Monday, 30 April 2018

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from Mold II's meeting last Tuesday.  Today they are of one of their projects for the evening. They took on 2, in fact 3 projects but only created 2 of them that evening & this is the "Post-it note holder" project put forward by Dot;

Here is Dot's note holder.
It really is a handy little gadget & by having the bulldog clip holding the post-it note in place they can easily be refilled.

This is Annette's pad - she has included a pencil rather than a pen.

Sue also has used a pencil rather than a pen & just the right size too.
I like the piece of paper covering the bulldog clip to tie it in nicer, which, as I look back I see Dot did that as well.

Carolyn also covered her clip - they really are quite cute & very useful.

Oh! - now has Carol added a little trim to the pen as well, on the long clip?

Rita has used a wooden peg to hold her pad rather than the bulldog clip & decorated it with some of the papers

Very nice ladies. These will make very nice stocking fillers at C............... time (too early to use the actual word) & for fund raisers.

Dot gave me all the information & some bits & pieces so I will have to put one together.  Oh my! my to do list is growing fast.

Dot also showed a second pad but the ladies only made this one on the evening - due to the fact they had another project to try as well - & I will show you those photos tomorrow.  Perhaps the other pad will be made at another evening!

Thank you Dot for taking that project - I look forward to making mine.

More tomorrow ladies.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone I do hope that your weekend is going well.

Yesterday we had a lovely visit from our grandson - & his parents of course - 😊- a couple of hours of joy.  For some reason he laughs when I am talking to him & will just laugh if he turns & looks at me. I am trying to work out why - do I look funny to him - or is he just happy to see me?

Today I have the first set of photos taken at the Mold II meeting last Tuesday evening.  This set is of their Show & Tell which was to use a Teabag.  This challenge was put to them by Elizabeth one of the members who had brought along a couple of cards, to the March meeting,  made with teabag in the main image. I think I did mention it somewhere.

So here are their cards;

Annette has used the teabag to create her topper image.
It is so effective & I love the words in the background.

Elma made 2 cards & used the teabags as embellishments to the card - brilliant idea.

Sue used her teabag for the sentiment part of the card.
What a beautiful cup & saucer image too - it all goes together so well.

Rita sent me an email about this photo.  She is being so honest.
The painted teabags are WIP that she is doing - but - the card with the teabag was one that Elizabeth (who set the challenge) had sent Rita for her birthday.

What brilliant cards & who would have thought of using the teabags.  Mine that I dried are still sitting in their box waiting for me to do something with them.  I will use them - just not sure when at the moment.  Well, that's my excuse.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend & I will have more Mold II photos for you tomorrow.

Once again a big thank you to Carolyn for taking & sending the photos.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Hmm! I've been away ........

..... a couple of days - so no blogging done.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary & Bob treated us to an overnight stay in a very nice hotel to celebrate.

We went to Rookery Hall, Near Nantwich

We had a suite which was beautiful & one of the rooms is behind that pointed window in the left hand part of the building - the one with the light grey front, that stands proud of the roof.

We had an excellent meal & very restful short stay.  It gave Bob the chance to relax for a while after all the running around he has done for me recently.

Tomorrow I will show you the special card I made this week - which was of course - our anniversary card.

I popped into the Mold II meeting on Tuesday evening & am hoping to soon have some photos to show you of the project for the evening.

Another weekend is here - so have a lovely time & of course the next weekend will be a bank holiday!

Have fun
'Bye for now.

Happy birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is April 27th

& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Ruth

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone  -  just got back in from visit to hospital so thought before I get involved in anything else, or fall asleep, I would write this blog post & show you the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday.

The project was a really sweet pop up card - for which I cannot find a proper name. Different people give it sightly different names & of course to search the Internet for pop up cards you get loads!

The evening was taken by Joan - it was supposed to be Rachel & Joan but Rachel was poorly & couldn't attend & I don't think Joan was feeling too bright either.  So I  hope you both are feeling better now.

Here are the samples that Joan & Rachel made ;

They are beautiful

and here are the cards made by the ladies;

3 views of Clare's card
This is such a cute design

Janet's card
Those colours are really lovely - delicate & bold all in one.

Ooh! - looks like Joanna's sister is getting this one.
Love the backgrounds & the belly band is a good idea to keep it closed

There is something very striking about black & white & you can see the belly band laying down on the side in the top photo.

Rhiannon - a lovely clean & fresh card with a musical theme.
I really like that sentiment - it's true isn't it!

Sheelagh has chosen some lovely bright colours for her card
I like the mixed media style piece on the bottom of the card in the middle photo. & what a great use of buttons.

Yvonne's card is another lovely black & white one.
Oh yes, we all need to believe in the magic.

A big thank you to Joan for taking this project & for Rachel preparing the notes & samples - it was a lovely project & I am going to be trying that one.

Thank you also, once again to Joanna for the photos,

Tonight is the Mold II club night & I will be popping in briefly to say hello.  I was thinking of staying for a while but after the long visit to the hospital I am left very tired.  But, still I can manage a short visit.

That is me for today ladies - 'Bye for now.

Monday, 23 April 2018

mold photos - part 1 - missed items

Good afternoon everyone.

Just popping in with a couple of photos from the Mold Show & Tell last Thursday.  They got missed from the other post due to the fact that when I went to put the here - the file was blank.  No idea why - just one of those computer mysteries.  Anyway I got in touch with Joanna & she sent them again - this  time OK.

So, apologies to Sheelagh whose photos they were - but then you get a post to yourself!!

As a reminder the Show & tell was to make a card with Black, White & Silver or grey colours;

That is absolutely stunning

but wait - look below

.... It's an easel card.

Well done Sheelagh  & apologies again for being missed in the last post.

That's me ladies.  'Bye again.

mold photos - part 1

Good morning everyone I hope you all had a good weekend, in that lovely weather.

I did say I was going to show these photos over the weekend but it look me a little longer to make my special card that I was making. Mainly through really frustrating things - like not being able to stamp clearly - don't know what I did wrong but 2 images did not come out complete so the card layer had to be cut again,.  Really frustrating but it turned out great in the end.  Can't show it to you yet.

So, Mold's Show & Tell for their meeting last Thursday was to make a card in white, black & silver / grey.

Here we go;

What an amazing card - it's simply beautiful

A really lovely design
There really is something nice about the black/grey tones isn't there

Made 2 cards for the Show & Tell & both of them a lovely clean & fresh design

This is a really pretty & clever design - but - Joanna said she got a bit of stick about it due to colouring those 2 petals - which was not part of the brief.
tsk tsk Joanna   


Wow! Mair really went to town.
I love the one with the pansies - its that shaded black grey tones again.

Well done ladies - lovely cards.

Tomorrow I will have the project photos for you - I will try not to forget to do it, as I have a visit to my Oncologist tomorrow.

Take care.  'Bye

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Play day

Good evening everyone.

This afternoon I have had a play day - well half day actually.

I went into my craft room to make a particular card, then thought I would make one of the "easy" cards I had seen on the Internet recently - to get warmed up.

I used designer paper for the main decorative part - something I do when first trying a project, but did manage to stamp on them as well.

When I had made the card I had a reasonable amount of card & paper left over - so went to put it in my "bits" box, then thought - if I do that it will possibly stay there for some time.  After all, that is how we get a bits box.  So for a change, I decided to see what sort of card I could make instead.

Here are the 2 cards & the first one was the one I went into my craft room to make;-

In this photo the card doesn't look anything particularly special
but the difference shows in the next photo.

This the  card stood up & open.

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the way that it seems to lean forwards a little. Perhaps if the back was shorter than the front it might sit better.  I might try another one without decoration to see if that is so.

Here is a side on view

The front of the card has a panel on each side cut from the bottom edge to the centre fold.  These are then decorated & glued flat leaving the central panel to create the open card.

I rather like it & it makes a change.

Here is the card I made from the left overs;

There was a big enough piece of the base card left over to make a landscape card.

As you can see I used some of the designer paper to create a panel on the front & inside the fron right hand edge. Then trimmed a little off the front open edge away to reveal some designer paper on the inside.
From another couple of strips I stamped out some small "Dreamees" floral stamps & cut them out mounting 2 sizes together.  I used pearl drops for the centre of the flowers & also 3 little pearl shapes top & bottom of the card.

On both cards I used the sentiment "Just because" so that they could be used for any occasion.  In the photos the base card looks blue but in fact was green.

You may like to make that top card at one of your evenings - let me know.

That's me for today I have photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday to show you which I will do tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Oh... by the way ... I didn't get around to starting the card I actually went in to make.  So that is the task tomorrow after showing the club photos.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.