Monday, 29 February 2016

member showcase

Good morning ladies

This morning I have a member showcase for you where someone responded to my question about "what did you make with your pieces from our techniques evenings". The response was from Sheelagh of Mold club & here is her card;

The technique behind this card is Encaustic Wax - a technique we looked into quite a while ago.  Sheelagh said that she didn't really take to it at the time, but thought she would try using this piece.  

It looks great Sheelagh & on closer inspection I can see that a 12-year old is the lucky recipient of this card. I am sure they will love it.  I have tried very hard to see what the name actually is - but the more I enlarge the photo the more indistinct it becomes.

Thank you Sheelagh for sending this in.

So! come on ladies - let us see your work.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

member showcase

Good morning everyone

Today I have a member showcase for you & this time it is Annette from Mold II club who has one of her cards featured in a recent magazine;

Annette used a champagne glass die that was a free gift on the magazine.
Well done again Annette.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Member Showcase

So! what did you do with your pieces of Brusho Paints play?

Well, good afternoon everyone - this afternoon I have some photos for you sent in from Lynn of Mold club who has used some of her pieces & sent me the photos;

On this card Lynn has used the 2 pieces created using a stencil, where you get a positive & a negative image. They look good together.

This is really pretty. It looks like the flowers have been stamped directly onto the background. Lynn didn't send any details so I cannot be sure.  She may have stamped them, cut them out, then glued them on top.

Another pretty card, with the flowers stamped & cut from another Brusho's decorated piece.  
Lovely idea.

Thank you for sending the photos in Lynn it is so good to see what happens after the club night.  I hope more of you will create something & send me a photo.  Or bring the card into your next meeting & I will photograph it.

Hope your weekend is going well.  Another members showcase tomorrow.

Birthday greetings

Birthday greetings

It is 27 February 
& a Mold club member has a birthday

I hope it is just that Yvonne
Happy Birthday

Thursday, 25 February 2016

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone - well here I am again with more photos from this weeks meeting of the Mold II club.   This set is of their play with Brusho Crystal Paints;

Elma produced several backgrounds & added stamping to one piece making it into a card. Although Elma had a good play she said it was not for her but she enjoyed trying the technique

Carolyn managed to stamp on all her pieces & she said that with the purple butterflies on the right, in the second photo she will probably cut the lower one out & 3-d it over the other one.

Liz made 2 pretty spatter backgrounds & then decorated the panels with peel offs.
They are going to look good on a card Liz.

Dot also managed to stamp on her pieces - the silhouette stamps certainly suits this product. The large piece in the second photo Dot had pre-stamped at home, as she had done a little reading about Brushos on the Internet & brought that in ready to add the paints.

I love Carol's piece with the open flower on it.  The 2 square pieces are from using a stencil, where you put the stencil down on the card, sprinkle the powder through it then spritz it with water. Then you carefully pick up the stencil flip it over onto another piece of card & you get 2 prints - one positive, one negative.  Sometimes it is possible to get a third print - or enough of a print at least to start another background piece.

Elizabeth has several good backgrounds there awaiting images & one that has had silhouette images stamped on it - it looks to me like Elizabeth rather liked the black colour too!!

Lin has made 2 background pieces & one with stamping on.  On that top background piece I think with careful planning it could be possible to turn the red into flowers. I see roses - what do you think?

Betty has some interesting backgrounds too & again I like the look of the top one.
What can you see?

Sylvia has turned one of her backgrounds into a nice happy birthday topper.
It shows that the backgrounds can be used for sentiments as well as images.

Well done ladies - that was a really enjoyable evening.

So! what did I demo that evening - well much the same as at the Mold meeting but here are my pieces;

The 3 splatter pieces are where I just showed how the paints are used & the butterfly one I had stamped & embossed with white EP & then did a colour wash over the top.  Whilst the ladies were playing I tried a little bit of direct painting - but  my choice of colours didn't work well with the green underneath.  But it gave another idea of what can be done.

Then this is my demonstration of using a stencil.  I really like the negative version of this particular one & think I will trim it down & see how I can use it for a card.

Well I will probably try & use all the pieces eventually. So watch this space - remember it may take a bit of time.

'Bye for now.

Mold II special notice

Good morning ladies - especially the ladies of Mold II club

2015 Project

It was decided at Tuesday's meeting that everyone is ready to do the tag swap from the 2015 Project.

So, if you missed the meeting this is to pass that information to you - bring in your tags to the March meeting & your folders or books if you have finished those too.

Our project that evening will not take long - so time can be given to showing the tags & allowing me time to photograph them in their sets before being exchanged.

I look forward to it.

Now! have I finished mine?

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

Here I am with the first set of photos from last night's Mold II club meeting.  This set is of their Show & Tell cards where the theme or challenge was to make a card using, and/or depicting anything to do with the letter R.

Here are their cards;

The first card is by Betty & her theme was R for Rose.
I love this one-layer style its very pretty (although Betty admitted that due to smudges it is in fact not one layer - but the intention was there in the first place). Great colours.

Annette's choice is R for Romance
Aren't they just adorable - lovely clean & crisp card.

Liz also chose R for Rose & what a beauty it is too.

Elma's R was for Roaming & reflects a trip to France.
The collage picture is matted onto a map - great idea.

Elizabeth made 2 cards - the top one is R for Rocking Horse. & I know that she decorated inside & the back which I should have remembered & photographed that as well.
The second card is R for Rose - what beautiful colours.
Elizabeth does like her mirri card so I hope I haven't got too much of myself reflected in it.

Dot's really cute card is R for Risque & she has used a stamp of a lady in a bathing suit
& decorated it to look like a litttle cheeky dress & has drawn lines on the legs for net tights.
I expect if you click on the card & enlarge you might be able to read the verse.

Carolyn also used a road map on her card - her R is for Roadster.
That Happy Birthday die-cut is very elegant, isn't it.

Carols card reflects a "condition" she is waiting to enjoy in July
Her R is for Retirement - as can be seen.

Sylvia has gone for R for Romance on her card & rather cleverly the tree & it's branch make the lower case letter r

Lin made 2 cards - the top one is R for Rain.  Just love the cat in its wellies.
The second card is R for Rock chick.
Aren't those dancing images great?

Well done ladies that was a great selection of ideas.

Now last month Lin (whose 2 cards you have just seen) made the cards for January's Show & Tell & then didn't get to the meeting.  I suggested that she bring them along to this one - so here they are. The theme was a card from a sketch;

A great use of the diamond in the sketch - framing the sentiment.

A great card for a man.
I thought when I spotted the sketch it would be ideal for mens cards because of the more angular finish.  Two good cards Lin - thank you for bringing them in.

This mornig I had one of my crochet workshops & was very pleased to see 3 of the ladies having completed the set project - a scarf - even though they didn't have to get it finished by today's workshop.

That's me for today  I will be back tomorrow with the photos from the evenings project.

'Bye for now.

2015 club project


Good morning everyone.

An Important announcement about the above project

This post will stay at the top of the screen for a couple of weeks - to make sure everyone sees it. If you know of a club member who doesn't read the blog please pass this message on.

I have had several calls & emails about the project & some of you are worrying that you won't be finished for your next club night.

I don't offer these projects to get you stressed out - it s supposed to be enjoyable - eve fun!  So if you are behind (or perhaps haven't started yet) - don't worry. 

I think it is important that all the tags come in together in order for the swap to take place.  So at your first meeting we will just check o progress.  Then agree a month for everyone to bring in their tags (& books if you have made those as well) & do the swap & admire everyone's work.

I have joined in this project - so I am making doing this for all 3 clubs - I know that I won't have a folder ready in time, purely because I cannot decide what sort to make.

So! relax everyone
If you have made your tags & folder - then well done - I wish I was as organised as you.

Now to see if I can remember how to put this post at the top of the page for a fw weeks


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

a recent card

Good afternoon everyone

Today I have a card to show you that I made back in January & had forgotten to show it to you.

As you can see it was for someones special birthday.

The base is a white card onto which I had embossed the flourish & oval frame embossing folder. The "Happy Birthday" & the "60" fitted inside the oval just right.  The HB was heat embossed in silver & I am sorry to say that the 60 was a silver peel-off.  Sadly the embossing folder left a line beneath the embossing so I put the card on my score board & accentuated the line & added a second one to make it part of the design.

The flower with the swirl was from a freebie set on an earlier magazine & the embossing folder was part of the freebie too.  I stamped the flower 3 times along the lower part of the card in silver EP then stamped it 3 times on floral paper.  The flowers were then cut out & placed over the stamped image.

Oops! I have just spotted that the right-hand flower has got bent up - I hope it didn't go in the envelope like that.

This evening it is the Mold II club night - so tomorrow I should have photos for you,

'Bye for now.

Monday, 22 February 2016

A finished card

Hi everyone

Just popping in quickly today to show you how I finished a recent card that I had made & showed to you - HERE.

I looked through my various little pads of background papers & found one that was just the right colour to go with the colours in the butterfly. The paper is glued to the back of the front of the card (does that make sense?) & then the insert placed as usual inside the card.

Today I have been having a good sort out of drawers & boxes that haven't been looked inside for a while.  

That's me for tonight.
Night night, sleep well.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Follow on to Mold photos - part 2

Hi - it's me again. I was just looking through the blog for something when I noticed that in the previous post about Mold photos - there was a photo missing.

It's right at the end where I show the samples I worked on - this one was missing;

The flowers on the left I had merely painted with the Brushos, having first stamped & embossed them in white EP.  I did this to show another way the Brushos can be used - but also because I was hoping to make a background that they would look good on.  I didn't get that far.

The dragonfly - I am pleased with. It was just a scrap of ard with the blue paint on so I stamped the dragonfly in black archival ink.  Then I took a little of the yellow paint & tipped it on my kraft sheet then picked it up with a water brush - turning it into watercolour paint. Very carefully I coloured sections of the wings & body & of course because the base was blue when I painted with yellow it turned it green.  But also it changed it to different shades of green depending onhow much blue I was going over, & as can be seen where there was no base colour - it comes out yellow.  I will probably cut that out & use it on an art page.

Right - I am off again.

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone & a nice blustery day it is too. Should get the washing dry.

Right - onto Mold photos.  This time they are of the play that the ladies had on Thursday when I introduced Brusho Crystal Paints.  I say introduced because one or two ladies had already got them, & a couple had a different product but the end use the same.

I did provide some watercolour card, some glossy card & some plain white card - I am not sure how many used those items, but anyway pieces of card were cut up & play began.

Very briefly - Brusho Crystal Paints come in powder form & when it meets water all sorts of magic happens.

The first set of work is from Joan

Look carefully ladies & use your imagination on how these would be used. I can see flowers.
Joan also made .......

....... this card with one of her pieces.  This is what I mean about imagination.
Doesn't that look like some tall yellow flowers in amongst grasses?

Next is Rhiannon's two pieces

That beautiful silhouette head stamp always works well with fancy backgrounds......

..... & Rhiannon's second design went on to become a card.

Next we have Joanna's work

If I have remembered correctly I took these two pieces together because the one with the flowers was built over a base like the right hand one.
I am sure Joanna will tell me if I have remembered incorrectly.

These 2 pieces are also from Joanna/
There's those raindrops again - they do look good, don't they.
Oh dear I am definitely weakening toward buying that set.

The following pieces are from Lynn

In this photo the pieces have been created by using stencils with the paints.
The one on the right had the Brushos sprinkled through the stencil then spritzed with water.
The left one is created by quickly turning the stencil over & placing it on a piece of card to get the reverse image.

These two are just random spritzing & adding colours.
I love that right hand one - it would make a great base page for an art journal

Some more designs from Lynn.
The large piece is probably through the stencil again - or - could possibly be the resist technique.
Perhaps you will let me know Lynn.

The next set is from Janet

Wow! look at that.

Two lovely "scenes" from Janet here.
Will look forward to seeing these mounted onto card fronts - possibly - hmm Janet?

a set of random patterns - still Janet's work
I think that bottom one would be brilliant for a winter scene - or - 
crashing waves. You almost expect to see a surfer coming through the 2 waves.

& finally two more random patterns from Janet

Everyone seemed to enjoy this product & the various techniques - but there is still quite a lot more can be done with these paints.  I really hope that some of these trial pieces will appear on cards somewhere, or just mounted & brought to club night so we can all see what they went on to become.

Finally in this post, I was asked to include the pieces I had made during the demo - so I am going to do that & then later sometime they will be converted into cards & I will take photos & show them to you.

As you know when I demo something like this I usually use just small pieces of card - but even so sometimes there is good results that an then be used later;

I used the paints on this one as a colour wash - but then played around putting doing all sort of things with it..  First I placed a stencil on it & spritzed water through. I then left it to dry a little before removing the stencil. The design had just started to "bleach" out of the background. After a while I dabbed it with a tissue - but think I did it to early & so the design didn't come through so well.  See! impatience doesn't get you anywhere. Then I added some more colours on it - it really got out of hand.  But I am hoping that trimmed own & with stamps or something added to it there will be a decent image there.

On this one I tried the through the stencil approach (that's the one on the left) & then flipped the stencil over to get the second image. I had grabbed a piece of card quickly & hadn't noticed that it already had some paint on it.  This method is really good & gives you both the positive & negative of a design.

There you are.  That's me for today. Hopefully more to show you tomorrow.  'Bye for now.