Sunday, 31 March 2019

A recent card

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Today I have one of my recently made cards;

This card was for Bob's niece who as you can see was celebrating her 50th birthday.

I chose a 6 x 6 scalloped card with a Honey Doo floral spray stamp.  I stamped the image in Versamark direct onto the card then embossed in Gold EP.  I then repeated that on a scrap of card & cut out the main flowers with a couple of the leaves still attached to the central 4 flowers.  These were decoupaged over the main image.  A few flat backed gems for some bling around the spray.  The greeting was a stamp I have had for a while which I also stamped in Versamark & Gold EP then die cut it with a rectangular die with a scalloped edge to mirror the card.  To finish it I heat embossed the edge.  My number dies were not the right size for this card so I used peel off numbers.

That's me for today
'Bye for now.

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all you Mum's & Grandma's a Happy Mothers Day
I hope you are all spoilt rotten.

Here's a little something for you


A rose for my Mother sadly no longer with me.
It may be 22 years now - but I still miss you every day
& wish you were with me at this time


Birthday Greetings

Today is 31 March
& a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Elma
Have a lovely day

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Don't forget ..........................

............... British Summer Time starts tomorrow morning ................


So set you clocks 1 hour forward as you go to bed
then you will be right for the morning
& the rest of the day.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone - another lovely day. It is so cheering.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday evening.  This time they are of their project for the evening.

The project was shown by Dot who introduced the ladies to her scrap-book calendars that she regularly makes for her family.

Here is one of the pages that Dot brought along previously as a sample

The pages are double sided & joined together by book rings.

Here are the pages made by the ladies & are in different stages of completion;

You can only go Aah! at this page can't you.
Absolutely delightful all about Carolyn's little dog.

A lovely delicate floral page from Madeline.
In this photo you can clearly see the holes that are punched at top & bottom edges to attach the pages together.  The finished calendar then folds up concertina fashion.

Fun! is really apt for this delightful sunny & cheerful page by Annette.

Ooh! another one from Annette - or is it the reverse side of the first one.
Love the use of stripes again.

You can just taste the ice-cream can't you.
A lovely memory from Sue.

All Christine needs now is a photo for that lovely red photo mat.

I love the large "P" which draws you towards the photo.
I can see the pretty little clusters of Pansies - so is the P for them
is it the little girls name?

Love the over laying of the 2 photos on Elma's page.
Now tell me Elma - is that you in the photo wearing the blouse that is on the model in the other photo?  I can't quite see it clear enough to tell.

Finally another one from Dot, which she made during the course of the evening whilst showing everyone how to do this.

Dot provided everyone with the base of the page, including me.  I unfortunately did not stay for the whole of the evening & so to-date have not made my page.  The trouble is - having got it home, I cannot make up my mind what to do on it.  I have a couple of ideas & will show it here when it is done.

Thank you very much Dot for giving everyone this great idea & all the hints & tips for getting a good layout. Also another big thank you to Carolyn for taking the photos again.

A little foot note - specifically for the Mold II ladies.  This morning I met Betty (Langdon) who was a member of the group for a long time, & we had a lovely chat over coffee.  It was really nice to see you again Betty.

That's me for today.  It's Friday - so another weekend is here.  Have fun & I hope the weather stays like this for it.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone & what a lovely day it is.  Nice blue sky & warm sunshine.  More of that please.

This evening I have the first set of photos from the Tuesday meeting of the Mold II group.  They are of their Show & Tell cards, where I asked for a card, any theme but in just Kraft & White.  They did not disappoint;

A lovely Christmas card version from Carolyn.  It really is very effective.
I had one like this amongst my Christmas cards last year.

A swing card from Madeline with a lovely filigree die from Crafter's Companion (possibly)
designed specially for this style of card.

A second card from Madeline also using a die-cut.
Very effective.

An Easter card from Annette, where she tried out an idea she had.
Two dies / punches have been used - the egg shape & then the bunny cut into the egg shape.
Brilliant idea & effect Annette!

Elma used texture paste through a stencil for this beautiful ladies profile.
For the "smile" Elma used white embossing powder then went over it with texture paste.
That is right, isn't it Elma???

Some beautiful flowers adorn Sue's card, along with a couple of butterflies & a dragonfly.
I like those little flowers that have the long beaded centres in them.

This lovely card with Poinsettia style flowers on, shows how well they work for non-Christmas time.
This card is not by Sue it is by Carol - I suspect the name tag didn't get moved when Carolyn took the photos.

Thank you ladies they were lovely, & thank you also to Carolyn for taking the photos & sending them to me.

Carolyn - I have tried to send a thank you email, but their is something wrong with my system at the moment & it is stuck in the Outbox.

That is me for today I will post the project photos tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

Sorry, once again, for the delay in showing you this set of photos.  The days go by so fast I don't always realise that a couple of days have been missed.

The photos today are of Mold ladies project from last Thursday's meeting where I showed them how to make the Dutch fold card;

Rachel has used one of those lovely "stained glass" style stamps for her topper, along with a sea themed border.

Janet went for a very floral theme & didn't quite have time to put her heart topper on the card.
Really pretty papers.

Joan decorated the inside of her card with one of those over the edge greeting dies.
Looks really classy on the inside.

Sheelagh decided to decorate the front of her card with smaller images.
I love that paper it makes you think of spring which isn't far away now.

Joanna used this lovely shade of green papers for her card & for the topper simply stamped the outline flower head onto the striped paper.  
It doesn't need to necessarily be coloured in  it looks great plain.

Lynn stamped a large greeting as a topper rather than make a separate topper.
I love the fact that it is in two font styles

There was also a card made by Mair to show you, but it came out so blurry I wouldn't do it justice by showing it.  I have asked Rachel if she would be able to get a photo for me to put here at a later time.

Yesterday was the March meeting for the Mold II meeting - so I hope in the next couple of days to have some more photos to show you.

Tomorrow I have a delayed visit to Glan Clwyd for the results of my recent scan.

That's me for today.
'Bye for now & take care.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 March
& a Mold II member has a  birthday

Happy Birthday Rita
on your special birthday

Have a brilliant day.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

mold photos - part 1 some more

Good evening everyone.

This evening I am showing a collage of Show & Tell cards, sent in by Joanna of Mold club.  I said in yesterdays post that Joanna had turned most of her samples into cards & that she would photograph them for me & send them in.

Here is the collage;

There are a couple of different styles in this selection.  The one top left was created on black card & for the finished card has been sliced into 5 sections.  The one middle top has been given the spotlight technique.

It is a clever way of creating an interesting image.  So far I have had one play - but must go back to it & see what I can create. So watch this space.

Tomorrow I will be showing the project photos from the meeting.

I hope your weekend is going OK.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 22 March 2019

mold photos - part 1

Good morning everyone.

Today I have the first set of photos from last nights Mold club meeting & they are of their Show & Tell cards.  This month they had to make a card using one of the "string pull" items they had made at January's meeting.

Here is a reminder of what the "naked", so to speak, string pull design looked like.

Here are the cards they made;

Mair's card is beautifully simple, crisp & clean.
This would make a rather nice Sympathy card.
You wouldn't do one off - but a session of creating basics would be ideal & they could be made into whatever occasion occurred.

Sheelagh has embellished hers with pretty butterflies & those lovely almost oriental style words.

Lynn has given the image her mixed media style.
It works really well too.  It's a very versatile image - as the ladies are proving.

Janet made two cards & this is the first one.
The string pull design was created with 3 colours on the string,
& I like the way those colours have been used again for the background.

This is Janet's second card & this time she has used the image as a vase & 
placed die-cut flowers & foliage "in" it
At this stage it isn't actually a card it is the front layer for one.
Most of the ladies thought it would be nice in a frame as a picture.

Joan also decided to use her image as a vase & added some paper leaves as well as flowers.
I love the way the leaves, especially the one at the front are appearing out of one of the swirl shapes.
Giving even more appearance of a vase of flowers.

This delightful idea is from Rachel who has cut out her string pull image turned it upside 
down & made it into a dress for her lovely lady stamped image.  
With some glitter around the "hem" it looks really classy.

Beautiful cards ladies & a lot of great imagination.  I am sure that Joanna & Janet who showed this technique are absolutely delighted with the results.

There are a couple more to come - from Joanna - who had made most of her samples into cards.  She will photograph some & send them to me later.

It was a really good evening, everyone was very cheerful & we also had a bit of a laugh.  You cheered me up no end ladies - I went home feeling quite revitalised - thank you.

Bob & I are meeting up with an old friend of his for a late lunch this afternoon.  It is so good to meet up with friends, but when it includes lunch it is not helping my weight.  Still spring & summer are on the way - lighter meals & salads should sort it.  😄  Oh, & some walking as well.

That's me for today.  The second set of last night's photos over next few days.

'Bye for now & what ever you are doing for the weekend - have fun.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

member showcase

Good morning & I hope you are all well.

This morning I have a member showcase & today it is one from Rita of Mold II club.  It's been quite a while Rita - good to see you back in the magazines.  This one was featured in Creative Stamping magazine;

I am sure this is just what Rita wants considering all the work going on around her house.  Make sure you treat yourself in a few days for your birthday Rita!

Thank you for sending it in.

I have some more member news to share, new things that have been sent in & some things which I have had a little while.  So watch this space over the next few days.

This evening it is the Mold club meeting so there will also be photo from that to show  over the next few days.  I am just off to put everything in my box ready - last month I forgot to take a raffle prize.  Duh!

Before that though I have another visit this afternoon to Glan Clwyd for the results of my CT scan I had last week,

That's me for today.  Have a nice day.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

a recent card

Good afternoon everyone.

I am hoping to have a little run out today for some shopping - so this is actually going to have been written on Tuesday & scheduled for today.

Here is the card;

I started this background sometime back, then gradually layered & embellished it.  I wasn't sure at the time who I would give it to & then this month realised it was ideal for our grand-daughter who had a birthday last Saturday.  She is very arty & at least this one, for me, is a little different & out of the ordinary.

Now - where shall I go shopping tomorrow?  Or perhaps this should say - I wonder where I will have been shopping today.  😃

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Another member showcase for you today, once again from Joanna & her lovely sewing.

This time I am showing 4 place-mats.  I should have blogged these earlier as now I cannot remember, sorry Joanna, as to whether one of these is the back of another one.  But whichever way round - they are all beautiful.

I love the tiger motif in the centre of this place-mat

Thank you for ending these in Joanna - so sorry it has taken me so long showing them.

That's it for today - I have one of my recent cards to show you tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 18 March 2019

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone what a grey damp day - I believe it is supposed to brighten up - lets hope so.

Today I have a member showcase for you.  Its one I have had for a little while & is of more of that lovely sewing that Joanna, of Mold club,  has been doing.

Some more lovely place mats;



These are really lovely Joanna.

I will be showing the others that Joanna has sent me photos of over the next few days. She has also created some different items so I will show those also at some time.

More from me tomorrow with a card that I have recently made.

Don't forget if you have been making things - please send me photos.  These days I have some "dry" days - they are due to perhaps me not creating anything, hospital visit & me feeling tired with a lack of mojo. Ir is on these days that your photos are useful.

Keep warm & dry & take care.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

Whether you are Irish, have Irish friends or just love the Irish

Have a great day

Thursday, 14 March 2019

another recent card

Wow! where did the last 3 days go?

Well for me I did use up quite a bit of Tuesday having my CT scan. I now wait until Thursday next week for the result. Yesterday I sorted out some notes for a forthcoming demo I will, all being well, doing at the HSNW club.  I am going to be part of a multi-evening I think there are 2 or 3 other ladies showing techniques as well.  I will tell you more about that later.

In the meantime another recent card - or as I did a few days ago - two recent cards.

They are both made using the watercolour mono colour technique that I have taken to.

The top one in shades of blue & the lower in Sepia tones.

I made them for 2 ladies of the Mold II club that were having birthdays early this month. I do like the sepia finish it was the colour I first saw the technique done in.

Again, like the one for our daughter, the backgrounds had been made before when I was showing the technique & so for the 2 birthdays I added some more detail then layered them onto a base card.

I have used that same stamp on all of the cards I have made with this technique - so it is about time I found another image to use.

Going back to my comments about where the days have gone I have just realised I cannot recall what I actually did on Monday.  I have been helping one of Bob's cousins with part of her family tree - so perhaps that is how I spent the day!

That's me for today.
Just going to go back & sort my first set of samples for Monday's demo, & prepare my desk for making the second demo samples.

'Bye for now.