Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from last night's Mold II meeting & they are of the Show & Tell. The theme was a DL card with a 3-d floral theme.

Some ladies were a little confused by the term "3-d" - but non the less did a 3-d card.  I use the term to explain a non-flat image - so, using pads, or glue gel, to raise the other layer(s).  But in this instance - decoupage would be appropriate.

Anyway - here are their cards;

Elizabeth made 2 cards.  The top one is a gorgeous silver design & I love the raised banner with the sentiment on.  That is quite a popular design feature at the moment.
The second card was on a dark green background & Elizabeth has used Dreamees flower stamps.

Christine's card has lovely 3-d flowers on scalloped circles each side of a beautiful butterfly.

Helen's card has a lovely stamped "ribbon" running down the centre with flowers on squares.
This would make a lovely bookmark! 

Annette chose landscape orientation for her card & her flowers are set on a scalloped oval.
A lovely design Annette - very striking.

Carol found more of that lovely Dufex card to make her floral display on her first card.
Those fuchsias are beautiful.  Such a shame they don't make that anymore.
Her second card has a lovely flower at the top with a pretty plaque for the sentiment.

Sue also chose landscape orientation for her card & the Dufex image for her floral topper.
Very dainty & pretty.

This stunning card is from Elma & she has used a flower die that has the look of a Poinsettia 
(or it may actually have been a Poinsettia die - sorry I can't remember).
But the impact comes in the colour Elma chose to do them in.

Great cards as always ladies.
More photos tomorrow - the project photos.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 21 August 2017

my file folder album

Good morning everyone I hope you all had a good weekend.

I have a couple of photos today of my File Folder Album, as shown by Carolyn at the Mold meeting on Thursday last.

This is the front cover - not a lot going on at the moment.

Then this one shows the pages.
Those centre pages are the same colour but not the same pattern

I am very cross with myself because I sat down yesterday (Sunday) to complete adding the pages & was doing quite well when I discovered that I must have folded one of the sections wrong - because some of the print on the folder shows.  It's only a little bit - but it is at the top of a page & shows. So I spent some time thinking about how I could hide that & then spotted something else.

Now! with a project of this type it is important to think the steps through, prepare for them & then put together without mistakes.  Yes! well it is all very well for me to spout that information providing I abide by it myself.  

Sunday I did not work that way.  

After cutting out all the pages & deciding in which order I would put them in the album - I picked up the album & set to sticking the pages in. Feeling very satisfied with my work I started looking at the pages in order to decide what I would do on them.  First thing, I realised that I had stuck all the pages in before adding some ideas I had which had to go on first - so I was cross.  Then I noticed that when I had picked the album up to place the papers on the pages I had not looked at which way up the album was.

You probably can't see it in the photo but the inside covers have little bees on them & they are flying upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Steam coming out of ears!

I have decided to start another album with file folders that I have in my craft room & keep this one as a reminder of what not to do.  Perhaps when I calm down I will be able to continue with it - do bees fly upside down? Flowers certainly don't grow downwards - or at least not the ones on my papers.

Even so - I really enjoyed learning about the album & know that I will be making more than one & more to the point I will be thinking very carefully about what I am doing as I do it.

I think that's me for today.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

birthday greetings

birthday greetings

Today is 20 August
& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Happy birthday Annette
have a lovely day

Saturday, 19 August 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have a member showcase for you, not this time from a published magazine letter - but from a practise of an idea.

The member is Joan of Mold club who on Thursday night brought in some lovely background design to show me, that she had created. I forgot to photograph it during the course of the evening but yesterday got in touch with Joan & asked her if she would photograph it & send to me.  I received the photos this morning;

One of the A4 sheets

The A4 sheet with another one folded to make a card

The folded card

This is what Joan said in her email;

"Here are the two pieces of card,  I used acrylic pearl that I have had for many years ,then I painted on parchment. I then used Adirondack colours,
Very pleased with the results,"

The acrylic pearls were put onto the paper using a crunched up piece of plastic wrap.  Doesn't it look lovely?

Thank you for sending the photos Joan I think the backgrounds look beautiful,

The ones I did a few days ago I used Gesso to make my "splodges" but I think I am going to have look out my acrylic pearls now.  They  haven't had an airing for a while - what a lovely way to use them. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
'Bye for now.

Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sad news of "Brucie's" passing

Thank you for many years of great entertainment

Friday, 18 August 2017

Mold photos

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have the photos of last night's project for Mold club, when we had a visit from Carolyn of Mold II club .  Carolyn showed us how to make that lovely little file folder album that she had already show to the Mold II ladies.  It is impossible to finish the album completely during a club meeting so the photos are of the albums as far as everyone got to.  I have had promises that they will bring them back when they are finished - even if it isn't for a meeting or two.

These 2 photos show the cover & the inside page of Clare's album
Apologies Clare your second photo is a little blurry. I love the soft colours you have used

This photo is of Yvonne's inside pages.  
I did take a photo of the cover but it was so blurry I deleted it.
Must have still had the wobble that I had with Clare's photo.
Lovely shades of lilac - very fresh looking little album.

The outside & some of the inside pages of Mair's album.
I love that bright colourful paper on the cover which goes so well with the spotty paper.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the ages

Cover & inside pages of Lynn's album using gorgeous shades of blue papers.
Lynn said that she had got the paper pad from Poundworld at Deeside (just round the corner from B&M and the Range).
So! guess who popped round there this morning.  Yes! & did they have any?  No!
Ah well - some you win & some you lose.  But I found some great pads in The Range for £1 each.

The cover & inside of Joanna's album using some beautiful green papers.
They looked like the same type of paper as Lynn had used.
I am sure Joanna will correct me if I am wrong.

The cover & some of the inside pages of Maureen's album
That cover paper is gorgeous & I am sure Maureen said it was wrapping paper.

You've got to stop doing this to me ladies - I will now be looking at wrapping paper.  
Mind you it's a good idea as one sheet will go quite a long way & the quality is usually very good.

I also joined in, but I also spent quite a bit of time talking to Carolyn about various crafty things, including projects she has lined up for us next year.  So, I was lacking behind with my album.  When I have put a couple more pages in I will photograph it & show you.  I won't wait until I am finished - just to about the stage the ladies got to last night.

Thank you Carolyn for bringing this project to Mold & Mold II & I really hope I can do your instruction credit when I show CSNW club in 3 weeks.

I will try & take a couple of photos of those £1 pads I bought in The Range, to show you.  They all have a Kraft paper base.

That's me for today ladies, have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have a member showcase for you & it is - once again, bless her - Rita from Mold II club.

The showcase is of a card that Rita had published in the latest issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft (issue 166);

Great card Rita - that was rather a nice little freebie, wasn't it?  Although I did not have a great success with the die that came with it.  But will try again.

It's the August meeting for Mold club tonight & I am really looking forward to it as we have Carolyn from Mold II showing us how to make a mini album.

Hopefully some photos tomorrow - but not necessarily of a completed album.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

recent cards

Good evening everyone.

I have 2 photos to show you of some cards I made recently - at least I don''t think I have shown them to you. The reason I am unsure is because I created the topper pieces a little while back but only recently put the cards together.  So, apologies if you have already seen them;

I used the split negative technique for these 2 cards.  A technique we covered a long time ago & I thought I would revisit.  The hardest part is the most important part & that is cutting the topper exactly in half - both times, otherwise the 2 halves do not fit together well.

When I do use this technique I always use black & white but it can look very effective in colours or with just a splash of colour on the black & white version.

Tomorrow I have a member showcase for you.

Sorry this post is late at night - had a busy day & yesterday we met up with an old friend of Bob's for a meal & a natter.  We do this every couple of months & it is a nice relaxed get-together.  The 2 men reminiscing & me listening.

Night night.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

more of my play time

Good morning.
After writing yesterday's post for the blog I continued playing.

In the week I had watched a programme on Hochanda where John Lockwood (aka John Next Door) was demonstrating his new mixed media plate.  I was curious about it but that was all - although I wondered if I could use my Gelli plate the way he was using his item.  But that is for another day's play.

The demo he did that caught my eye was one where he sponged white Gesso onto white card & then coloured it with inks.  I cannot remember if he was using colour cloud ink, or possibly Oxide Distress Inks.  In any case I rather liked the finish & thought "I must try that".  So on Thursday I applied Gesso to some card & left t to dry.

During my play yesterday - I gave some thought to what inks to use.  I do have quite a varied collection, some of which have not seen light of day for quite a while.  You may remember my comment at the end of an earlier post of not being tempted to buy any of the new ink pads.  So, I stuck to my promise to myself & dug out my Versa Magic inks.  These are pigment rather than dye inks, but I thought I would give them a try. After all, as we are so often told - it is only a piece of card.

Here is the exciting photo of a piece of white card dabbed over with white gesso;

& here are the finished pieces of card after using the inks over them;

This one had shades of lilac, blue & green on it, very soft finish

This one had a very strange shade - but it came out with this lovely dusty green  & looked almost foliage print. I wondered whether to put a second or third colour over it & decided to leave it with just one colour.  Except, that I picked up a shade of white that was a light pearly colour & I gently stroked it across the green which it softened just a little & made a really nice background card.

Having done that I tried it on one half of the other piece.  It's a little difficult to see much difference in the photo - but I think I applied it to the right hand side as you are looking at it.

I will be doing some more like that.  I will prepare the gesso part of it later today for use in the week when it is dry.  Now! how am I going to use it

That is me for today.  Have a good day

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Having a play day

Good afternoon everyone I do hope your weekend is going well.

 When doing my sort out last week I decided that as I had some card making kits sitting around I should take time out to put them together.  Two had been freebies on magazines & the first I picked up was just a case of popping the bits out of the A4 card & putting them together.  There were only 4 of them - 3 birthday & 1 thank you, complete with mini stepper base cards;

They really are quite pretty & there were enough pieces left over to make another 4 simple cards.  Before putting the ones above together I wrote the mini stepper card measurements down in order to make 4 more bases for those leftover pieces.

That will be another play later on.

Enjoy your weekend

Friday, 11 August 2017

a recent card

Hi everyone
This afternoon I have a photo of another of my recently made birthday cards;

I made this one using a resist technique.

I have some plastic shape templates which come in 2 parts - the aperture & the actual shape.  So I used the aperture of this "label" shape to check the position of my images. Then I stamped the images through the template with Versafine Ink & embossed them with white EP.  After allowing time for it to cool I then placed the template back over the images & blended Distress Ink through it. After removing the template I polished the design with a tissue just to remove any stray ink marks on the embossing.  Finally with the text stamp I used the same Distress Ink using the full size of the stamp.

I edged the white card with a toning colour Promarker & used my ruler to keep the line straight, Next l layered the white card onto black card, then onto the white base card. The line created by the Promarker pen gave a faux layer. I stamped the "Happy Birthday" in black on white card, cut it out with a flag shape & layered it onto black card.  Then finishing the card with 3 black gems.

My usual closing statement for a Friday.  The weekend is here again - have an enjoyable weekend.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

just chatting

Good afternoon - yes, it's just after noon - so that's what it is.  When I started the post it was still morning!!!!

Ah hum!!!! Just popping back in to edit this post as my DH has just pointed out two errors in my choice of words & spelling. The sentence following this edit, should have had the word "hope" not "hoe".  Then in the first sentence of the second paragraph I have used the wrong version of "there".  I had inadvertently used "their" - purely a typo, & of  course not picked up by word check.  My apologies to all who read the blog.  😀

I hope you are sitting comfortably as this could be a long post for a change.

I once again have to apologise for there being some days when I don't write, or haven't written a post. At the moment I am in a catch 22 situation.  Recently - over the last couple of months - I have been very lax at putting craft things away after using them.  So they are spread over the spare bed that is in my craft room.

One look at it the other morning & I decided that it was time I tidied up.  You can't put everything away as it might be needed quite soon after its original use - but there are ways to keep it tidy even so.  Well that is what I had to tell myself.  But then when doing that sort of tidy you come across papers, stamps etc that haven't been used for a while & the part of the mind that can be creative takes over from the part of the mind that is supposed to be tidying up.

Then last week I was asked by the craft shop in Daleside if I would look at creating a workshop for Christmas card ideas.  Trouble is - you don't know what experience the ladies attending have, or what craft techniques they like.  (Note - I wasn't being sexist when I called the people who attend the classes "ladies" it is just so long since I had a man attending one.)  So I have spent a couple of days sorting out styles - such as some of the shapes we have learnt at the club meetings & techniques.  It means that mainly the cards will be paper designs - so, have I got enough in  my stash to cover several ladies making cards - or - have I got to buy in specifically.  The choices have to be fairly open as the other unknown factor is what style of cards the ladies like making - if they have indeed ever made a card before.

Add to that the fact there are ideas I want to try out for myself. I am starting to collect ideas for next years club meetings, & preparing for the next club nights so I don't leave stuff at home. Then there is the liaising with Elizabeth for our workshop in October & finally & possibly the most important distraction - our grandson.

I have been so busy with my camera each time we see him that I have quite a library of photos building up.  I want to create a memory album & know that doing it paper based means I will probably never finish it - or fall behind with creating pages. So I have decided to create it digitally. Even that still keeps me in front of the computer for hours on end.

So I am afraid I get lost in this strange world & then realise that I haven't written anything for you ladies.  My apologies.  I will try & keep my act (or should that be acts) together.

I hope you are having a great day.  I am now off to plan the first few 2018 months programme for the clubs & upload project photos for the next few months.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

a recent card

Good morning everyone

Today I have one of my recently made cards to show you.  It is a birthday for my nephew;

Sadly it is not a stamped card - I created it digitally.  I do have a problem making some cards for men & other times everything just seems to fall in place. One problem being that I don't always have suitable stamps amongst my masculine ones for the person I am making the card for.

The items for this card come from a CD by "DoCrafts" called Chronology.  It really had some nice background papers & images based around clocks. So I chose a text paper for the background layer, plus one with clocks lightly marked on it, & the image of the clock in a wooden wheel & the Happy Birthday. I digitally layered the small clocks onto the text background & added a drop shadow to make them look 3-d. I then printed the 2 papers,  cut them to size, added distress ink around the edges & layered them onto a white card. Over the "glass" of the middle small clock & the large stop watch I put some Glossy Accents to give dimension & the look of glass. The smaller paper I placed on foam dots to raise it from the background.  I thought it worked well & my nephew was thrilled with it - so job done!

That is my card for today.
Have a good day - 'bye.

birthday greetings

Birthday greetings

Today is 9 August
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Ann

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Two recent cards

Good morning everyone

This morning I have 2 cards I made recently to show you, both of them for special anniversary's during July.

This first one was for a pearl wedding anniversary.
I knew I wanted something light in colour, but wasn't certain how I was going to achieve it.  A week or so beforehand I had watched a demonstration of ideas for white on white cards.  I knew one of my white embossing powders had more of a light cream shade to it - so, I had my answer.  Cream on cream.

The flowers were stamped & embossed on parchment paper, then cut out. Dreamees flower stamps of course!  From matching cream card I cut the fancy circle & mounted it on foam pads, added the flowers & the sentiment & some creamy pearls

The second card - is this one - for a golden wedding anniversary;

You may notice the scalloped circle aperture matches the scalloped circle topper on the card above.

Now, in my eagerness to cut the circle from some card I used another base card, & forgot that it left the aperture, not a pattern. So at first I was a little cross at possibly wasting a card.  As I had the various things laid out on my desk to make these 2 cards I realised I could save things by using the cut out circle as a topper & turn the aperture into a feature on another card. 

So no cards were hurt or spoilt in this crafting session.  😉

Once again these flowers are from Dreamees & I had this lovely embossed gold paper which went beautifully behind the aperture.  Of course I noticed that the "congratulations" was slightly on the slant - but then I also noticed that I had at least stamped it on the slant both top & bottom.  So a sort of match!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's me for today.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Recent cards

Good morning everyone

I thought I would show you the 2 baby cards I made for the arrival of our grandson on 21 July.

This first card is the one I made for Gareth & Elayne.
I created this one digitally after finding this delightful royalty free baby photo on Google.
Everything is flat but the package I use when digitally crafting allows you to make it look as if there is layers by creating shadows.

This card I actually sent to Gwion himself.

The images were a freebie recently on a magazine (Simply Cards & Papercraft - Issue 164). They are based on the Russian Dolls & there was a lady & a man, a young boy & young girl & a baby.

As soon as I saw them I knew how I would be using them, using the lovely z-fold style card that Carolyn of Mold II showed us a while back.

The die-cut message on the front panel is "Welcome to the family" & the little image at the bottom is the baby doll, so I have written Gwion's name underneath. Just along from him is the lady's image so that says Mummy, Next is the man's image so that says Daddy & then finally the young boy's image, as Gwion has a half-brother who is 14.  They were all coloured in in pastel colours using gel pens. Then on the inside panel at the back there is another stamping of the man & the woman, not coloured in, & that is Bob & I.  So! welcome to this family.

I really was pleased with how it turned out. I have decided to send a photo of it to the magazine. So, if I am lucky they may print it.

That's me for today - have a great weekend.

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 5 August
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Ann

Birthday Greetings

Today is 5 August
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Mair
Have a lovely day

Friday, 4 August 2017

our lovely grandson

Hi everyone

I just had to show you this photo.

Just over a week after being born, our grandson is now home from hospital along with his mummy.

Asleep on the sofa whilst mummy catches up with Game of Thrones.

csnw photos - part 2

Good morning everyone.  Goodness the weekend is upon us again.  Time is going by far too fast, don't you think?

This morning I have the photos of the CSNW club project from Wednesday's meeting, where the card was a double slider card;

Joan chose to make her base card in a colour - which makes for a really nice change for this style card.  A really pretty card.

I love that simplistic bird image on Ann's card which goes so well with the other images on the tags.
Lovely card Ann.

Grace also chose simplistic style images & they do really work well, because they don't detract from the difference within the actual design.

It seems simplistic images were the choice of the day, as Gwen also has chosen very stylised flourishes & flowers.  Oh! I hadn't noticed when taking the photos - Gwen also has a coloured card for her base.

Lovely daisies decorate Ruth's card & the pretty floral background paper makes the image pop.  
Very nice card.

As usual very delicate pastel colours from Clare & the main image is beautiful with the die cut frame really setting the whole thing off.

The design of the card seemed to go down well with the ladies & I hope that I will see some cards in the future.

Here is a photo of the card I made during demonstrating the technique;

Now I have another Christmas card made. I used Card-io Stamps & sentiments.  I like it so much I may make some more on that theme!

'Bye for now.  Hope you have lots of good things planned for the weekend.