Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday Greetings

It's 27 February & a Mold RS Member has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Yvonne

Have a great day

Friday, 25 February 2011

Clubs 2010 project - first slide show

Well! It's me back again.

You will remember a few weeks back that I mentioned the project I had set for 2010, which only two ladies carried out.

Today I have created a slide show of the photos of Joanna's book (Mold club) - it also includes a photo of the book stood up & open, & the front cover.

One other book was made - that was Sheelagh, also of Mold & I am in the process of sorting the photos of her book & it will be put up in a couple of days.  Here is Joanna's book -

I still haven't come up with a project for this year, have I.  Uhm! what can I think of!

Members news - Betty - Mold II

Hi again.
Back in November - on the 10th I think - I blogged about some members who had won prizes or lucky draws.  One of those was Betty from Mold II club.
Betty told us last week that she had written to the magazine - Simply Cards & Papercrafts -  thanking them for the prize & they printed her letter & card.  So here it is - it is not 100% clear as I had to scan the magazine page & it was right on the fold.

Good for you Betty

members news - Joanna - Mold

Hi again
My goodness you have been busy all of you.
I had an email from Joanna saying that she too had won a prize from Abi's Craft & her winning card appears on her blog HERE.  Joanna's card is the one with the large dark heart on it.

Well done Joanna - congratulations.

Members News - Annette - Mold II

Hi again
At the Mold II club meeting on Tuesday Annette told us of how she had won a prize from Papercraft Inspirations magazine.
At the start of 2010 Papercraft Inspirations had a free diary issued with it & for each month there was a card challenge.  Annette who keeps a lot of her cards from the stamp club, sent in her Show & Tell card from some time in 2009 when the theme was "Rainy Day".  In the latest issue of the magazine they announced that the winners have been decided & they will receive their prizes soon, & there was "Rainy Day".

I popped onto the website & downloaded Annette's card for you to see.  Here it is - apologies for it being slightly blurred.

Isn't it cute? Many congratulations Annette.

Members News- Rita from Mold II

Hi everyone
The next few blogs will be to do with news from members.  These will then be followed by some blogs bringing you all up to date with photos that have been taken.  So all in all with this blog there will be about 6 blogs in total.

Rita emailed me a couple of days ago to tell me about a workshop she is arranging for a jewellery workshop.  It is to be held on 21 April from 10am to 4pm in Neston & will cost £35.  The workshop is for 14 people & there are 8 places left.  all materials will be provided & about 4 items will be made.  To see the sort of thing that is being made take a look HERE, and HERE.

If you are interested put your details in a comment, or email me & I will pass your names to Rita.

If you go please remember to show us what you did.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mold Feb Show & Tell

Hi everyone
Thank you to those ladies who said they were not having problems with viewing the slide show.  It would now appear that even though my laptop is new it needs the Adobe Flash Player updating (or possibly even loading).

Here  is my next photo update - as the title states - Mold February Show & Tell.  That was from the sketch I provided, & the pictures were taken on Clares camera & then put on a CD for me.  Did I tell you that she left me a cheeky message - challenging me to recycle the CD?  She certainly didn't mean putting it in the bin.  So watch this space.

Here is the slide show;

That is it for this posting - off to sort out the next slide show.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Are you experiencing problems viewing posts

I have just popped back as I decided to look at the website through my new laptop - wanted to see how the photos looked on a better screen.  But I had a problem - where the slideshow should be was an empty box with a red X in top left-hand corner, also down the right-hand side were some little symbols that look like spanners.  These should only be seen by me when I am working on the page.

When I view it through the blog setup it is fine, I do all that work on my netbook. When I go onto the Internet via my netbook & look at the website - everything is ok.

I am hoping it is just a wobbly by my new laptop.  I would appreciate some comments please.

Thank you.

Photos from Mold - January project

Hi everyone
I am just catching up on loading photos taken at club nights.

Remember those toilet roll inners:? Well!  who could forget -  here is the first batch of photos & they are from the Mold meeting;

Isn't it amazing what can be done with recycling.

I will have more photos tomorrow - hopefully will get up to date.

Night night

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mold II - March card sample

Hi Mold II ladies
There are2 pictures on your club page of the card you will be making in March with Carolyn.  She will also be bringing samples for you to see tonight (22 Feb).

I am still here

Hi everyone
I am still here - but have had several other things to attend to in the last couple of days.  One of them - setting up my new computer & making sure I have the important things copied over.  Of course I needed  Bobs help for some of it.
I am now on Windows 7 & Microsoft Word is different - so it is interesting finding my way around the screen.  Anyway! I am getting there.
The main reason for popping in now is to put up the photographs on the Mold II Club page for the card they will be making in March.
I have more photos to put on the blog & will do that later if I can - photos from Mold club night last week, as I have now picked up the CD that Clare produced for me & also Joanna has sent me the photos of her 2010 project book.  I will probably put those up in two separate blogs.
I am out to lunch today with a colleague & then it is Mold II meeting tonight.
So! more later.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend on the computer

Hello ladies
No crafting to report this weekend - as I took receipt of a new laptop yesterday morning & have been busy - with Bob's help of course  - transferring stuff from my old laptop.

I am trying to transfer in small bites of the cherry, to save carrying over any items that are now finished with.
The other thing I have had to do is get used to the new Windows setup.

Tomorrow I will be collecting a CD that Clare has left at PBC of the photos from Mold club meeting on TThursday.  Then hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put them here.

Tomorrow evening is the February meeting for HSNW - so I shall be off to that.  My first meeting not being Chairman - it will be a bit strange.

So that has been my weekend - I hope you have all had an enjoyable time.
More tomorrow

Friday, 18 February 2011

Mold & Mold II Workshop

Good evening ladies
I will just correct that title a little - in that, although because of its location we call it Mold & Mold II workshop the ladies from CSNW are very welcome to join the Mold groups.

At last nights Mold meeting I did announce that Sue & I had chosen Saturday 30 April, but that I hadn't had Sue confirm that the hall was available.  Today she has confirmed that.  So I will probably email everyone with that information.  More information here as it comes about & at the meetings in March.

That is all for today - hopefully more tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mold club night .................... but....................

Where was my head?
I forgot to take a raffle prize - but bought one off Clare.
I forgot the Show & Tell prize - but bought one off Clare
I forgot to take my camera - yes you've got it - well almost - - I borrowed Clares
Then on the drive home I realised - I had forgotten to hand out the notes.

Ah well, things can only improve after that.

So Clare is going to put the photos on a CD for me & as soon as I have them I will put them on the blog.

Ooh nearly forgot -----  see happening again - Good evening ladies!

We had a pleasant evening with getting more from our inkpads, colouring some tags, sort of in the Tim Holtz style. There were some lovely cards for the Show & Tell, which was a sketch layout this time.

So as soon as my head is back in its right state of mind I will blog some more - probably tomorrow.

Night night for now.

Birthday Greetings

It's 17th February & a Mold II RS Member has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Sandra

Have a great day

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Photos of yesterdays stamping

Good afternoon all

As I have just got back from dropping my car off for its safety check I thought whilst I was waiting for its return that I would get the photo slide show sorted of the cards I made yesterday, & finished this morning.  So here it is -

I really need to sort out the lighting when taking these - this group was taken on my kitchen work top right by the window - but there stills seems to be a bit of a blue-ish tinge.  Will have to try craft room desk next time,  providing there is enough room.

I really do like using the inks on the card - Tim Holtz style.  You know we have been doing something similar for some while but since Tim Holtz came on the scene & really kicked it up a notch or two that's how everyone refers to it.  I enjoy seeing how the different colours used together turn out.  The very dark blue one I put a little too much on in the centre - so I just gently wiped it with a baby wipe & lifted the excess off.

The elegant lady in shades of green is mounted onto a piece of card that I had inked with a brayer & spring colours, spritzed it lightly with water & then wrapped it in clingfilm to get the marbled look.  That was one of the finds yesterday.  I also used some if it for stamping the sentiment on. The flower image that looks like some tulips at the top of a Celtic knot I have had for a while & this is the first time I have used it.  Rather nice - I think I will use that some more.

OK, that's it - not sure that I will drop by again today, as I have a meeting to go to tonight - another "last" meeting of work I am backing out from, & I also have to make sure I have everything ready for the Mold club meeting tomorrow night.

Take care

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some stamping done today

Hi everyone - it's me back again!

This afternoon I had a great time catching up on some stamping, but before starting I had to clear my desk a bit.  As I was doing this I uncovered a couple of old items I had taken with me when I gave the two talks recently.  They were items I had stamped at some earlier time & just took them along as samples to show - & I do mean an earlier time.  I think they are from a rubber stamping workshop some time ago.  Anyway I decided it was time they became cards.    Three of them were Christmas ones, stamped with the PSX village scene that has been around ages, & rarely for me had got quite a bit of glitter on.  That is about the only image I use glitter on because it makes the image look frosty.  Having said that one of them I had embossed in gold on black card with gold glitter.  The other card was of an image that I can only describe as "photo-style" - you know the rubber image made up of lots of dots.  I had shown this one on a workshop by brayering the colour directly onto the stamp.  So! all four got trimmed & put onto cards.

Now the creative juices were going - so I stamped some more.  This time I chose 3 images & stamped them several times - 4 of one, 2 of another & 3 of the third image.  Two of he designs were then coloured in with Promarkers, trimmed & matted.  The third one I used the Tim Holtz style of colouring the card with 2 complimentary inks leaving the stamping just in black Verafine embossed with clear EP. Tomorrow I will be putting them on cards.  I haven't taken any photos as by the time I stopped the light wasn't conducive to photography.  So will take all of the tomorrow when I am finished.  I am hoping I will also be able to prepare some more images........

..............but, tomorrow afternoon my car has to go in for a check up.  I got rather a nasty shock last week when a letter came from VOSA saying that some cars were being recalled for a safety check & my model was one of them.  The service man assured me that it is only a few of thousands that could be faulty but they have to check them all.  So! fingers crossed I am one of the many not the few.

That's me for today.
Night night

Members news

Hi everyone
Recently Betty from Mold II club received a draw prize from "Simply Cards & Papercraft" - she sent a thank you card & her card & letter has now been printed in Issue 81 of the magazine.  Well done again Betty.

Joanna from Mold club decided on a different birthday present for her mother-in-law.  I will let Joanna tell you all about it - just pop over to her blog by clicking HERE.

I have already told you of Annette from Mold II & her "Twinchie", but when she confirmed that it was her, she was just about to send off her entry for the next challenge - so watch this space.

That's it for this blog - I could be popping in & out again later.

Error on CSNW Programme for May

Well spotted Verena
I had got so engrossd in finding things to do - I forgot that you have a visitor in May - Wendy from Card-io.
So I will pop into the club page in a moment & update that entry.  I think we will keep the Show & Tell, as that can be done at the end of the evening.
My apologies ladies - so I will move whatever it is I have put down for May to the next free month.
Back a little later with more blogging.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Did you get a card today?

Good morning ladies

Did you all receive a Valentine's rose this morning.  Yes?  No?  Well! I hope you at least got a card.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Next 3 months programme

Hello ladies
Sorry I have missed a couple of days - but things have been very everyday here- domestic - so not so interesting to write about.

I have the programme for the next 3 months for all the clubs.  Looking ahead I will be on holiday at the end of June beginning of July & will miss the June meeting for Mold II & the July meeting for CSNW.  So! planning ahead perhaps you ladies can have a think of something to do those evenings - I have already planned the Show & Tell it would just be the project for the evening that would need finding.

I have made some cards over the weekend , 3 in total, & will include the photos of them in my end of February slide show, but as they were sympathy cards I will not show them individually.

The club pages have been updated - so you can see what is in store for you for up to June.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

programme work

Good evening everyone
Well I didn't get around to what I call "paper crafting" today after all.  Paper crafting covers everything I do to do with paper, card & all the embellishments.

This morning I had another one of my crochet workshops - which is going very well - they have now learnt 4 stitches & how to make patterns from those stitches, shaping plus working in rounds as well as rows.  Then during the afternoon I drove over to the Wirral to a shop I knew of to buy the Friendly Plastic for future club evenings, as this is a product we will be working with one evening very soon.  Unfortunately they had stopped selling it, so it was back home to look for it on the Internet.  Which I was able to do.

After that I spent time working on the next three months of your club programme, which I think I have sorted & must now get typed up.  I will put it on the club pages as soon as it is ready & it will cover April, May &  June.  I have some "different" ideas & I think we are going to push the boundaries a little over the coming months.  So I hope you will like the ideas I am coming up with.

Do  I remember correctly that I mentioned a couple of days ago about buying one of the X-cut punches where you can cut borders, corners, squares, circles & ovals?  Well I did buy one anyway, & when I came to try it out I couldn't punch holes in air!  So Lesley at PBC tried it & agreed there was something wrong & exchanged it.  Yesterday I went to use that one & couldn't get a result with that one either.  I took it with me to the workshop this morning & Lesley tried it out again.  Well she could not get it through the paper I had been trying with either.  It was some scrapbook paper - not thick but not paper thin.  But when we tried it on ordinary paper it worked well.  So beware of some of these punches - because I am sure on Create & Craft they were using card & it worked wonderfully.  I am quite happy for it to work with paper as I have ideas of using it like layering doilies - but initially it was a but disappointing.

Ooh yes, & I have had an email from Annette of Mold II confirming that it was her "Twinchie" featured on the Craft Stamper website.  Well done Annette.

So, that's me for today - hopefully more tomorrow, although I have to take Bob to the Countess in the afternoon as he is having a small procedure carried out on one eye. So I am needed to drive him home afterwards.

Take care, & sleep well.  Night night.

just popping in

Good morning everyone
Just popping in quickly to add a little more information to yesterdays blog regarding CaroLnes digi stamps.  I had a thought first thing this morning that some people might not know anything about digi art so here is a little more about it.

When you purchase digital art through a download as Caroline is doing - you purchase the package & download it into your PC - you then have the images to use over & over again.  It is not like buying a package in a shop & once you have used it you have to go & buy more.  It is just like all the crafting CD's that are available - you buy the CD then have the artwork for ever to use over & over.

If all of you clever ladies already knew all this I apologise but thought it best to write it here.

I will be back again later

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Assisting in a new venture

Good evening ladies
I am sorry I didn't blog last night but the WI meeting that I gave a talk at was a later start & finish one so by the time I got home I was just a little too tired to blog.

The talk went well & a couple of the ladies had done some stamping & one lady recognised me from Port Sunlight - so fame at last!  I am so pleased that I organised my demonstrations the way I did as it made the whole thing run better & smoother, but left room for a little digression if I felt inclined.  I usually end my talks with a shrink plastic demo.  I have the most delightful teddy bear stamp which I always use.  At the talk last week it went very smoothly - but last night - ooooh no.  The image curled & curled & refused to open out.  Fortunately I had taken along some pieces that I had done previously.  At least they saw it shrink & thought it very amusing when I talked to the piece telling it to "behave yourself in front of people".  They're coming to take me away ah ha - springs to mind.  A very pleasant evening altogether.  I really enjoyed it.

Now! my title tonight. 

Caroline who you all know of, has been working on a new venture & over recent weeks I have been assisting her in that I have been "testing" her work for her.  Recently Caroline has taken many of her stamp designs - in particular the silhouette ones - along with some beautiful papers she has made & is producing them for the digital market.  (By the way there are quite a few makes of silhouette stamps around now - but Caroline first introduced hers at least 12 years ago).
Just in case anyone is unsure about digital images - they are sold in 2 ways - by the images being sold on CD/DVD - or direct download.  It's like buying the stamping already done for you - which will of course introduce new people to crafting.  All the papers too have been created by Caroline, & she is working on the direct download at the moment.  Earlier today she put her first complete set on her blog & it is possible by now that there are more. 
As I said over the last few weeks I have been playing with the images.  Some play was done completely digitally in that I used them to create scrapbook style pages, but also some cards - none of which were printed.  I used a graphics package (I have My Craft Studio & Serif CraftArtist) to  manipulate & build.  Of course if you only want to use your stamps - there are some beautiful papers & embellishments with which to enhance your actual stamping.  The papers really are beautiful & some have an embossed look. Plus should you not feel like getting the stamps out - you can still have something with the stamped look. On my blog on Monday I mentioned I had made 2 cards but couldn't show them to you - well now I can.  Here they are -

Each is made up in a similar manner.  In both I  have wrapped background paper around a base deckle edged card, used one of the square pages (reduced in size to suit) for a layer which has been put on a slightly larger piece of black card.  The top card has one of the silhouette scenes, surrounded by a glittered circular message, & a fairy standing plus I added the black star corners over the top of the square topper.  It has then been embellished with gems.  The lower one has one of the scalloped frames, one of the circular messages placed inside the frame & one fairy plus embellishments of gems.  In both cards I printed the frame image twice so that I could 3-d it for depth.  The collection for these 2 cards is her pastel collection & I am sure you can see the rainbow effect in the papers.  Please take a look at her blog by clicking HERE - the first set that is available is in beautiful sunset colours (so I will definitely have to have that one - you know me & my sunsets), then the other colour way is a very rich & luxurious blue/green. Oh I nearly forgot - the glitter looks glittery - so the wings on the fairy do shine.  So this is really the nig moment for Caroline & I am sure you will all join me in wishing her good luck with this venture.  If you are a CaroLines stamps fan - well she still comes up with ideas for those too.

Well that is me for tonight - I have a workshop in the morning, then I hope to do so card-making in the afternoon.

More tomorrow - night, night

Monday, 7 February 2011

Quiet day in the stamping world

Hi all
Well it probably hasn't been quiet in all the stamping world - but it has been in mine.

Today was supposed to be a day out with Sue - but in the end I went round to Sue's house & we sat & nattered, about various crafting things of course.  As it would have been my day for driving I have to say I was a little relieved when Sue asked if I would mind not going out.  Even driving to Sue I was blown about.  But I was also sad as the reason for staying in was due to one of Sue's dogs being under the weather.  She was taking her to the vet later in the afternoon

Anyway one of the things we chatted about was the Saturday workshop that we are going to organise for you, deciding on when & what.  It looks like Sue's part of the day will be linked to paper making.  I still have to think about mine - I have several ideas in mind but I have to make sure they can be made in the time we give for the workshops.  It will almost definitely be held at the Hall in Queensferry.  (I can hear Bob saying to me - "it is either definite or it is not - it cannot be almost definite."  Te he).  The date we have decided on is Saturday 30 April.  Sue will contact the caretaker of the hall & I will confirm at the club meetings.  As the workshop is being held in Queensferry it is mainly aimed at the members of Mold & Mold II - but naturally if any CSNW members would like to travel to here they are very welcome to join us too.  I am working on a Saturday workshop for CSNW at which it is likely Caroline will share the day with me.  So! watch this space.

I did spend a little time making 2 cards today - but I cannot show them to you yet.  In a little while.

Tomorrow evening I am out giving a talk at a WI group, but hope to find time to do some card making during the day.

I think that covers everything today - so will finish for tonight.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Did I do any crafting today?

The answer to that question is yes, after all who wants to go out in that weather.  Certainly not me.

So what did I do?  Well, I made a card & a tag.  Both items were my entries for two challenge sites that I like to participate in.

I am going to show my entry for Theme Thursday here, as although it does have only one word on it, it has been stamped.  If you would like to see the other entry & read my blog - well, just click HERE.

The challenge at Theme Thursday was to make something to do with "family".  I had a good look amongst my stamps but couldn't say that any of them particularly shouted family at me.  Ooh, does that mean i have more stamps to buy?  So, in the end i went for an actual family & printed off a family photograph, an old one, onto ordinary copier paper.  I didn't want the image to be crisp & precise. I decided it was also time to make another tag so that was the second decision made.  So up into craftroom & have a rummage.  I found a pack of tags in a very strange shade of brown which was ideal for my "aged " look.  More rummaging & I found some twill type of ribbon in the right shade of funny brown.  The card had a small amount of 5 different ribbons or tapes.  I had bought them at Hobbycraft sometime last year & picked out several different colours.  I knew they would be just right sometime.  Next I needed some card for layering & some embellishments & ribbon.

Here is the tag;

I lightly sponged Adirondack caramel ink over the picture - lightly & not too even, just enough to age it. Then I layered it onto the burgundy paper, then onto the tag.  The ribbon went along the bottom, two cream & one burgundy rose at the top & some burgundy ribbon through the tag hole.  Then in burgundy ink I stamped "family" down the side, adding the peel-off word "special" above the ribbon.

What do you think?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Club member success again?

Good evening
I didn't get any crafting done after all today, as something else needed my attention.

But during the morning I decided to go onto the Craft Stamper website to see when the latest issue was due out.  It was out yesterday.  Whilst there I had a good browse & ended up on the Web extra section looking at the gallery of Twinchies that had been the subject of one of their monthly swaps.

Then there was a name I recognised - Annette Jones .  So was this the Annette Jones of Mold II club?   I took the liberty of copying the picture in order to insert it here.  Annette is it yours?

It is really beautiful.  Do leave a comment to say if it is yours, Annette & I will keep my fingers crossed til then.

In case you are not aware what a Twinchie is - well it's just like an Inchie (which we have learnt about in one of our meetings) but bigger - it's a 2" square.  Hmm! I feel a Show & Tell coming on.

Oh & I did pick up an issue of Craft Stamper.  Bob & I went out to lunch & he was very good to me & drove me down to W H Smiths at Broughton so I good purchase it.  I am soooooooo spoilt!

That's me for today.  Do you think this wind & rain will ever stop?

Night, night.

My 2010 project

Hi again
Having mentioned your 2010 project in the earlier posting I thought I had better come back & talk about my 2010 project & it's progress.

You may, or of course you may not remember or perhaps even know about it. It was to be a non-stamping project, although I was going to include stamping if I could. My challenge to myself was to take a photograph a day.  Then I was going to make a scrapbook of those photos - but digitally.

Well the start of the year went well & I did start my digital scrapbook pages.  There are still quite a few photos that have not been turned into pages yet.  But of course the photo-per-day idea went out of the window about the last week in May for quite a while.  So as I was not going to give up on the project, I have had to adapt it a little.  It will still be my 2010 photography journal - but not on a day by day basis.  Those photos that were taken on specific days I am going to continue to get onto dated pages.  Then I shall just go through photos I have taken throughout the year & turn those into scrapbook pages.  These pages will probably not have a date - except maybe for the month that they were taken.  Fortunately a 2-week holiday in France & a family wedding are going to give me quite a few pages. Then add to that my "weather" photos & I should be able to manage to create a reasonable size journal.

I have just bought an update to the software I use - so these latest pages should have some good effects on them.  Some of the pages created earlier might get updated as well, but obviously not the ones I have already printed.  Printing them all & getting them into a scrapbook or journal will take a bit of time - especially as I intend to make the journal covers as well.  So! time to pull my finger out & get on with it.  Will keep you up to date with progress. 

What a good job I am not so busy as before!!!!??!!

Talk later

Only 2 remembered!

Good Saturday morning to you all

Now that I have visited each of the clubs for the first time this year I can write a post that makes the statement above - in the title.

"What can it mean?" -  I am sure you are asking yourselves.

Well! It means that only 2 members throughout the three clubs remembered the 2010 project.  If you have remembered it & carried it out but didn't mention it at your club meeting then please let me know at the next meeting. I will then write a post amending that statement.

By the way - I realise that any new members to the clubs that started after - say May - would probably not know about it.

What was the project?  You all agreed to create a journal about the club meetings through the year.  It was suggested that you put in it your Show & Tell & also the meeting projects plus any notes and/or comments you wished to include.  Depending on the size of your journal the inclusions could be miniature versions of the actual projects etc. 

I was really looking forward to seeing these - especially as I had not been with you all year.  One member was very honest & said that as I wasn't there much in the year she didn't think it had to be done. 

So now I am thinking of a project for 2011 - & one month already gone! 

I have here at home one of the two journals in order to photograph the pages.  Initially I was just going to take one or two pages - but both of them were so good I really wanted every page.  The other journal is going to be photographed by the person who worked on it & will send me the photos to put here.  I want to take the photos when the light is right to do the pages justice, so they may not appear here for a little while.  It might be a good idea also for me to wait for my new glasses - to make sure I am seeing clearly.

As it is Saturday Bob has rugby to watch this afternoon - so I will probably be crafting.  After all it is the 5th day of the month today & I haven't yet made any cards.

More later & please the above comments about not many journals is just a comment of interest - it is not meant as a criticism.  As long as you are enjoying the meetings - that is what matters.

More later I hope.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Two challenges entered

Good evening all
Well that gale is still with us.  My meeting this morning was in Deganwy.  A friend picked me up to save us taking two cars & boy was I glad she was driving.  Not very pleasant at all - the car really got buffeted about.
I managed after the meeting to come home & make a card that suited two challenges.  If you click HERE you can read about it but I am also going to put a photo here.
I have decided as well that it will be the Show & Tell card for the April meetings & the way it will work is -  I will give you written instructions & then you make one at home.  Not everyone reads the blog or has Internet but as I entered it for a challenge i did have to say something about the way i made it - so you will get a sneak preview of how it is made.  Which gives you an advantage over the others.  i had thought of making it one of the projects - but when new designs come out you need to learn about the as soon as possible don't you.
Here's the photo
It was initially for a CD Challenge then I found as you will read that I managed to incorporate a stamp & enter it for the Stamptacular challenge.

That's me for tonight.  More tomorrow.  'Bye.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

About new things

Hello again ladies
What a perfectly awful evening.  If that wind blows much harder I can see our little home being at the bottom of the hill in Asda's car park.

Now that all three of the clubs have had their first 2011 meeting & I have mentioned at each one my ideas etc I thought I would put the information here.

First  - the meetings themselves.  We have been running with the same format since the clubs started & I see no point in changing it, but thought I could add a little "spice" or added interest?  So I have introduced a change to the Show & Tell - where you will put your cards on a table at the front of the room at the start of the meeting & place underneath them your names (which I will have typed out on a piece of card) - these names will be in a little plastic box.  Then at some point in the evening everyone will come up & vote for the three nicest cards.  Voting will be done by placing a button against each of the chosen three designs.  I will then add up the buttons & the person with the most that evening will get a small prize.  The votes will be recorded & added up at the end of the year when the person with the highest number will receive a special prize.  That change seems to have been happily accepted by everyone.

Next - was the announcement that Sue & I will organise a one day workshop for you & that Sue wanted me to ask how you felt about paper making as one of the session.  That session at the moment mainly for Mold & Mold II.  Now, CSNW ladies don't fret - there is also a one day workshop in the pipeline for you with myself & my friend Caroline.  I hope to have more information on those workshops at your next meetings.

The big one - I spoke at all three meetings about organising a weekend workshop extravaganza.  To explain again I am going to outline the weekend here.  There would be 4 workshops each day (the same workshops both days), & those attending would be divided into 4 groups.  On the second day you would attend the two workshops that you had not attended on the first day.  There would be tea, coffee & biscuits provided about 3 times each day.  When I costed the weekend it was based on 40 people attending & each of the 4 tutors charging a certain fee, plus the hire of the rooms (2 or possibly 3) & the refreshments.  I then did a second costing as just mentioned but with the addition of a buffet lunch both days.  The venue being looked at for the workshops is the Beaufort Park Hotel, Mold.  I have three tutors agreed & am awaiting a fourth to reply.  I am not going to put the two price options on here on the blog - but will give out the information again at your next meetings.  I had hoped that this weekend could take place this year - but it is looking more & more like next year - if in fact it goes ahead, because as I say I have to have a minimum of 40 attending.  Overnight stays (B&B) would be available at a separate cost.  My calculations have obviously been made based on current costs - if this has to be left to 2012 - prices could alter.

So there you have it - that is what my brain has been up to in those "lazy??" weeks last year.  We will see - I was approached about this a couple of years ago but never had the time.  Now I have the time - but perhaps the opportunity has gone.

This weekend I will be working on the next 3 months of your programme & will be putting the information onto your club page.  As always please remember let me know if there is something you want to learn - or ideas you wish to share.  Also don't forget if you have something you can show your club friends let me know & we will fit it into the programme for the year.

Phew! that was a lot of blogging.  I am off to bed now & read my book.  I have a meeting to go to tomorrow - handing over of another one of my jobs - but I am hoping to have some crafting time when I get back.

Take care if you are out in this gale & I hope you do not suffer any damage.

Night night.

CSNW Meeting last night

Hello hello hello
We had a very good evening at CSNW last night & after all the business type things that I had to go through we got on with the Toilet Roll inner tag album.
Because of the amount of time spent on business we didn't get to making any of the tags, but everyone had covered their rolls - so I do hope they will be brought back next month for me to see & especially so that I can photograph them.
We did have a lot of catching up to do as we hadn't met since the November meeting - 3 whole months ago!!!
I have some photos here of the Show & Tell which was using those 2 strips of cream card.  I am not sure how but I haven't got pictures of them all - there was certainly one with a picture of 2 horses - that's not amongst them.  So if you read this blog & your picture is not on the slide show, bring it back in March I will put it up here then.  I also have to apologise to Claire who made the card with the big cream flower in the middle - it's a bit fuzzy I am not sure why.
I am really looking forward to my new glasses - then with a bit of luck no more fuzzy photos.
Right here are the photos & I will be back again later

'Bye for now

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Some hints & tips

Hi again
I was watching a recorded programme from Create & Craft this morning.  One of Sheena Douglas's hours. 
Whilst doing her demos she came out with several hints & tips particularly to do with Promarkers & Aquacolour markers.  So, before I forgot them I thought I would pop them here for you all.

1.    Promarkers give best results on smooth paper & card.  (Of course C&C do sell super smooth card & paper)  I have some & it is very good.
2.    Promarkers dry too quickly to use directly on your stamps
3.    Promarkers must not be used with images stamped with Stazon - use an ink like - Versafine.
4.    If you don't have a range of the same colour - just gently go over the image again with the same colour for a darker shade. 

5.    Aquacolour Markers give best results on water-colour paper.  (Obvious really I suppose)
6.    Aquacolour Markers can be used direct on your stamps
7.    Aquacolour Markers can be used with images stamped with Stazon
8.    Stamp an image with an Aquacolour Marker, then lightly spritz with water.
Best to leave the image for a very little while before spritzing or it just runs everywhere.
9.    When colouring an image with Aquacolour Markers - lightly colour the edge of the image.  Then using a damp brush blend the colour toward the centre of the image.

Another tip she gave was enhancing die cuts - such as a Nestabilities frames - after cutting them out, ink edges with clear embossing ink, then dip in embossing powder & heat.  Gives the die-cuts another dimension.

OK, that's me - I am off to CSNW's first 2011 meeting tonight so hopefully will have photos to show later.
'Bye for now.

Update on Events page

Hi everyone
Just popped in to let you know I have popped some future events on the Events page/.

Back later

Birthday Greetings

It's 2nd February & a Mold RS Member has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Elaine

Have a great day

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

News for CSNW

Hello CSNW ladies
I know I am seeing you all tomorrow night - but thought I would just pop in with special news for you.

I have been talking (via email) to Wendy & Martin of Card-io about another date for them to visit you after the planned one for December was cancelled due to the weather.  They are coming to visit you for your May meeting.  I will add it now to your club page.

I think that's about 10 days before the May Stamp Festival too.

A slide show of January cards

Hi everyone
Just popping in to put up the slide show of all the cards I made during January.  Not all of them are stamped - but if you remember - I was trying to use up my stash.  That effort will continue through each month.

You may have seen some of them before - perhaps when I put them up single or over on my personal blog.  But here they are - all 37 of them.  Not bad for one month.

Hope to pop back later.