Tuesday, 31 January 2012

just chatting

Good evening ladiesA quick pop in today - with snippets of information.

No cake news except for the fact I have returned both the tin to the shop & the bowl to Nadine, & also bought the big white box that it will be transported in.

Also I haven't done any crafting today - the closest thing being that this afternoon I visited Parkfields & took the cards to them that Mold & Mold II had donated.  They were very grateful & will let us know when they are used at an event.

A little message here for CSNW - who have their first 2012 meeting tomorrow night.  We will be having 2 ladies visiting with a view to joining us.  I hope to be there about 7:15, but should they get there before me I know you will make them welcome - their names are Hayley & Andrea.

Some lucky news was received by Joanna of Mold club - a blog that she follows selected her to win a prize.  As Joanna said - "you have to be in it to win it".  Very true - congratulations Joanna.  Which reminds me it is time I entered another challenge.  Perhaps this week.

OK ladies that is me for today - tomorrow I have to prepare for CSNW meeting & then hopefully there will be some photos to show - remember - they probably won't be here on the blog until Thursday.  I also still have a couple more pages to tidy up after the change to the blog design.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Mold II 2011 project - Elizabeth Part 2


I am back again with part 2 of Elizabeth's cards;

M -  Medicine
Aah! poor teddy

This was very clever
N - Needle & thread

O - Oriental
love her ribbons

P - Poppy
I had these papers & topper they are gorgeous

Q - Quadruple
possibly the hardest letter of the all

R  - Rose
& a very elegant one too

S - Shaker card

T - Trees

U - Unicorn

V - Valentines Day
love the use of the doily

W - Wedding
Isn't that background paper gorgeous?

X - X-mas

Y - Yacht
I love the triple images & there is that rainbow paper again

Z - Zig zag

So there you have it or I should say - them.  Thank you Elizabeth - they are beautiful

That is me for today - more tomorrow - with another set of Mold II project cards.
I hope you all had a great weekend & apologies for not asking you before now.

Mold II Project - Elizabeth - Part 1

Good afternoon again ladies.

Here I am back with some more 2011 project cards - this time by Elizabeth of Mold II - who is donating them to Parkfields coffee morning.

So let's take a look at what she created;

A - Ale (sorry it is a little fuzzy as I was trying to avoid you seeing me in the mirri card

B - Butterfly - a flight of butterflies
I Googled collective nouns & butterflies can also be kaleidoscope which I think really describes this card

C - Cat
That one is from the Pampered Pets series

D - Dragon
He is a real cutie

E - Engine

F - Fishing
Doesn't that rainbow card make a beautiful backing

G - Golf

H - Horse
Isn't he great?:

I - Iris

J - Jigsaw

K - Kite
Elizabeth has cleverly used 2 "Congratulation" greetings to create the 2 short tails

L - Ladybirds
Absolutely delightful card.

Well, that's the first half I am off now to load the second half.
Back soon.

A wedding cake chat - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

Yep! It's wedding cake news time - as that took up most of my Sunday.

On Saturday - as I think I mentioned - it was cake shopping day - picking up the tin & getting the ingredients - along with doing our weekly shop.  So I decided the actual making & baking would take place Sunday.

Ooh what fun.  Here are a couple of pictures of the preparation.

All the basic pieces of equipment - which proved not to be enough - as you will read

All this for one cake?  Actually no - because there is more - I forgot to put the eggs there.

All those things were moved to the other side of the unit - then as each were used - those packages that still held things went into the cupboard so I knew that they had been used.  If the package was empty & finished with  - well they went ...............

............. into the sink.  Glace cherries - ugh - I hate getting all sticky from cutting them up - so in the other sink was a bowl of warm soapy water to continually rinse my fingers.  I said at the beginning that there wasn't enough equipment in the picture.  After measuring out all the fruit, mixed peel & chopped nuts my large mixing bowl was full.   I had another bowl with the flour & spices in & a third bowl where I had creamed the butter & sugar.  Now! quart into a pint pot sprung to mind

How am I going to get the contents of all 3 bowls into one & there was still 4 eggs & some flour to go.  

Well! daughter-in-law to the rescue.  A quick call to Nadine & she said she had a very large bowl I could borrow.  Bob leapt in car & popped round to collect it.  When I first looked at it I didn't think it was much bigger than my large bowl - but it was.  The procedure was to put some of the fruit mix in the larger bowl, then pour in some of the now completed egg, sugar & butter mix.  Then add the remainder of the fruit mix to the remainder of the batter mix.  Finally combine the lots together - success.  Whilst Bob had been out getting the bowl I had put the oven on & greased & lined the tin.

Next stage - put it in the oven & leave to cook, which could be up to 5 hours.  In the end it only took the 4 hours.  Now comes the final stage - for now at least - getting it out of the tin once it's cool.  Bob to the rescue again - we put the cake board on the top & flipped it over (I say we I mean Bob) ............. & I do mean flipped.  It had to be quick.  Result a beautiful cake with a nice flat top which becomes the bottom - with a lovely flat base that becomes the top.

It has now been pricked all over with a fork & given it's first feed of brandy & wrapped in greaseproof & foil.  The feed will be repeated throughout the week, then it will be left to rest for a while awaiting marzipan layer.

But where do you keep an 18" board with a 14" cake on it .. only place available - the dining room table.  Tomorrow I return the hired tin & will have to purchase a cake box for it for transporting in April. After that a visit to Nadine to raid her cookery books for a recipe for the sponge or madeira cake that is to be the other layer.

Back in a little while with some card photos.
'Bye for now.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Birthday Greetings

It is 29 January & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday


Have a lovely day

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mold II project - Rita part 2

Hello again

I forgot to mention in the previous post that I decided not to take the cards out of there cello bag, as I didn't want to risk making them grubby.  It seems to have worked OK - no reflections.

Here are Rita's remaining cards

M - Music

N - Nightshade flower fairy

O - ox-eye daisy

P - Pheasant
This is a great layout - silhouette stamps are really popular at the moment.

P - plant

Q - Queen of the Meadow flower fairy

R - Rose

S - Shoes

T - Toadstools
another great silhouette image

T - Teddy

U - Umbrella

V - Viola

W - Wedding
aren't they a cute couple?

X - Xmas tree

Y - yacht

Z - Zinnia flower fairy.

Thank you Rita - I know that Parkfields will be absolutely delighted.  I wonder did anyone notice in the C for Cat card that it had wiggly eyes! Great touch.

I hope to have more again tomorrow - but my main job tomorrow is making & baking the wedding cake.  This morning when we went shopping I picked up all the ingredients, the cake tin & a cake board.  Sixteen eggs ........... wow that is going to take some mixing.  Ho hum.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mold II project - Rita part 1

Good afternoon ladies & what a beautiful day it is too.

So! today I have some more photos of the project cards for you.  Several of the ladies of Mold II joined in the project specifically making the cards to be given to Parkfields Centre (where we meet) for a fund-raising morning.  This time it is the cards made by Rita;

A - angels

B - bird

C - cat

D - dress

E - Easter

F- fairy - a beautiful card with Lavinia's stamps

F - Frog & Flowers

G - Graduation

H - House

I - Iris

K - Kilt

L - Liverpool football

Off now to load the other half of the cards -


Before I leave this post I must say thank you to everyone who has given me cards to give to Parkfields - they still haven't rung me with the date of the coffee morning - so I will take the cards down to them on Monday morning (30 January).