Thursday, 31 January 2013

just chatting

Good afternoon everyone & what a nice day it has been despite the wind.

Had various things to do today that had me pottering around the area - but I did find time to finally (well since Christmas) put my lovely Ebosser in its official place in the craft room.

I had an email from Caroline regarding the cards that were featured from Mold II using her stamps & she has left a comment on the blog.  So pop back & see it.  She hadn't realised that I had already done Mold cards - so she will be going to take a look at those too, & of course when CSNW show theirs next week.

Tomorrow I should be having a day out with Nadine - which will happen unless the weather is really awful.  I think we will be looking for shoes tomorrow to go with my outfit.  Although - I will not say that I won't have a look at outfits too - as you never know.  But I think I am settled on the one I that bought before Christmas.

I did do some stamping the other day - the cards were for a couple of challenges -

This one was for a sketch challenge.  The blue border is a small stamp the size of inchies - so I just repeated it across a strip of card stamping alternately without re-inking.

This one was for a "spots & stripes" challenge. At first I was going to use 2 of Caroline shaped stamps that had dots & strips on them - but then in my scraps box I spotted (pun intended!} these 2 pieces of paper.

So! that is me for today. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mold II Photos - part 2

Hi - back again!

Now for the photos from last nights project at Mold II meeting where we used those wood mounted stamps that were in the Christmas goodie bag.  There was a lot of walking around the hall borrowing from others & I took my spares in as well.

This is pretty & look how part images have been used for the corners

This card shows how they can be used separately rather than in a group & isn't an elegant card?

Someone managed to find matching stamps - what a lovely card

I used to have this paper in the bottom half of the card - lilac & cream - so elegant & there is room for a sentiment when you know who & what you want to use it for.

There  - another beautiful lilac card - I love the grouping of those shapes on this one.

This is an adorable card & only one of the stamps used for the main part of the design.

Signs of spring I think - beautiful & another way to show you don't have to make "solid" patterns

I love this random style layout & it really shows off  the background paper too.

Now as I look at the photo this reminds me of fireworks - a big celebration - it is so lively.
Great card.

As you know Mold II should have had their meeting last week - but the snow put paid to that.  two ladies decided to get on & play with their stamps - so I photographed them & here they are;

From Betty

During the evening Betty borrowed one of my word stamps & placed it 
over her original centre image.  What a lovely layout.

From Rita;

Wouldn't you love a pair of Wellies like that?  Rita has done secondary stamping which gives a great effect.

This is a piece of cotton.  Now what will you make with it?

There's Rita's tea pot again - doesn't it look great.

Ooh, one of my favourite colours - isn't that beautiful.

A really elegant tag - I would love to have that on a card or a present -beautiful.

These stamps are from Caroline & she will be absolutely thrilled with what you have done with them & there is still the CSNW meeting  in a weeks time.

More tomorrow.   'Bye for now.

Mold II photos - part 1

Here I am with the first set of photos from Mold II meeting last night & they are of the Show & Tell where the theme was a Book Title.  I was really  looking forward to this & I was not disappointed.

Here are the cards;

A really beautiful card - Black Beauty

Isn't this a great tea-pot?  yes - Alice in Wonderland
(Mad Hatters Tea Party?)

Another lovely card for Black Beauty

This one had us stumped & at first I thought - Ah! 50 States - 50 Shades of Grey?..... but what are the letters about!  That is the magic word - letters - cos it is - Letters From America.  Very clever.

Ah ha, there it is - someone had to do it - 50 Shades of Grey.  Very saucy.
Actually I've got that stamp.

I love Jemima Puddleduck - I even named my lovely Volkswagon Beetle after her.
Beatrix Potter Tales
not sure that was the actual title.

Well done ladies - we had fun going through those.

Back in a minute with more photos.

Wedding Diary - page 2

Actually - I suppose this should have been page 1 really as it was the first part of everything that has to be done.

We didn't want anything fussy & I already had the "wedding invitation" stamp from Russ & Nadine's wedding, so I decided to have the scallop edged cards & do some simple dry embossing.  I didn't sit there with an embossing tool & a stencil though - get away! - I had a small embossing folder & it went through the Big-shot.

The invitation stamp came from Inkwell the local Company who come to the festival - I had already found the "Save the Date" stamp which was close in font style.  But at the Autumn festival I spoke to them & they created the matching "menu" stamp.  I have altered the invitation stamp as it had joined hearts under the words which I didn't want - so cut them away.  So that I can find them again should I need them they are stored with their original stamp.

Will be back later with last night's photos.  'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mold II meeting

Hi everyone

I have recently got home after the Mold II meeting this evening.  We had a pretty good turnout & a really pleasant evening was spent using those wood mounted stamps that were in the Christmas goodie bags. I have taken photos & will put them here tomorrow.

One small change to the format of the meetings was decided tonight & that is, that for this year we will not be doing the Show & Tell as a competition.  We are going to go back to how we used to do things - & tell each other how our cards were made.  They will be put out on the table so that I can photograph them, then towards the end of the evening I will hold them up & the owner will tell us how it was made or any other useful information such as what technique was used.  We started doing it that way this evening.

Well! that is all for tonight - lots more tomorrow.

Sleep well & don't get blown away in this wind.

Happy Birthday .......................

..................... to Liz a Mold II member

Have a lovely day Liz
Happy Birthday

Monday, 28 January 2013

just chatting

Well, another day without any stamping done.  It's all because I cannot find that card.  I am spending all my time turning things upside down looking for it.

I did stop for a while though as tomorrow evening is the first 2013 meeting for Mold II members.  It was actually their night last Tuesday but the snow put paid to that.  Fortunately the hall can have us this week & they haven't had to miss a meeting. So I had to make sure my box was ready & that I had made up the goody bag for the person who has won the 2012 Show & Tell prize.

Also this morning I gave my wedding cake its final feed of brandy.  Smells delicious, but best not to stand too near it with a naked flame.  In about 2 weeks it will be time to marzipan it - & oh how fast the time is going now.

Hoping to find time tomorrow for some stamping - & will probably show you my invitation photos.

Having been telling you to stay warm it now looks like the advice is to stay dry.  Never mind spring & summer aren't far away.

'Bye for now.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

gremlins in the house...............

........ yesterday when taking a break from tidying I did some stamping & managed to put some of it together on a card.

This morning I made 2 non-stamping cards for challenges & brought them downstairs to photograph.  I then remembered the card from yesterday & went back to the craft room to get it to take a photo of it at the same time.

No such luck .......... I cannot find it anywhere.  I am sure I left it on my desk ready for photographing today & also the other pieces I had stamped.  Those pieces are on my desk - not the card.

I have turned the place upside down - well not literally that would defeat the object of the tidying - no sign.  I am completely confused & mystified.

So I will have to start again tomorrow.

Hope you have had a good weekend. I have to say it is nice to see the back of the snow - it's very pretty but does disrupt lots of things.

Night night.  More tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

just chatting

Well that was a nice little snow fall - but looks like it is beginning to melt away, especially if we get the rain that has been forecast.

Over the last few days I have been having a really serious clear out.  Throwing out bits, pens that are almost dried out & much more.  I have sorted a boxful of paper & a crate full of all sorts of items.

Some time ago I sorted my craft stuff by buying flatpack boxes to store it all.  Now I have about 6 flat pack boxes flattened after the sort out.  In my craft room I have a book case that holds boxes with card, papers, ribbon - all the things you need to hand.  They are now better sorted & the bookcase looks really tidy & all the boxes are labelled so I know what is in them.  There is still a lot more to sort - I think I must have stopped half way through the last attempt to do this job.  Anything that hasn't seen light of day is being carefully looked at as to whether I keep it or pass it on to someone who will use it.

This afternoon I have managed to do some stamping & will take photos tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Birthday ........................

................ to Joanna a Mold member

Have a wonderful day Joanna
Happy Birthday

Friday, 25 January 2013

mold 2012 project - part 3 more

As I said yesterday here are the photos of Sheelagh's project with the cards taken out of the pockets in the book.  this is so you clearer see those that were structural or opened differently.

card before this one shown open so you can see the bookmarks

the toilet paper one

this is a mini tri-shutter card with shrink plastic embellishments

sorry a bit fuzzy but clearer in the next photo with the tags taken out of the card

That's me for today.

Bob has just looked out of the window & the cars are once again covered in snow & it is still snowing.  That was supposed to reach us about 4:30 this afternoon but actually arrived late this evening.  So looks like we won't be going far tomorrow.  Then  they say it is going to rain - but that was supposed to be tomorrow some time - so perhaps it won't be until Sunday here.

I hope it clears before Tuesday so that we can have the Mold II delayed meeting.

So once again - please wrap up warm & stay safe.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

mold 2012 project - part 3

Today's project photos are those from Sheelagh.

Here is the stamp Sheelagh decided to use;

Sheelagh has put all her samples into a book, which she did with a previous project as well, & has also written a description about each one.  I have photographed the outside of the book & then each page;

a second view of the book to show the spine made from curtain tape

& the label on the back page

That is beautiful Sheelagh.  As I said above, the photos have been taken with the cards still in the book & I have decided I am going to go back & photograph each card again because many of them open in different ways - eg - easel cards & stepper cards - & I think they should be seen properly.  So! I will do that tomorrow.

I have been meaning to remind everyone that if you click on any photos in a post on the blog they open in another window & are larger.  If there is more than one photo in a post you can move with the arrow key through all of the photos once that window is open.

Wasn't it great to see the sun again today?  I believe the forecast is for more snow tomorrow with some rain to follow - so make sure you are well protected against the weather & stay warm..

Night night - sleep well.