & then one inside.


I just love this card.  Doesn't the snowy work look great on the Kraft card?
I must ask Sheelagh about the design on the front.  How did she get those swirls & stars. 
They absolutely glow.


Beautiful floral images on Rhiannon's card & I love that butterfly background paper.
Looks like Hunkydory card to me.


A really delicate look to this card by Joanna.  
Really pretty images both outside & inside.


Lovely Hunkydory images from Maureen
& what a lovely greeting inside, as well.


I love the colour on Lynn's beautiful card
Very different colours to normal from Lynn, & what a great sentiment.


A seaside view from Joan & beautifully coloured in images.
Funny enough the first time I spotted this style of card 
the lady demonstrating it used a seaside theme


A totally different style of image from Rachel - but very much Rachel.
Love it.


The simplicity of the front of this card from Mair helps the surprise when you open it.
The patterned paper you can see on the left inside the card has not been stuck down as
Mair had the idea she would create a pocket & put some more of those flowers inside.
I love the way that piece of patterned paper brings round the design from inside the card.
Mair has promised she will bring the card back next month - finished.


I just love the subtlety of Janet's colouring on her card.
Very elegant design.
No glitter, Janet?

Beautiful cards ladies.
This little design will suit so many occasions & will work for men too with the right embellishments & images.

That's me for today.

Last night was the July meeting for the Mold II club - so I will have photos to show you for that, once I have sorted them on my computer.
Tomorrow I have my monthly visit to the Oncologist.  I am hoping everything will be alright with my blood test I had on Tuesday as I really don't want to have another one tomorrow.  It took the phlebotomist 4 goes to get any blood.  Normally she is so good & its done before I even notice.  Ah well - good days & bad days.

Till next time - 'bye for now.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone - I hope you are having a good weekend.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from Thursdays Mold club meeting, & they are of their Show & Tell cards.  The theme was to make a card with a window or windows.

So what did they create..............

Janet created a folded window frame for her card, decorated by a beautiful butterfly.

Joanna created a large multi-window card with round windows of different sizes.
In the background - viewed through the holes is a cat, & his eye actually shows through one of the holes.
I think I may ask Joanna to send me a photo of it laid flat - so that you can see.
It doesn't look like I got the angle right when taking the photo.

Lynn created a distressed tag for her card. Some of the stamped images have windows on them & then the others all sorts of architectural images.

Joan's card has a lovely die-cut opening window with a painted garden view behind it
The die is part of an embossing folder - so all around the window is beautifully embossed.

Rachel's window is set into a diorama style card, with a lovely harbour view seen through it.

Sheelagh also made a diorama style card with double windows.
Don't you just love the flower pots & the cat sat on the window sill?

Rhiannon also has a die-cut opening window in her card, this time a lovely bride & groom
are seen standing just inside.

Lovely cards ladies.

Next time I will show the photos of the evenings project.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 19 July 2019

My beautiful birthday cards - part 3

Good afternoon everyone & such a shame to see that awful rain again & just as we get to another weekend.  Still, we won't let it spoil things for us will we!

This afternoon I have the third & final set of photos of my beautiful handmade birthday cards that I received. 

This next card had to have 3 photos.

This next card also needed multiple photos

Absolutely beautiful ladies. I feel very humbled by them.  There were so many different styles, techniques & many using things we had covered at our meetings.  Thank you very much.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & that the weather isn't too unkind.  Tomorrow we are meeting up with Gareth, Elayne & our grandson Gwion - who will be 2 on Sunday.  Where does time go!

That's me for today.  Next time - photos from last night's Mold meeting.

'Bye for now.