Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let me tell you ...............................

.................. about my day.

Leisurely start to the morning

Out for weekly shop

Back home

Sit in garden


Sit in Garden


Sit in garden

Getting cool & dark - watch a little TV

Now off to bed.

An absolutely marvellous day.

More tomorrow - or perhaps I might do something.

Friday, 30 May 2014

just chatting

Good evening everyone.

I have spent a rather pleasant day not doing a lot.  Well I say not doing a lot - I spent quite a bit of the day with Sue - our first day out for ages.

We decided to take a trip over to Lady Heyes Centre in Frodsham as we hadn't been there for quite a while. We stopped first in the cafe - which has undergone a big change - for a sandwich & a coffee & a chance to have a good natter.  Then it was off for a look around.  First stop - Crab Apple Crafts.  For a change Rosemary Merry was there & it was nice to catch up with her as I haven't seen her for a while.  Rosemary & I both started our stamping interest through Caroline.  Its quite amazing the different roads that it has taken us.

I was very good & didn't buy much at all.  They had the metal shim in stock for the E-bosser - which doesn't come with the original E-bosser, only the new blush coloured one from C&C. After a visit to the fabric / patchwork shop for something Sue needed we decided to pop back into Frodsham itself & visit a gallery that Sue liked.  I think the name was Castle Park!  It is a park there but also has this gallery - there was some amazing pictures there - quite a few of which I really did not understand. But then there was also some really interesting & different ideas.  I came away with an idea for cards.  Will have to try it soon before I forget what it was.  After all that we decided we needed a cup of tea - so we sat & had another natter. Then it was back home.

I think there is rugby on tomorrow - so I will probably be here in my craft room doing things.  Will let you know.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have the photos of Mold II's project from Tuesday evening - where we entered the world of Zentangle.  Some of the ladies had dabbled so I kept my fingers crossed I could show them something they hadn't tried.

We were a small group but still had an enjoyable evening & after a little practise of some patterns on scrap paper a few of the ladies worked on some design images - here are the photos;

I love the pattern on the umbrella & the one on the crescent moon is one of my favourites.  I don't know if the tip is meant to be like that or if I took a photo before it was finished.

The design on this flower proves it doesn't have to be heavy with detail.  Very effective.

I couldn't believe how tiny & neat these patterns were on this butterfly.

A different version worked on the same butterfly pattern
This design is coming along nicely.

Now one of our ladies has been playing with Zentangle quite a lot & brought some of her "playing" in for us to see.  So I just had to take photos of Liz's work - here they are;

The flash went off when I took this photograph so it has hidden the top left corner a bit.

Here is another one.

& a third one.
These last 3 were all done on coloured paper & in the traditional way (if such a word applies to Zentangle) where a rectangular area is marked out then divided into sections with, generally speaking, wavy lines. Patterns are then drawn in the sections.

Another sample Liz bought in was of using a child's pattern book.  The pages have different shapes & you colour them in - so Liz Zentangled them - 

I have one of these books somewhere - or I used to have - got mine in Tescos I believe.  I used it just to produce coloured backgrounds - but this is really exciting.

Liz is Mold II's resident artist (I showed a couple of her paintings a short while ago) - & she has applied her artists leanings to Zentangle.  Here is another piece of her work - where she incorporates it into her art;

Liz first painted splashes of colours - like balloons, is the best way I can describe it - then Zentangled over the colour patches.  Absolutely stunning Liz - well done.

I hope everyone who has tried this has enjoyed learning about it. I find it very relaxing & can lose time whn doing it.  Last year I took bits on holiday with me & on the Sunday when we just chill out I worked on pieces.  May very well do that again.

If you do some work - please send me photos to put on here.
'Bye for now.

Birthday Greetings

Today is 29 May & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Clare

Hope it is a lovely day

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

member showcase

Yes, I know I have just posted some photos & said that that was all from me this evening.  But it had slipped my mind I had a members card to showcase. Here it is;

Isn't it beautiful?  The reason it is being showcased is because Elizabeth who made it brought it to the meeting for our comments as she was unsure about the colours.  Everyone, of course, loved it.

In the last post there were 2 "stories" about the cards - here is another one.  Last night, because I will not be at the June meeting of Mold II, I gave out the programmes for July, August & September.  The "story" - is that the Show & Tell for July is a card using the colours Black & Yellow with a small amount of neutral & white being allowed.  I believe this card is due to be sent to someone - so Elizabeth will get another chance to use those colours.

Life is funny isn't it.

Definitely this is all from me until tomorrow. 'Byee!

mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone here I am with the Show & Tell photos from last nights Mold II meeting - where the theme was a card using a sketch.

I am sorry I didn't blog anything when I got in last night - I usually do write a few lines - but I had a phone call from Bob (who is working away for a couple of days) with some sad news.  The wife of a life long friend of Bobs had passed away on Monday. We knew this was going to happen as earlier this year she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & there was nothing they could do for her.  So sad.  One day -  I really hope that one day there will be a cure.

Right now to these photos & here is the sketch;

& here are the cards;

Isn't she a cutie?
There is a little story here - Annette, who made the card had a pad of designs like this that had been free with a magazine - they just needed colouring in - so she thought it was about time she used them.
Where is the story?  Yesterday afternoon when taking some papers out of a box, under them I found a pad of drawings that had been free on a magazine - just needed colouring in.  So I decided it was time I used them, & during the afternoon I sat & coloured 6 of the images.  They weren't the same ones as Annette had but isn't that an odd happening!

A very delicate pastel pink design.  I love the die-cut flourish & the "Special Day" stamp is from Lily of the Valley - a great way to personalise a card.

A beautiful piece of pyramage decoupage.  I love that die-cut butterfly very delicate.

A lovely card in shades of blue & another one of those stories.  Chris who made the card found the papers when she looked in a box & found some magazines - one of which had papers inside.  So they got used for this card.  I recognise those papers from "Making Cards".

Two little House Mouse cards - I love the pastel colouring & use of die-cut strips for one part of the sketch design.  They are so cute.

Well, that is me for tonight - I will be back tomorrow with some photos from the project last night.

Have a good evening.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 26 May 2014

members showcase

Good evening everyone I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

I have been busy over the last few days making samples for the club workshop - which CSNW will be the first club to have it - & checking accompanying notes.  I have got mucky which as you know is unusual for me - but it has been really enjoyable, especially seeing how well (or not) the samples turn out & whether the project goes forward to the workshop.  Such fun.

So I don't have anything of mine to show you just yet - but I have a member showcase for you.  This time it is another baby card from Betty of Mold II

Isn't it adorable.  Well done Betty.

Years ago before I moved here, my friend Veronica & I used to make cards to sell for charity & this was one of things we used to do.  It never tires - there is always someone who has never seen it.  I used to do little bootees too.  I did crochet a pair once on an exceedingly small hook - you could just about see the hook - but it was hard work & took too long.

Tomorrow is May club night for Mold II club - so I will see you ladies there.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 23 May 2014

just chatting

Good heavens - can you believe this weather.  My shoulder is starting to peel from the sunburn of last weekend - if I was to sit out there now I would get rust!!!

It doesn't bode well for the bank holiday weekend does it?  Although I believe the weather forecast did imply Sunday & Monday could be better.  Let's hope.

Well now - what sort of day have you had.   Let me tell you about mine - because I can.

I had a very lazy late start to the day & whilst I was lazing about I planned my day & the crafting I would be doing.  It was mainly organising club workshops. Sorting the things I would do, working out how long each would take in order to see how much I could fit in on one day.

So I sat at my desk & laid out all the things I needed for the first project I was going to plan & make samples for.  I then checked my watch & started.  The first thing I had to do was emboss a piece of card in my E-bosser.  I got out the plates made the sandwich, turned the E-bosser on & placed the plates & folder & card in the machine.  It picked them up & then stopped.  I waited - because if you have the sandwich wrong it throws it out again.  I waited - no throw out.  In fact everything came to a dead stop. I switched the machine off, then tried again - nothing.  I gently tried to pull the boards out - won't move. Oh my goodness what am I going to do.

I googled the problem & found that if it really wouldn't reverse out - they did say you could hit it with a rubber mallet.

Bob was busy preparing some work for himself for next week - but I stood meekly by (meekly!! - quietly I think) - & waited until he could talk to me.  Then I asked if he had a rubber mallet.   He did - but what did I want it for.  I explained.  He took a look but couldn't spend much time as he was about to go out for an appointment.

Whilst he was out I googled a bit more - but no new information was found.  On his return Bob took a look at the problem tried hitting it with a rubber mallet - no cure.  Eventually he decided to see if he could dismantle the machine & thereby release everything. Of course I was concerned that if he dismantled it & it didn't work we would have no comeback - but then if he didn't do anything I had no machine anyway.

E-bosser was stripped down, offending items removed, put back together again & tested. Not quite as quickly as that sentence implies. I now know why I have this man in my life - I have a fully working E-bosser again & can continue with my samples.

To say thank you - I took him out for a meal - & very nice it was too.

Why did it jam? --  I hear someone ask.  Well I didn't know why - until just before Bob released it. When I noticed that when I picked up the 2 main plates I had also picked up the shim plate which must have been stuck between them & therefore made it too thick for the machine to handle.  I now store them upright so that I can more clearly see the different plates.  A hard hard lesson - I had begun to worry that C&C might have sold out of their current E-bosser offer should I need to buy another one.

All is calm once again, & I managed to get 2 of my samples prepared & timed - before going out for the meal.

That is me for tonight - more tomorrow hopefully.
Night night.

member showcase

Good evening everyone - I do hope you are managing to stay dry in this dreadful weather.

I have 2 cards to show you this evening from Betty of Mold II.  She has made them for a baby shower.

Love the clothes on the line.  That bakers twine is so useful isn't it.

Ooh - he / she is so sweet

Aren't they cute?

Thank you Betty for sending them in.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Another triple stamp card

Hi everyone - uhmm! not such a good day today - weather wise I mean (I think) - never mind there is plenty of time for sunshine.  Isn't there?

I have another card, that I made recently, to show you - this one using the triple stamping technique

I was rather pleased with the outcome of this one as it was for Caroline whose birthday it was yesterday.

Today I had another one of those interesting .............. where have I put it days. Hence the "I think" at the beginning.

During my recent tidy of my craft room I decided to "rehome" my Pan Pastels.  I don't have many but they were spread across 2 small boxes - you know those boxes that we tend to keep peel-offs in.  I wanted them all in one place.  As always I chose a very sensible box that I would always know where they were. Oh no! Not this brain.  So today thinking that I might like to use them in a project I looked them out.  They were nowhere to be seen.  I looked in every box on every shelf in my setup.  No Pan Pastels.  Surely they hadn't gone out with the rubbish!  I found the boxes they had been kept in - now empty.  I retraced my steps & rechecked everything. I had ignored one box because it held my acrylic blocks - until my brain reminded me I had rehomed those as well, in a little 3-drawer unit.  So, there of course were my Pan Pastels in the box where I had kept .......... oh you know. It is now clearly marked.

I do despair of my memory sometimes.

Also earlier today I filled in the booking form for the Parkfield Centre in order to hold a workshop for Mold & Mold II.  I have asked them to see if 6, 13 or 20 September is free & to let me know which one(s).  So if the ladies from Mold & Mold II are reading this you might like to check your diaries & see which date would suit you & I will keep my fingers crossed we can easily agree a date.  I will be seeing the Mold II ladies on Tuesday so I can ask them - so if Mold ladies read this perhaps you could email me & let me know.  Thank you.

Well, that is me for tonight. More tomorrow.
Night night.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

some crafting time

Hi everyone hasn't it been a beautiful day?  I do hope we will have some of this sunshine over the bank holiday weekend.

Today I managed to make 2 cards for different card challenge blogs.  One was for this weeks CD Sunday challenge & was suitable for another challenge blog that I stumbled on recently.  The theme on both of these blogs was cards for the men.

The other challenge card was a stamped one - mind you there was some stamping on the CD challenge card as well

Here is the first card that fitted the 2 challenges - cards for the boys / guys;

& here is a close up of the topper

& a close up of the sailing ship

The photo is a bit on the light side.  The background paper is a collage of suitcases, globes & travel bits. You can see them better in the topper.  I quite enjoyed ageing the paper.  I just couldn't leave it at CD work only so from a new set of stamps that I bought last week - (yes I know - don't need anymore, but then ........) - I stamped this sailing boat which I thought went well with the overall idea.  It doesn't have a greeting so that I can choose what goes on it when I have decided who to send it to.

The second card was for a challenge blog called Less Is More where - as the name implies - they like the clean & simple layouts. I quite regularly enter their challenges & their theme this week is Floral.

Did I mention I bought some new stamps?  Well this lovely floral image is part of one of those sets.  I simply stamped it in Versamark ink & embossed it with gold EP, then coloured the 2 flowers with my pearlescent water-colour paints.

The greeting is on straight - the corner of the card tipped up as I took the photo.  When I decide to give it to someone I will probably add ribbon & even some bling.

I was due a crochet workshop tomorrow morning but 3 ladies have had to drop out this week - sadly 2 not feeling well & the other having a bereavement.  But I had a good crochet workshop yesterday (Tuesday) & 2 of the ladies brought in their bags that they had been making.  I think I did show some of them before - so I will probably show these as well later.  It just shows you what I am up to when its not stamping.

I guess I will make the most of my extra time tomorrow to do some more work on the day workshop that I am running for the CSNW club in a couple of weeks. I have samples to make & materials to start putting together.

I called in at the Parkfields Centre this morning to try & arrange workshop dates for Mold & Mold II clubs - but I have to fill in a form & hand it in - so I will do that & then leave it with the centre on Tuesday when I am there for the Mold II May meeting.  I was thinking of choosing a Saturday early September.

I can't remember have I brought to your attention the Sincerely-yours Papercraft Fair that will be in Wrexham on June 7th?  It's at the university sport arena - where the Artstamps people have their stamping festival.  I am hoping to go - so will probably see some of you there.  They are selling advance tickets & with that you get a free tea/coffee when you are there - also - advanced ticket bookings go in a draw for a £50 prize.  Can't be bad!  Click HERE for info.

Well that's me for tonight - more tomorrow.
Sleep well - night night.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

triple time stamping

Good morning

Some time ago the technique - "triple time stamping" - was shown to Mold club.  I need to check if both the other clubs have had this as their project & if not put the situation to rights.

Yesterday I finally got around to putting my first attempt together to make a proper card.  It had been in my folder for ages just at the topper stage really.  So yesterday I put it together -

I layered it onto a tall white card, added a sentiment & two ribbons - one black & one black & white gingham plus some gemstones.  You night have to click on the photo to see the gemstones.

I have another one that was left at the same stage so I will put that together & show you tomorrow.  Plus I have created a brand new one - & it's finished, so I will show that later.  I showed this technique to my Happy Stampers North West group last night.

'Bye for now.

Just chatting

Good morning - how are you all?

I hope you all survived the storm last night.  I had to drive over to my HSNW meeting in it which wasn't very pleasant & then during the evening the storm really caught up with me in that area.  Quite a few flashes of lightening & thunder claps were right overhead which was quite unpleasant.  At the end of the evening it was a case of watching the rain then when it seemed to slow making a dash for our cars.

Last night I showed them the triple time stamping technique & later this morning I have a scheduled post for you showing one that I made a while back.

I am off to a crochet workshop shortly & then I am hoping to have a stamping session in the afternoon - so if I do there may be photos for you.

Have a good day.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Two recent cards

Hello & what another lovely weekend we have just had - makes you believe summer is just around the corner.

Whilst looking amongst my made cards for a birthday card for someone I noticed some that I had made (& stamped) but had not shown on the blog - so I thought that is what I would show you today.  As I looked for the photos of them in my picture library I also noticed this sympathy card.  Sadly I had quite a few of those to do in the first few months of this year.

& here is one of the birthday cards

I used an embossing folder for the front of the card then coloured a doilie with distress ink & stamped the flower spray in the centre.  Then finished with a round greeting which had also been coloured with distress ink.

Will check which other ones I may not have shown you yet.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

mold photos - extra

Just popping in quickly with a show & tell card from the April meeting.  Maureen had made the card then left it at home - so she brought it in for us to see this month (May)

The theme had been a sketch;

& here is the card

Isn't that pretty - love how the coloured rose just pops from the black & white backgrounds.
You can clearly see the sketch - which has been turned on it's side.

Photos of Show & Tell cards & also of Projects are always welcome after the event.  So if you do forget to bring one - bring it the following month I can still show it.  Or possibly you so loved the idea you made some more!


Mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone
Sorry I didn't put these photos on here yesterday - but the weather was so gorgeous that I spent the day in the garden.  Not all of it gardening I might add - I also made sure I sat there for a while & enjoyed it. Managed to get sunburned too.

So here are the photos from the Mold project last Thursday which was the stretch card,  We were rather a small group again & it also looks like a couple of ladies got away without me taking a photo of their cards.

Lovely bright colours & there is that lovely happy birthday tag that appeared on the pop-up box card in the Show & Tell photos.

Close up of two of the elements on the card

Very delicate design - you might have to click on it & get a larger version to see the butterflies. I love the use of the card candy too.

Nice colour combination & butterflies again.
Butterflies & flowers really work well on this style of card
But don't forget the men - there is a lot you can do for them with this card.  Just pick their interest.

Another delicate design & yep - you can see them - butterflies.

I love the watch background paper on this one - would very much like to see it when it is finished.

I did sit there during the meeting & make another one of these - this time with Christmas paper.  I haven't photographed it as it isn't decorated.  Will show you when I have decided what to put it on it & have finished it.

Last night Bob & I went out for a meal with Russ & Nadine to celebrate Russ's birthday & their 4th wedding anniversary.  We were rather disappointed  that Gareth & Elayne couldn't make it - but they had good news for us - they now have a moving date for their new home - so they are going to be busy.  Better get to work on a New Home card hadn't I!

That's me for today. I am doing the demonstration tomorrow night at my HSNW club - so need to check I have everything ready.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Mold photos - part 1

Hello again everyone.  I am here this time with the photos from the Mold meeting Show & Tell where the theme was Black & Yellow with a little white or neutral being allowed.

What a nice bright sunny card - the Kimono really suited that yellow background.

Now! aren't these shoes to die for?  That is so elegant & the pattern on the shoes is stamped.
I want a pair!  Probably wouldn't be able to walk in them though.

I love the use of this medallion die - it has been stamped in yellow & black which gives it the great dimension.  A really beautiful card.

This is a close-up of the sentiment - I haven't heard of that one before.
One to store away for future use.

Aah - this is really cute & that central image I had years ago - it just never goes out of "fashion"
Love the layout too.

Ooh! another different shaped card - I love finding these - this is so rich looking.
Just think of everything you can do on those cut out sections.

A close up of the flower on the front.  Really dimensional & the different layers have been stamped too.

Here we go - another fold flat pop up card in a box. They really are proving popular.
This is really stunning & everything on it has been stamped.

A close-up of the sentiment.

A close-up of the flowers & butterflies in the box.

Ladies of Mold club - this pop-up card in a box is the reason you have had a change made to your project for June - everyone at the meeting wanted to know how to make them.  It was on my list of things to do - a little further down the line.  But it is good to learn how to do something when it is popular not months later.  Hence my change of plan.

I will be making sure that the club page has a list of things to bring - but the first post currently on the blog will stay at the top of all the posts until the June meeting & that has the materials list on it.

That is me for now I have to start thinking lunch then getting myself off to the crochet workshop this afternoon.  Back later possibly - or in the morning - with the second set of photos from the Mold meeting.

'Bye for now.

just chatting

Good morning ladies
I am sorry there was no post last night after the Mold meeting, I am not sure why but when I got home afterwards I was absolutely shattered & didn't really feel I could sensibly write a post.

You will hopefully have noticed that there is a special post at the top of the page for the Mold ladies - as I m changing the project for the June meeting.  I will be back later with the first set of photographs from the meeting & it is when you see one of the Show & Tell entries that you will see why the programme has been changed.  If you know of any lady who attends Mold but doesn't read the blog - please let her know of this change.  I will also send emails to those who were not present last night & hopefully that will get everyone informed.

I am going to get my crochet box ready for a workshop I have this afternoon, then I will be back with the  first set of photos.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

just chatting & cards too

Good afternoon everyone.

Well, I did get to spend most of yesterday out in the garden which was really nice - but I did suffer a bit in the evening with my back after all the bending.  I managed to get some more plants in & took some carnation cuttings.  It is probably a bit late for that but the plant was so old & woody that I thought I would take some anyway to try & save some of it.

Tonight is the May meeting for the Mold club so tomorrow I should have photos of work to show you. Talking of which I was having a browse through recent posts on the blog & was pleased to see just how many include your work rather than mine - but then I also noticed that there are cards I have made that you haven't been shown.  Probably because they were for people & I didn't want to show them before sending or giving them.

Here are 2 cards I made back in April - they are using the faux silk technique;

I really like this technique & if it hasn't reached your club yet - don't worry it's on the schedule somewhere.

This morning I made a card for one of the challenge blogs that I try & join in with - it's on my digital blog if you want to have a look.

That is me for now must check I have everything for tonight's meeting.
'Bye for now.