Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Christmas cards

Good evening everyone.  Is it turning cold again or is it just me?

Yesterday I mentioned that I had sorted out a freebie Christmas pack from a magazine in order to make some quick cards.  This morning I settled down & put them together, 7 here are some of the cards;

Have you spotted the error in the blue one in the pair above?

I have several more photos to show you, which I will do tomorrow, after I get back home from my regular visit to the Oncologist.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

A Christmas card

Good evening everyone.

After going for my regular blood test this morning I have had a really successful afternoon with making cards.

Firstly I made 4 cards for Bob - so that is his 12 cards completed;

These four cards have the same design - the nativity bauble.  I made 2 in silver & 2 in gold.
The die was another of those I bought from Ali Express.

After these cards I dug out some papers & toppers that had been free on a magazine & are from Tattered Lace.  I chose the cards, how much & which background paper & the topper.  Then I put each one inside it's envelope ready for me to work on tomorrow.

The package also included some Christmas stamps from Tattered Lace which are actually quite nice - so they will probably be what I work with next.

How do you decide how to make your cards - particularly Christmas?  I start thinking about it towards the end of July by looking at what I already have, then watch for the trends.  Then as well as that there are the club meetings at which we sometimes learn a new card shape or technique & then my ideas change again.  I think now I have to go with what is in my head.  We will see.

That's is me for today.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 29 October 2018

a birthday card

Good morning everyone - I hope you are all wrapped up warm if you are out & about. It is really chilly.

Did you all have a good weekend?  I had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon & evening spent with my brother on his flying visit. It always cheers me up to see him & have a chat.

This week sees a colleague of Bob's reaching an important birthday & so I was tasked with making him a birthday card.  I like if possible to link to the person themselves but this was a little difficult as we were not aware of any particular interests I could use.  Whilst having a peek around Pinterest I spotted an idea that I felt I could tweak for my own use.

Here is the card

It's straight to the point!

I used a 7x5 base white card & some patterned papers from my stash.  They were nice quality papers as they were the ones that I kept when I bought some copies of the Tattered Lace magazine.  It was double-sided so I used the darker pattern for the background & the lighter side for the lettering & greeting.

The "Sixty" has not been created as in the Eclipse technique, but based on it.  To achieve it I cut out 4 white of each letter & then a patterned one.  Then I stuck them altogether & glued them to the front of the card.  So they are raised but sturdier than just one layer of card & some sticky pads.

If you don't know what the Eclipse technique is - don't worry I am hoping to introduce you all to it in the new year.

This afternoon Bob & I are off to Liverpool to visit my friend Caroline who recently had a hip operation.  So we are popping over to see how she is getting on.

That is all from me for today.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Remember that tonight ...............

.................. the clocks go BACK

Enjoy your extra hours sleep.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Some Christmas cards

Good evening everyone.

Today I have had a good card making session.  I thought it was time to make the cards that I make every Christmas for Bob to give out.  Which is usually 12.

Having decided on the design I had some die-cutting to do & some stamping.  I actually made 8 cards - 4 in gold & 4 in silver, so still 4 to make.

Here are photos of the 2 different colours;

The die is one of those that I purchased from Ali-Express.

It die-cut beautifully, but is very delicate so I had to be careful taking it out of the die. For it to adhere to the card I meant to use stick it style paper - but forgot for the first few, so gluing them was tricky. The rest went very easily.

I cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than the base card then heat embossed the edges to match the die-cut.  It was then simply placed on the base card.

That is me for today.  Have a great weekend doing something enjoyable.  I have a flying visit from my brother.  He arrives early afternoon & leave Sunday morning.  Still a short visit is better than none.


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - it's looking a bit grey out there isn't it?

This morning I have the photos from Tuesday's meeting of the Mold II club & they are of their project which was a Tri-fold card with Carolyn.

Here are their cards - but first, the 3 sample cards that Carolyn made to give us inspiration;

Such lovely designs.
I particularly like the way on the pink & blue ones that the design carries across all section of the fold.  I do like the middle one as well - because it is so fresh looking.

Now for our handiwork;

A festive design from Sue.
Again - isn't it nice how the design follows across the card

Elma's card with its lovely clean crisp style.
That dove looks amazing in the blue against the silvery background.

Annette has used one of her cute images on this very festive card. 
The red surround really makes the topper pop.

Yes, it is really me.
I have to hold my hand up & say that I didn't cut my base card correctly & had to start again.
These papers I have had for ages - never wanting to cut them up - but they are just right for this folded card.  I hope you noticed my 3-d butterfly!

Ooh! Elizabeth, what a lovely way to use those pretty boudoir images.
You almost feel like you are peeking inside.

Dot has created a lovely clean & fresh design with her shades of blue & silver.
I like the inked edges of the paper - makes them really stand out from the white card.

Carol has also gone for a clean & fresh style with this lovely birthday version, & again the inked edges really finish it off.

Another clean & fresh design, this time from Madeline.
That lovely soft green is really pretty.

A beautiful lilac card from Rita with her signature flower embellishments.
Love the paper.

They really are fantastic looking cards ladies.

Thank you once again to Carolyn, not only for the photographs, but for the project & the templates & instruction handouts as well.  Very clear & precise instructions easy to follow.  So how I made a mistake in my cutting I do not know!  But I got it right at the end.

Don't know about you ladies but I will be using this style for some of my Christmas cards.

That's me for today.  I am going to have a play in my craft room - not sure what I will be playing with though.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

mold photos II - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from last night's Mold II meeting & they are of their Show & Tell cards.

The Show & Tell last night was a Christmas version of the fold flat double box card that I showed everyone last month.

Sue's card - she admitted - was the one that she had made at last month's meeting.
Cheeky!.......... but ............. better than me as I didn't do one.

Such beautiful papers on Carolyn's card - very festive.

I love this crisp & clean design from Elma.
Stags, & deers, on Chrisrmas cards has really become very popular.

A cute warmly wrapped up snowman for Annette's card.
Annette said that he was a sticker that she had in her stash.

That Christmas stocking is delightful - I love the colour scheme - from Carol.

Beautiful cards ladies.

Thank you to Carolyn for taking the photos & sending them to me.  The photos arrived in my email inbox almost at the same time that I arrived home from the meeting.

That is me for today. I will be back tomorrow with the evening's project photos.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 22 October 2018

another birthday card

Hi everyone what a lovely day.  It is so good to see the sunshine helps keep the winter at bay a little longer.  Mind you it is a bit chilly out.

Today I have another recently made birthday card to show you.  This time it is the one I made for one of our daughters-in-law, Elayne, who had a birthday about a week ago.

Here is her card;

I used a white 5 x 7 card blank & the design was stamped onto black card with Versamark ink & then heat embossed with silver EP.  This was layered onto a piece of silver card & then on to the card blank. I stamped again some of the flowers on white card with the silver EP, then cut them out & glued in place over the design.  The sentiment was white embossed on black card & layered onto white card.  Some nice sheer ribbon wrapped down the edge with the bow tied at the bottom for a change, to finish.

I made one almost identical for a club night Show & Tell challenge much earlier in the year & so liked the finish I thought I would re-create it, with some added bling, for Elayne.  The large flower has a cluster of tiny crystal gems in it.

Yesterday I had a good tidy up in my craft room. I did it for 2 reasons - one, I was beginning not to be able to find some things.  As you may remember there is a bed in the craft room & sometimes I temporarily (😁) put things on it.  Well this week it would have been hard to find the bed - so it had to be tidied, which brings me to reason two - my brother is popping over to see me at the weekend & that is where he sleeps.

So, as it is tidy I am going to pop in there now & do some more crafting.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

A birthday card

Good evening everyone I hope you have been having an excellent weekend.

Today I have a photo of a birthday card I made this week for our Son-in-law, which has to be made fairly early as it has to go out to the USA.  Just hope we have posted it in time.

Whilst I was wondering what to make Bob mentioned that he (our son-in-law) liked the Beatles.  I have a die of a Juke-box which I bought a couple of years ago in order to make a card for my brother who actually has one. So then it was how to incorporate something about the Beatles.

Here are 2 photos - the first one is the different elements laid out on my desk, then the second one is the finished card.,

I die-cut the juke box in black card & also the little music border.  On the Internet I found a royalty free piece of sheet music & printed that.  The coloured card in the photo is one of the sheets from the workshop last week decorated with Brusho crystals.

The finished card.
I used a 5x7 white card & layered a reduced size sheet of the music on black card. I drew around the juke box die to cut out a layer from the Brusho card then glued them together.  The music border I used on the back of the card.

Quite pleased with that.  Made me feel as though my mojo is on its way back.

That is me for today. 'Bye.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone I do hope your weekend is going well.

This afternoon I have the photos from the Mold meeting project for you.  This project was with me & was the Impossible Card;

This is Sheelagh's card in very delicate shades of grey/blue

Love this floral paper with rich blue background.  It's always nice to see someone take a slightly different approach to a card.  Here Lynn has used 2 thinner supports across the card rather than one wider one.

A beautiful flower stamp adorns Janet's card. I love the colour scheme.

Some nice complimentary papers on Rhiannon's card & I just love that sentiment on the topper.

This one is Mair's card with a very pretty background paper which really sets that butterfly embellishment off.

Rachel went for a different approach with the decorating of her card.
It really is good when people experiment - you don't have to do exactly as it is shown.

Christmas theme on Joan's card, & the size of the sentiment is just perfect for the topper.

Maureen's card patiently awaiting its topper.
I hope you will bring it back next month Maureen.

Well done ladies - they look great.

I spent sometime in the craft room this morning making a card for our son-in-law's birthday.  Now that I have brought the blog up-to-date I am going back in there to have another play.  😊

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  
That's me for today - 'Bye!

Friday, 19 October 2018

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone & what a lovely day it is to be sure.

I have just come in from a really nice morning spent with Sue.  We popped over to Gordale Garden Centre on the Wirral where we had a sandwich, coffee & natter.  It's amazing the topics you cover when you have a good time to sit & chat.

This afternoon I have the photos of the Show & Tell project from last nights Mold meeting.  The project was to decorate some wooden plaques that Rachel had given everyone to play with.  In the first photo you will see the sort of thing I mean.  Joanna who has been looking after the meetings for me was struck down with a very bad cold so didn't come to the meeting but sent me a photo of what she had made.  So that is the first photo in the set;

This is the sheet I received from Joanna.
It shows the heart plaque as she had received.  The second photo shows it painted black using a cosmic shimmer product.  In the next photo she has added some white through a stencil & finally overstamped a floral image in white.

This is Lynn's heart plaque with lots of levels of stamping & paint layering & washi tape
 stuck around it.  Totally different for Lynn as it is so very pink.

As Maureen's plaque was house shaped she turned it into a tree house compete with toadstool & gnome.  Love the sentiment, Maureen.

Rhiannon also had a house shaped plaque & decorated hers to look like the side of a house & added the same sentiment as Maureen -- but in Welsh.

Janet used sprays & textures & flowers & coloured dots (were they gems Janet?) on to green shaded heart plaque.  Then Janet decided to mount it onto a piece of card with some fern leaves as well.

Mair's square plaque has been made into a Christmas plaque with a delightful robin image on it.
After colouring the design, Mair covered it in Glossy Accents.  Really stunning.

Ah! What a cute snowman decorating another Christmas Plaque - this time created by Joan.
Brr! that paper & those snowballs make you feel quite cold!

Sheelagh had a hear shaped plaque & as she has several Golden Wedding Anniversaries to make items for she thought that she would try the idea on the heart.  It is absolutely beautiful Sheelagh & I am sure the couple who receive it will be delighted.

Another heart, this time from Rachel & with a Christmas theme.
I love the colour blending on the background to produce the wintry scene & Rachel has used some puff up texture paste to make the snow.

Another offering from Rachel with a Christmas theme again with this beautiful Poinsettia image.........

............................. and another plaque from Rachel with this gorgeous sunflower on it.
A great use for the long thin plaque.

As the Show & Tell items were on the table in front of me, witing to be photographed,  I thought they looked so good I took a group photo as well.

You may notice there is one dark one right in the front - this is not a plaque but a canvas brought in by Sheelagh.  

Two months ago we had an evening with canvases led by Janet which Sheelagh missed. But last month Janet gave her a canvas & Sheelagh worked on it & brought it in last night.  Here it is;

Its decorated with all sorts of things, including, as you can see quite a few old coins.
I love it Sheelagh it looks really old & rustic.

There you are ladies that's the photos.  Tomorrow I will have the Project items to show you.

That is all from me today - 'bye for now.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

last of the workshop photos

Good .afternoon everyone. 

Today I have a couple of photos related to that workshop I attended & they are of the tile that I was disappointed in, & my remedy to over come it.

Here is my tile;

The crinkles are the texture of the tile.
As you can see the tissue tore rather badly right over the text & a couple of other places. 
I was so pleased with my piece of Brusho'd tissue paper too.

What am I going to do to remedy it?

Well back in August I bought 2 packets of really beautiful paper napkins ----

I think this denim background one would be ideal to go over the top of my coloured tissue.
I am going to give that a go over the weekend.  So! watch this space.

This evening I am off to the October meeting for the Mold group - so hope to have photos of their work over the weekend.

The tomorrow I am meeting up with Sue - I think we are ging to pop over to Gordale GGarden Centre for a good old natter.