How to leave a comment

Edited & Updated 22 August 2020

I have decided to move this little tutorial from a post back in 2010 to a permanent place on a page of it's own.

It really is nice to receive comments on the things we write & the photos of our work- so that is why I have raised this tutorial again.

If you do know how to leave a comment then that is good.  But if you don't, then two problems arise. 

First - how to or where to leave the comment & secondly - when you get to the area to leave the comment - how do you post it because of the options available to you.

Let's deal with the first problem;

To leave a comment the first thing you do is click at the bottom of the relevant post where it says "x comments" - (x being the number of comments already left - if any).  

Click on these words.  This refreshes the display & shows the comments already left at the bottom followed by an open comments box.  

In the box - type your comment.

Now the second problem arises
- underneath the comments box it asks you to "comment as" & there is a little box with an arrow at the side which when pressed gives you a drop down menu, giving you a choice as to how you will appear.
Click on the arrow at the side to display the different options - there are several;

If you are logged into Google on your device - your email will be displayed here. 
The next option is to enter your name - you can just put your first name, but we do have several people with the same name. for example I have several Joan's between the clubs. So best to add your surname as well.
                  This option also states you can enter a URL - this is usually used by people coming from a                      blog or website.

Next option down is anonymous.  Don't bother with this one.

Select the appropriate option to you & then click "publish" followed by "Sign out".

I hope this helps & that more of you might leave comments now.

I have set up moderation on the comments which means that it does not go straight onto the blog. 
I receive notification that there is a comment awaiting moderation.  I read it, then publish it.  

I don't do it this way because I think you might leave a nasty comment but because it would allow someone to contact me who might have found the blog & want to attend the club meetings.  They can then send a message via that method & leave me their email address so I can contact them back.  
I can then either remove the comment after noting the email address
remove the email address & post the comment. 
This keeps every ones privacy nice & secure.

I also do this because I do get spam emails which used to fall in to another box for me to check. But the spammers have got wise & publish as Anonymous.  

I daily get anything from 10 to 30 spam emails - so you see the necessity for this approach.

I look forward to receiving your comments in the future.