Friday, 31 March 2017

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 31 March & a Mold II member
has a birthday

Have a great day Elma

Thursday, 30 March 2017

mold II photos - part 2

Good evening ladies - sorry this is a bit late in the evening.

I have, this time, the second set of photos from the Mold II club night on Tuesday & they are of their project for the evening which was making the Curtain (or Drapery) cards;

Elma finished all 3 designs using some very pretty papers - I particularly love the swirly pattern of this last one.

Carolyn completed 2 of the designs using a very pretty silvery grey colour & that embossed card on the bottom one really shows the drapery off well. Beautiful.

Dot also finished all 3 designs with some really pretty papers & embellishments.

Carol's 2 designs were really stunning in the dark blue. Carol was concerned that the bottom one wasn't quite right.  I think the paper was perhaps cut a different length or width - but it still makes for a great "curtain". Also on the other card - Carol has turned the design around with the long lengths on the right rather than the left.

Annette has finished one of the designs - that chocolate & pink paper is quite dramatic. Very nice card.

Christine embellished her pretty blue curtain card with a nice bit of bling & like Carol she has turned her design around to have the long length on the right rather than the left.

That happens depending on which side of the base paper you put the markings & cut out the lower portion.  Looks good either way.

I think there might be some more appearing next month when the other designs have been finished. 

I must point out here - that all 3 folding designs were finished by everyone - but it wasn't possible for all 3 designs to be completed on a card.  Well not for everyone.

Well done ladies. It is surprising what a little piece of pleated paper will produce.

That's me for today - or should I say tonight.
'Bye for now - night, night.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

I am here this afternoon with the first set of photos from last night's Mold II club meeting & the photos are of their Show & Tell cards where the challenge was black & white & geometrical.

Helen created a diagonal line pattern, then used Card-io stamps to fill the shapes. Brilliant.
I really want to try this for myself.

Elma used a Tim Holtz die on the corner of her card (I have that die & I just love it). The tag is decorated with a flourish & geometric shape.

Sue used a 6-sided shape to create a patchwork style topper using some great black & white geometric patterned papers.

Carol also took a patchwork approach with these lovely papers laid out in squares

Elizabeth went for spots & circles - a lovely crisp design.

Annette made 2 cards - this first one is a "Tepee" card.  Annette explained how it was very simply made & is going to show the ladies at a future meeting.

Annette's second card used triangles, circles & strips alternating between black & white.

Great cards ladies.  I must think up some other "different" ideas.  It is good to test the little grey cells - as Poirot often said.

The project photos will be put here tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 27 March 2017

A recent card

Good afternoon ladies

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  For me it was another - albeit brief visit - to spend some time with my brother who popped in with his youngest daughter & youngest son.  So nice to see them all, especially my nephew who I haven't seen for a little while.

Today I have one of my recent cards to show you;

Another z-fold card with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

I stamped the 2 parts of the design on separate card creating a background withmy splodge stamp & some distress ink.  The bouquet I coloured with my pearlescent watercolour paints.

Tomorrow it is time for the Mold II club for this month & everything is ready.  Mind you - I might double check the box as after a statement like that it would not look good if I forgot something.

I hope to be able to post tomorrow but we have a funeral to attend, so it will all depend on time available.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

member showcase

Good morning ladies, as promised I am back with another member showcase.

This time it is Rita of Mold II who has one of her cards featured in the same magazine as Annette - Simply Cards & Papercraft .

Here is Rita's card;

A great card Rita - which reminds me I think I have a cup of tea waiting for me in the kitchen.  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.
'Bye for now.

Mother's Day

To every one of you who is a Mother
& to your Mothers too.

I no longer have my Mother with me,

Happy mothers day Mum.

Birthday greetings

Birthday greetings

Today is 26 March
& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Have a great day Rita

Saturday, 25 March 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon ladies & what a beautiful day!

I have a member showcase for you today & it is a card made by Annette of Mold II, that was featured along with her letter, in the latest issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine (Issue 161). Not only was it on the letters page but it was the Star Letter.  Her prize is some lovely Fiskars products - scissors, punches etc.

Here is her card & letter;

Well done Annette

Have a great weekend everyone & I will be back tomorrow with anther member showcase.

Clocks change

Clocks change tonight......................

Oh dear! we lose an hours sleep!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

mold photos - late entry

Good afternoon ladies

Well, I had a rather nice day out yesterday with Nadine.  First stop was "Craft Range" at Hapton, Nr Burnley (its just off the M65), where I picked up a few bargains for raffle prizes on club nights.  Then on to Boundary Mill where I managed to pick up a few new tops.

The downside on the day was the awful weather - the drive both ways was not too pleasant.

This afternoon I have photos for you from Joanna from Mold club & they are of her other 2 drapery cards which she finished at home;

I love the colours & the embossed panels behind the drapery which really sets them off.  Created like this they would also be suitable to send to a man.  Well I think so.  
The designs look almost heraldic / coat of arms style.

Thank you for sending them to me Joanna.

That's me for today.  'Bye

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Sorry, I am a bit late today.

I had a very good evening with my demo at my Happy Stampers club meeting last night.  I really enjoyed it myself - even after going through it all 3 times. I have scheduled the same project into your programmes over the next couple of months.  The difference being I will show you by demonstrating but you will then be having a go.  Last night was just demos.

But, I had a really awful journey home, as the heavens opened & it was almost impossible to see the traffic in front of you.  The temperature had dropped drastically as well & it was really cold. So much so that the rain hitting the windscreen was looking a bit flaky & my car popped up a message to tell me to beware of ice.

Earlier today I received an email from Carolyn (of Mold II) to let me know that two of the Mold II ladies had been featured in another of the regular paper craft magazines.  So I will pick a copy up tomorrow so that I can feature them here.  I tried this afternoon but Tesco's in Mold didn't have any.

Tomorrow I am off out with our daughter-in-law Nadine.  We are off to Boundary Mill, I am looking for new clothes,  I have also discovered a rather nice craft shop (more like a mini supermarket) just before we get there - so will be stopping off to see what they have.

More tomorrow - hopefully with those magazine features.
Sleep well.  Good night.

Monday, 20 March 2017

mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have the second set of photographs from the Mold meeting last Thursday & they are of their project, which was to make the Curtain (or Drapery) Cards

There were 3 designs to make - but not everyone finished making 3 - I am hoping to see the remainder at the next meeting  - or through email..


This is Joan's card & it shows the double drape.  The colours were very pale & this is the best I can get the photo. It is a very delicate design in grey & pale green.

Joanna's design was very bright & cheerful, & she will probably complete the other 2 & send me photos later!!

Janet chose some darker paper for her drapes & very effective it is.  Janet also promised to send photos of the other designs later.

Sheelagh -- as you can see - managed to complete all 3 designs, & was the only one to do so.  They make a really nice set of cards.

These 2 cards don't have the name card with them as they are by Clare, who finished them at home & then sent me photos via email.  The top one in the shades of grey - is really elegant & I think it would even be suitable for a man.

There we are & I am really hoping that more cards will appear later.

That is me for this post - I am off to my Happy Stampers meeting this evening & we are having a multi-evening. I am one of the demonstrators, so I have been busy this afternoon putting my box ready & making sure I have all the supplies I need, as well as my examples.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ooh look what I spotted.....................

Good afternoon everyone - I hope your weekend is going well.

Yesterday I picked up the latest issue of Card Making & Papercraft magazine (Issue 168) & look what I found on the letters page;

I wonder what paper pad I will receive this time as my prize for being published?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 17 March 2017

mold photos - part 1

Good evening everyone

This morning a visit to the opticians resulted in the need for a new pair of glasses - which I collect in about 2 weeks. A very quick way to say goodbye to a couple of hundred pounds.  Ouch!

Anyway this evening I am here to show you the photos from the Show & Tell at last night's Mold meeting.  The challenge last night was a black & white card with a geometrical design.  Seems I set quite a challenge, to judge by the comments made.

Here are the cards;

Joan fond some stamps she had bought from Caroline some time back that suited this challenge along with papers that fitted the idea as well.

Sheelagh made an easel card - so I have shown it from both angles. Certainly a good choice of geometric designs in this one including two revisited crafts - "Lace", (the e
  should have the little accent above it - but blogger doesn't seem to have the means to do that) & teabag folding - the rosette top left. 

Mair's geometric design came in the shape of the triangular front of her lovely card. A different approach to the challenge.

Lynn's clever design was produced by using an all over pattern stamped 2 ways - stamped in black on white & then stamped in white on black.  Those little flowers are very interesting as it would appear someone was shaving some sort of plastic & the pieces falling off were thin & naturally curled.  So - for Lynn - some flowers to embellish her card.

When I first caught sight of this design I thought Janet had stitched the two centre panels. But no, she had hand drawn them in the style of an iris folding diagram,  Very clever Janet.

Yvonne has 4 geometric stamped images cut down & added to black layering card for a very clean & crisp card, completed by the square topper holding the greeting.

Joanna made 2 cards - this is the first one which has a window shape with acetate & squares of black card.

This is her second card, although it was actually the first one she showed us.  A great combination of a brick style background which had been stencilled then the circles stamped with a geometric design.

Great cards ladies.  I must think up another different challenge like that.  No, I don't mean that how it sounds (or reads) because another different like that would be the same - wouldn't it?

Right I am going to go now before I tie myself in knots with words.  It's Friday again - so have a great weekend.


st patrick's day

Hello & for everyone who has Irish family and / or friends

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Just chatting

Hello everyone
It has been a reasonably nice day today but I have just looked out of the window of my craft room & it is raining.  Just in time for me to go to the Mold club meeting this evening.

I haven't done any crafting today as this is the Thursday of the month when apart from the Mold club in the evening I have a regular lunch I attend.

I say - no crafting  but when I got home, after checking my emails, I did a bit of Internet surfing to see what ideas there might be out there for me to bring to the clubs.  So quite a lazy afternoon.

Tomorrow I will have photos for you from this evenings meeting - so, that is me for today.

See some of you later - 'bye for now.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wendy & Card-io Stamps

Good morning ladies
I am just popping in very quickly before going out - to bring you some information regarding Card-io & my request for a workshop for you all.

Yesterday I had an email from the lady who answers the emails to the shop, who offered here apologies for my email being overlooked.  She hoped I had spoken to Wendy in the meantime but in case attached Wendy's email address.

So now I know why Wendy had not got back to me after my last request email.  So later today I will email Wendy direct & explain how I have looked elsewhere but that perhaps we can sort something for early next year.  I will explain also that after my last email (which didn't get to her!) I didn't like to worry her any more as I knew she was busy from our previous contacts, so that she will understand why I have looked elsewhere & not just dropped her.

By the way - she was on TV on Hochanda yesterday I don't know if you saw her.  She has some great new stamps - that I must have.  I may have to buy them direct from her as I won't be at the May stamp festival - or - alternatively I may be asking for a proxy purchaser.

That's me - I must dash.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

21st birthday card

Good afternoon everyone.

I nearly forgot to take a photograph of the above card.  In fact I had sealed the envelope, so had to open it.

Here it is;

The base card & its layer are actually a very soft cream, not as white as it looks here.  I stamped the floral flourish in Versamark Ink & embossed with gold EP.  Then the "paint / ink" I had nearest to the colour I was looking for was in fact some Cosmic Shimmer mica powder.  So I mixed that with a little water & used my water brush.  I wanted a more vintage look to the finish so I tore the card around the image then wiped some of the cosmic shimmer onto the edges.  I repeated the same idea with the "Happy Birthday" which was stamped & embossed in gold as well.

The 21 came from a die set I have from Tonic.  There are about 6 of these age dies & they also fit inside a larger die.  I cut this one in a subdued gold card.  It had a little "pimple" effect on it which seemed to match the embossing.  I used a border embossing folder to emboss a pattern near the fold. It didn't quite reach to the bottom but I was able to cover that fact with the Happy Birthday.

When I was over in Cheshire Oaks a few weeks back I popped into The Works & they had a card of metal keys & locks - so that is where I got the key from.  Before attaching it to the card (like a brad) I brightened it with gold gilding wax.

As I said before it is for our grand-daughter, so I hope she likes it.

That's all from me today.  'Bye.