Sunday, 22 October 2017

Mold photos - part 2 - an extra card

Hello again everyone.

When I checked my emails this morning I had one from Sheelagh of Mold club with a photo of another u-fold card she had made.

Her message said;

"Hello, I only managed to get the large card done on Thursday but I had bought a stamp from Clare and I have a friend whose birthday is on 11th November and I had already decided to do a poppy card so I used the new stamp and did the smaller size card. Quite pleased with it!!

Here is Sheelagh's card;

That is really pretty Sheelagh I am sure your friend will love it - thank you for sending me the photo.

If anyone else makes another of these U-fold cards, please send me photos. In fact you should all know by now that I love receiving photos of your cards & putting them here on the blog for others to see.


Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - I hope you are having a good weekend.

Today I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday last & they are of the project for the evening. As I said inn an earlier post - I was not at this meeting. Carolyn of Mold II came to the meeting & showed everyone how to make her U-Fold card;

This card by Joan uses the currently popular Nordic style Christmas papers. Really nice card & very Christmassy.

I love the delicate colours to Janet's card & that focal point is really pretty.

Love these colours & the verse focal point is really elegant.
I like the way Rhiannon has raised her band a little higher than the bottom of the card.

Another delicate patterned card this time from Clare. Love the colours.

Wow, Sheelagh what wonderful colours - a really dramatic & beautiful card.

This is Lynn's card - I seem to have chopped off her name card when reducing the photo a little for the blog post.
A really sunny card just the thing to brighten up these wet windy days.

This is Joanna's card - I didn't crop the name card off this one it came without it - but I know it is Joanna's.  Looks stunning in black & white.

A big thank you to Carolyn for taking this part of the evening & once again introducing us to a different shaped card to add to our repertoire, & a big thank you to Joanna for taking the photos.

Normally I would be disappointed to have missed one of Carolyn's projects but she showed the same card to Mold II ladies the previous month & I was able to learn how to make it then.  So I didn't miss out  😊

More member news tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

members work from October workshop

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have photos from 3 of the club members who attended the 14 October workshop showing what they have done with their master board project.

In case you are not sure what a master board is - it is this.  You turn a plain piece of paper or card into a background paper by inking, painting, stamping all over it, whatever your creative hobby is. Use pen ends, plastic cards to create lines & circles & many more objects & shapes.  From the master board you cut shapes to decorate cards or art journals pages etc. As well as sitting down to specifically create a page, another way is add to a sheet as you create other items. For example - too much ink or paint left on your craft sheet - use it on your master board.  Still got ink on your stamp & you don't need to stamp it on the project you are making - do a second generation stamping on your master board.  Eventually you will have a great piece of card to work with.

First it is Annette from Mold II club;

This photo shows Annette's master board & the two background panels she made. You can see from the photo how Annette has created little patterns with the end of a paintbrush (the trio of dots) & circles possibly from bottle lids.  I look forward to seeing some finished cards Annette, using that master board.

Next we have Rhiannon from Mold club;

This is Rhiannon's background piece & you can see that she has used jar lids dipped in pain to make large circles. The straight lines possibly by dipping a strip of card in paint or gesso seeing as it is white.

Here Rhiannon has decorated with stamped & colored images using the stamps in her goodie bag from the workshop. As I don't have a photo of Rhiannon's master board I don't know if the cut out leaves & flowers were just coloured & stamped or cut from the master board.  It looks good either way.

Next it is Lynn of Mold club;

This photo shows Lynn's background piece - again - using jar lid rims to create circles. Folded card strip to create zigzag lines.

Then here is the background piece with some stamping added & mounted onto black card. Layered onto the background are 3 images of one of the flower stamps, stamped at different angles cut out & layered onto black card. Really nice card.

I hope that more of you workshop ladies will send in photos of what you did with your pieces - or - bring them into the next club night & I will photograph them.  Or someone will.

That is me for this Saturday morning - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 20 October 2017

mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have for you the photos of the Mold Show & Tell from last night's meeting (Thursday 19th) & thanks go to Joanna for taking them for me, as I was not at the meeting.

The theme fr the Show & Tell was Christmas cards in black & white only - oh yes & I did say that a little sparkle would be OK too.

Well, once again you didn't disappoint. So much so that I am not sure I can leave comments after each one as it would get rather repetitive.  Perhaps just pointing out anything different or special!

I hope the sparkle on the topper shows up in this photo.
Joan - is that Glitter Kiss you have used?

Mair showed us what the design would look like in colour too.

Great frame centre piece - I have a couple like that for birthday & thinking of you

Wow! that is different for Christmas.
Love the sentiment

Take a look at the next photo - showing a bird-eye view.

There's a lot of work in there Sheelagh!

I just bought the magazine this morning that has that stamp & die set as the free gift!
Really must try it out now I have seen it used other than the samples in the magazine.

A trio of cards from Joanna.
I would have liked to see that last one in the flesh
I can't quite work out how it all sits.

I think you have all given me food for thought as I try & get my head around making some more Christmas cards.

I will be back tomorrow with the photos of the evening's project & I also have a nice little collection of member showcases building up.  A couple from work done at the workshop last week, & I have spotted earlier today that 2 ladies fro Mold II club have been featured in one of the recent magazines.

Have a great weekend.
More tomorrow - 'bye.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A recent card

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you all got through these dreadful winds without any damage to you or your property.

Before I show you one of my recent cards I have received an email from Joanna of Mold club letting me know how helpful Joan of CSNW club was when she (Joanna) was taking the photos at the workshop. Joan kept going around the room collecting the tissue boxes. So - thank you Joan.

Now this recent card. 

It is the card I made for Gareth & Elayne's second wedding anniversary;

The white layer is made using an X-Cut embossing & die-cutting folder.
To the side of he oval cut out are two embossed wine glasses.  I added a pretty peel-off shape in the aperture & die-cut the word "Anniversary"

This is the inside of the card - well one half. This embossing folder with the hearts was so pretty that I didn't want to cover it so I added the insert with the greeting on the other half of the card.

I have another card to show you which I will post tomorrow - it is the one for Elayne's birthday.  They had a busy 10 days, with it starting with Gareth's birthday, then their anniversary finishing with Elayne's birthday.

That's me for today.  Bye for now.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Workshop with Elizabeth Robinson - part 2

Good afternoon here I am again with the second batch of photos from the workshop.

& Maureen also showed 2 of her background pieces that we were shown how to make.
It was Kraft card, gesso, paint & different objects to make the patterns - such as lids, folded card.
Some ladies used pen tops, paint brush ends etc.

Joanna pinched my box as well for a photo.

I had a second email from Joanna with a couple of photos where she had been having a play with some software - so I thought you would like to see those too.  I think I will print these off & put in a album as a keepsake;

They are really good Joanna.  Thank you.

That is me for today ladies.  I have a couple of recently made cards to show you tomorrow.

Oh! before I go - if any of the ladies on the workshop could take photo's of their master board & background pieces it would be good to see them. Also perhaps any photos of cards you make using them?

Pretty please?


Workshop with Elizabeth Robinson - part 1

Good morning everyone

Not a very good one though is it! The tree in my front garden is bending like mad in the wind (gale?) & the sky is very yellow looking. I am sure you have much the same view & I hope Ireland doesn't suffer too bad as it seems they are going to get the worst of it.

Right! Photos & info from Saturday's workshop.

I was going to say "in the morning we made" - but in fact it took us up to lunch time.  The special project that Elizabeth brought for us was a wooden tissue box holder for us to decorate with stamps & paints.  Yes paints!  Although when I checked my typing I found I had said "stamps & pints" - got that corrected quickly as I didn't want those who didn't come to the workshop to get the wrong idea. In the afternoon session Elizabeth introduced us to creating a master board & different ways of making backgrounds for cards or scrapbook pages or art books or whatever area of the craft you had a paintbrush dipped into.

We were each given an Indigo Blu stamp set & it was these that we used on the tissue box.  There were 2 different styles so a lot of the boxes will look very similar. I had a lovely Peony & Marigold set. A big thank you to Joanna for taking the photos.

There were 33 photos in all so I am going to post them in 2 batches so as not to overload your systems.

Oh look - Joanna sneaked in a couple of photos of us all doing our crafting.
Is that me I can see at the end?

Now for the boxes.
Joanna seems to have taken a top view & a side view of most of the boxes.
So the names should show up on at least one of the photos for each person.

That is the end of the first batch of photos.
I will post the other half later this afternoon.

'Bye for now.