Saturday, 31 March 2018

Happy birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is March 31st

& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Elma

Friday, 30 March 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone

I  wish you all a great weekend
in whatever way you celebrate this season

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mold II photos

Good morning everyone.

I had 2 emails telling me all about Tuesdays Mold II meeting - one from Rita & then one from Carolyn which included some photos.

Rita told me of how Dot had taken in some scrapbook pages & Carolyn had taken in a scrapbook to give the ladies ideas for their pages.  Dot also gave some hints & tips regarding how to select the part of the photo to include - using a card with a square template cut into it.  You lay this on the photo & move it around until you like what you see & that is the piece that you cut out & put on your page.

That was, in fact, one of the first tips someone gave me when I started scrap-booking.

Rita also mention that Elizabeth had come in with an idea for April for the Show & Tell.  (See projects photo page for that a little later).

Carolyn's email had photos of the little bird card that Rita showed everyone & she mentioned that due to the fact that the ladies did not meet in February due to the snow - rather a lot of catching up was done, so there were no scrap-book pages made.  But as you read above - they were given lots of ideas.

Ladies, I do hope you will try your hand at scrapbook pages especially after Rita so generously provided everyone with a scrapbook.

Now - those photos. Rita had provided the template & card to make some really cute little bird cards that came with a greeting banner for Easter.  As Easter is very close now Rita also provided some alternative greetings for the ladies.

Here is Annette's card & she chose not to use a greeting at all.

Now Carolyn's card & she chose an alternative message

Elizabeth's card has the "Happy Easter" greeting 

Elma also used the Happy Easter on her little bird

Sue has chosen not to use a greeting - perhaps she has something different in mind?

This shows Rita's little flock that she took along to the meeting

They really are so cute.

Thank you Rita for once again finding something to show everyone & thank you also to Carolyn for once again taking & providing me with photos.

That is me for today.  A little later Bob & I are off to meet up with an old friend which will, of course, include lunch  😏

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

just chatting & photos for .....

.............. Mold II meeting tonight.

Hello ladies.

To start, I must apologise to Dot of  Mold II, & Mold II ladies themselves, as Dot had sent me some photos of the scrapbook pages she has been working on in order to inspired you for your meeting tonight.  A little late for ideas for tonight although I believe Dot make take them along with her - but they are here for inspiration later.

So here they are;

Dot creates pages for each of her days & weekends out & about.
Lovely samples Dot, thank you.

I was hoping to be able to pop in to the Mold II meeting tonight, but didn't have a very good night last night & then this morning I definitely felt a little off kilter. So I took myself back to bed for a while. Perhaps next month.

Fortunately after my visit to the oncologist yesterday I found out that my blood count has improved so that is good news.  Another blood test & visit to her on 12 April, then hopefully my visits will work out to once a month again.

Mold II ladies, please have a lovely evening & I hope there will be some photos for me to see all your work.

Rita, I promise I am working on my pages & will put photos here in a little while.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 26 March 2018

member showcase

Good morning ladies

This morning I have another member showcase for you, & once again it is Rita of Mold II club.  When I first spotted her card in a recent issue of Creative Stamping I thought - Rita has already sent me a photo of that card & I have put it on the blog! 

Just to make sure I went into my photos folder & there was in fact a card from Rita on a similar theme.  So! I haven't shown you this one yet.

Well done again Rita.
It's a great card.

I have that set of stamps & magazine & they are both sat on my desk waiting for me to do something with them.  I guess I had better sit down soon & use them.

Off to the hospital in just under an hour. I am hoping we won't be there too long & then perhaps I can get some crafting in when we return.  I know the oncologist has a busy clinic today - so not holding my breath for a quick & short visit.

Have a nice day - it certainly is nice & bright & sunny.

'Byte for now.

Happy birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is March 26th

& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Rita

Sunday, 25 March 2018

member showcase

Good evening everyone I hope you have been having a good weekend & didn't miss that hour this morning very much.

This evening I have the second card that Dot of Mold II club has sent me, to show you.

What a beautiful card Dot.
One lucky 70 year old is going to be so thrilled to receive this card.

Easel cards always look so good don't they.
Thank you, Dot, for sending me the photos.

Before I go - thank you to some of you who have been in touch about the post I wrote the other day regarding the cost of the Hall we use.  Also a couple of ladies who have also got back to me about a 2018 workshop.  So hope to hear from more of you later.

That's me for today.  I have another hospital visit tomorrow - they seem to be coming rather more frequently at the moment.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

member showcase

Good morning everyone. 

I do hope you have a nice weekend planned, but don't forget that lost hour tonight.

This morning I have a member showcase for you & it is a lovely Easter Card made by Dot of Mold II club who emailed me the photo;

I love the double centre step card - it is beautiful Dot
& so lovely clean & fresh & springlike.

Dot sent me 2 photos in the email, so I will show you her other card tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend.

'Bye for now.

Clocks go forward


Clocks go forward tonight

Friday, 23 March 2018

Special notice for Mold & Mold II clubs

Good morning ladies.

The special message for your two clubs, as I have this morning received an email from Parkfields Community Centre regarding the increased charges they are bringing in for the hire of the hall from April this year. 

I have already paid the fee for 2018 for both clubs, which of course covers the hall beyond April this year. So it is to be hoped they will not try asking for extra money for the months between April & November of this year.

The charge is going up to £6:75 per hour.  We officially have the room from 6:45 to 9:15 - the 2 quarters of an hour each end of the session are to allow us time to do any special setting up & taking down. Which means our meeting time is 7:00 to 9:00 giving us two lovely hours to craft & create beautiful things.

If the membership of the clubs remains as they are now - which is 11 for Mold & 10 for Mold II then to cover this increase I am reluctantly going to have to put up the years subscription.  This increase will not take effect until you pay your subs for 2019.

The figure of £6.75 multiplied by the 2.5 hours we have the hall works out to a sum of £16.875 - I have no idea how they are going to round that figure up.  So thinking logically that could possibly be rounded up to £17.  I am going to work on that figure - anything less would be a bonus.

Eleven (months) times £17 (one evening) gives a total of £187 per year hire fee.

So - the figures;

For Mold club - we currently have 11 members - therefore your subs would have to increase to £17 each to raise that sum. 

For Mold II club - we currently have 10 members - (with Phyllis it would be 11 but we have not seen her for some time so for this calculation I am leaving her out).  So I am making the calculation based on 10 members, which means that your subs would be £18 or £18:50 to raise that sum.

I have always tried to keep the subs to a minimum cost but unfortunately the main outlay is beyond my control.

Perhaps it is time to try & gather up some more members.  Your thoughts & comments would be appreciated.

If I do not make it to your next meetings I will make sure I have given this information to whomever is looking after the meeting as I know there are several ladies who do not read the blog.

Have a good day.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

another recent WIP card

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the second of my 2 recent work in progress cards;

The card this time has a lovely large poppy image;

I think this is a Stamps Away poppy which I have had for quite a while.  I coloured the image with my Promarker pens after stamping it with Memento black ink.  Once coloured in, I trimmed it to size & then very carefully cut around a couple of the top petals behind which I put sticky pads for them to be dimensional. It was then layered onto a black card leaving a very narrow border.

When deciding what size card to put it on I rather liked it on the larger card but not sure about all that white space.  White space is good on a card but I felt there was just a bit too much.  I knew that somewhere I had various border stamps, so had a look through them all & decided on this rather flamboyant one.

Now! my photo is a little fuzzy but the borders are meant to look the way they do - slightly messy.  I just thought it went better with the leaves under the poppy.  What do you think?

That is me for today - will try & be more productive over next few days & hopefully have something to use.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

a recent card from my WIP box

Good morning everyone.

So! Spring is here - they say.  Well it looked somewhat like it yesterday & of course the clocks spring forward on Saturday night which means we are almost there.  Let's hope the weather continues to stay nice.

A few days ago I had a little dip into my WIP box (work in progress!).  It's the box where I put pieces of work - mainly stamped - that I didn't finish making anything with them, when I created them.

I picked out 2 pieces & here is the card I made with the first one;

This was a little stamped piece I created when having a play with Brushos.  This morning I layered it onto different sizes of black & white card & found this white square card to place it on.  I didn't want to place it bang in the middle so I popped it more to the left & then stamped this delicate little border stamp at the side.  The layered image I placed on sticky pads for a little dimension.

From the photo it looks like I have caught the bottom left corner on something - so I will have to go back & make sure it is stuck down properly.

Tomorrow I will show you the other WIP piece I turned into a card, but it will have to be after I have been to Glan Clwyd for my monthly injection & collect my next 3 weeks supply of medication.

I hope you are all well
'Bye for now.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Mold photos

Good morning everyone

This morning I have the photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday to show you.  I am going to put both sets here rather than do 2 posts because as you will read at the end the gathering was on the small side.

The Show & Tell for the evening was a card from a sketch;

Here is Lynn's card

Obviously using some of your lovely backgrounds Lynn - love the bling

Joanna's card

I really like the colour combination Joanna has used on her card.

Sheelagh's card

Very striking card. I like the idea of the sketch being the topper as opposed to the complete card.
Great use of the sketch


The project for the evening was with Lynn & she had called it "Don't distress over men", showing how to make backgrounds for masculine cards using Distress Inks.

 Here are some of Lynn's sample backgrounds
brought along to give ideas to the ladies

Joanna's background pieces
I particularly like the one with the eye.

Sheelagh's background pieces (including her show & tell card)
My oh my Sheelagh you were busy that evening!

As I have already said it was only a small group on Thursday as several ladies were unwell, & Maureen we think must still be in New Zealand.   So not so many people's work to photograph & some ladies left with their items packed away which meant Joanna didn't get the chance to take photos of their work.  Please if you were one of the ladies whose work was not photographed could you bring it back in April - so Joanna can take a photo for me then.  Thank you.

I really look forward to seeing some of these backgrounds on future cards.

A big thank you to Lynn for taking the demo on Thursday & so many samples to look at Lynn - you really had been busy! 

It's good to learn about different techniques & ideas as after all you don't know if you like something a little different until you have a try & that is one of the advantages of  attending our club nights.  It allows you to try before you buy in a way.

That's me for today.  'Bye for now.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Having a play

Good afternoon everyone.

Oh dear more of that white stuff.  It looks cold out there today - so make sure you wrap up warm & stay safe.

Yesterday & today I have had a play.  I decided it was time to make sure I could remember how to make some of the cards we have made recently.  It was triggered by wondering what sort of card to make for a friends birthday.  I decided on the "pop & twist" card.

The first task was to have a rummage through patterned papers & stamps that would work together, Then the card for the actual base card.

I have noticed recently that I do have a problem with cutting straight & even, even when using a paper trimmer.  I don't know if it is the make of trimmer I have (& I have 2 different ones), but when placing the edge of the card at the top of the trimmer doesn't always mean it is straight.  Which means the downwards cut will be at a slight slant.  So I tend to go back to measuring first & placng a pencil mark which I then align with the cutting blade.  The next obstacle is then placing a layer straight onto the layer beneath.  Gosh! I am coming to the conclusion it is me & my eyesight.  I recently had my eyes tested & there is a slight difference to my left eye - so perhaps I am not seeing straight.  Lets hope the new glasses cure that.

Well! Sorry I didn't really mean to be going on like that.  Let's get down to the card.

Here are the pictures;

All the components laid out ready for putting together

I used a creamy, slightly yellow card, & designer paper that wasn't over the top, plus black card for the layering.
The flower stamps were from a nice set that was free with a recent magazine, which I think were just right for this card

Here is the front of the base card, layered & stamped.

The inside of the base card.  I had decided to cover both the front & the back inside.
The card I used was just a little thinner than I would have liked so the layering made it a little sturdier.

The inside of the card, all put together.

I am pleased with this card mainly because I remembered how to make it.  I did have to use the notes, that I had previously written as well, to get the size of all the pieces right.

I hope that despite the weather you are having a great weekend.
Take care
'Bye for now.

Before I forget - I will be updating the club pages & project photo pages a little later this afternoon.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

top of the morning to all of you who have Irish heritage
or are just good friends with some lovely Irish folk.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

another recent card

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have another one of my recently made cards for you to see.  This time it is a stamped card.

As you can see this card is for our grand-daughter who has a birthday this week.  This little piece of stamping has been waiting around for some time waiting to be finished & used.

You may remember quite a long time ago we had a project where you stamped 2 pieces of A5 card with an all over random pattern using many different stamps both in images & styles, just in black ink.  Then the next stage was to randomly colour the pieces of card.

Of my 2 pieces, one was partially coloured & waiting to be finished & used, the other was still black & white.  So I finished colouring this piece to use on her card, including adding some extra colour to some of the images with toning coloured pencils.  I used a 6x6 white scalloped edge card, trimmed the patterned piece & rounded the 2 right hand corners then layered that onto a piece of black card leaving a lightly wider board to the right.  This was then layered onto the white card with the layers being placed closer to the fold edge.  

On a small piece of white card I stamped the "Happy Birthday Granddaughter" then cut it into a flag shape & distressed the edges to match the card background & layered that onto a black piece of card, shaping it as well.  I added 2 little metal butterflies that have been sitting in a box for a while waiting to be used. So they have flown the nest.  Do butterflies have nests?

The happy birthday was from Dreamees set & the grand-daughter from a Clearly Besotted set.

Tonight it is the March meeting of the Mold club.  I don't think I will be attending as I have a busy morning & that usually makes me quite tired.  Sorry ladies - will try hard for next month.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

another recent card

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have another recent card also made, as yesterday's card, when I was going through my Hunkydory card stock & toppers.

Another beautiful Hunkydory topper that helped decide how the rest of the card would go together.

An A4 sheet of blue card for the base card with a strip of matching blue card with a dainty floral embossed pattern layered onto a piece of gold card added to the background.  The topper & the greeting were placed on sticky pads to raise them up for dimension.  To add a little bling I put a blue flat backed gem in the corners of the blue strip & finished the card.

Another card tomorrow - not Hunkydory this time.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

a recent card

Good afternoon ladies & what a nice afternoon it is too!

I have had a nice little run out in my car today, along with our daughter-in-law Nadine.  I needed to pop over to Burley Dam Garden Centre (A41), & their craft shop, so thought a little run would be good.

I have to admit to being somewhat tired now though.

The card I have to show you today is one of several that I made using my Hunkydory kits.  I looked at a couple of the sheets of card & toppers & found I felt a bit creative so kept going whilst the creative juices flowed.

I do like this lovely lavender colour & the image on the topper is so beautiful.  I found an A4 sheet of card that was just perfect to make the base card & everything else just went together so well. A pretty piece of lilac card with a delicate floral embossed pattern with a criss cross of delicate spotted ribbon & a greeting to finish.

I still have quite a lot of this Hunkydory card making kit left as well as some that were free on magazines.  I am determined over the next couple of months to make some cards to use it up.  But then I am determined to make other projects as well.  Ah well - we will see which one wins.

Another card tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 12 March 2018

a recent card

Good morning everyone I do hope all you Mums had a wonderful day yesterday.  I received 2 lovely cards & a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Today I have one of my recently made cards to show you.

I used one of my Honey Doo stamps which I stamped & embossed with gold EP then coloured in with some nice felt tip pens I have & finally went over them with a Spectrum Noir clear Sparkle pen.  I couldn't find my vertical Happy Birthday stamp so used a peel off.  

Of course Murphy's law was that I found it a little while later whilst looking for something else.  I had just put it back in the wrong place.

I really like this stamp & have several ideas of other ways to use it - just need the get up & go to do it.  I had great ideas of sitting at my desk towards the end of last week but got really tired & didn't get that far.  So today I am going to push myself to do something & break the impasse.

I have another couple of cards I made before this non creative spell came upon me - so will show you one of those tomorrow.

That is all from me today.  'Bye for now.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

to everyone who is a Mother, Grandmother
who cares for others as a Mother

Have a lovely day I hope you are spoilt to bits

How I wish my Mum was here for me to talk to I really miss her at this particular time
But as always she is in my heart.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Happy birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is March 10th

& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Carol

Friday, 9 March 2018

Happy birthday - Penblwydd Hapus

Birthday Greetings

Today is March 9th

& a Mold club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Rhiannon
Penblwydd Hapus

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Just chatting & updates

Good afternoon everyone.

Just popping in for another quick chat.

First - I have updated club pages where needed.  The main change was on the Mold II club page as due to the recent weather & quite a few ladies being unable to attend, the meeting for February was cancelled.

I did not make it to the CSNW meeting last night as I had been feeling rather tired & had an appointment with the oncologist this morning.  I am looking forward to receiving any photos that may have been taken during the evening to show how they got on with their project.

The oncologist is pleased with my response to the new medication & I will be seeing her again in a month.  I have also received a letter from the Lymphodema clinic for a check up & another letter from my consultant for a follow up after my recent surgery.  Phew! it's all go here with the appointments.  It wouldn't be too bad really if there wasn't so much waiting around time with each one of them.  But I mustn't moan to much as I am being really well looked after.

That was a bit of a surprise to see the snow again this morning. Bob had mentioned last night that some was forecast.  There was more of it out around Bodelwyddn & looking toward the mountains. Most of that that we went through on our journey to the hospital this morning had started to go by the time we were driving home.  Lets hope that is it for a while - like next winter!!!!

I hope you are all well.  Talk soon.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Just chatting

Good morning everyone

Sorry I have not been on here for a few days.

I did spend a lot of Sunday back on my family history research - it was amazing how quick the day went.  As I was not feeling 100% it was the easiest thing to do.

Yesterday I did not have a good day at all - very low, very tired, no interest in anything.  But today is another day & a couple of friends have invited me out to lunch so that should cheer me up, & perhaps in the afternoon I might feel like doing a little crafting.

I did finish off those other notelet cards on Saturday & have found a box/holder to put sets of them in - so have to set aside some time to do that, then that will be another project completed.

I hope you are all having good days.  Perhaps some crafting news tomorrow, but 'bye for today.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all snuggled up warm & cosy, & if you have to go out please take care.

Today I have a member showcase from Joanna of Mold club who sent me an email & some photos of prizes she had won.

 I am going to put Joanna's email here so that I don't get the facts wrong -

"I don't think I mentioned but.....I won a prize! Actually, I won a £15 voucher with Chocolate Baroque - again - for commenting but I also won a Craft Stash prize via Facebook. It's just arrived this morning :) Photos attached.

I had to remind them about it after 13 days and because she'd 'dropped the ball' (meaning she'd forgotten about me!!) some of the colours of Nuvo Drops I'd chosen were out of stock so she picked colours that were close and sent me 7 instead of 5!

I really *should* try the lottery one day :)

Jo xx"

Well done Joanna & it really is a good idea to remind people that they have promised to send you a prize because your experience has shown that they can forget.  Here are Joanna's prizes;-

Wow! look at those Tonic dies - they are going to keep you busy, & the Nuvo drop colours are really nice.  Enjoy them.

That's me for today.

This weekend I am trying to finish some recent started projects, like those floral cards that I made into notelets.  I still have the second batch to put on the base cards.  Also I still have to get started on that 2018 project I said I was going to do - Tags.  I lost my mojo for a little while - but I have some ideas now & hope I can settle down to creating.  Plus of course there are always birthday cards that need making.

Have a good weekend.

Happy birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is March 3rd

& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Carolyn

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Happy St David's Day

Happy St David's Day

Nearly forgot to post this.