Monday, 31 March 2014

A great workshop

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I attended a great workshop that was hosted by Clearly Besotted Stamps owner Stephanie - with 2 of her ladies who help her & her husband who not only looked after the stock, but came around the room offering to make tea & coffee for us.  What a star!

Stephanie & her team had prepared packs of things for us, which must have taken them ages, & here are the things we made;

An Easter card

An Easter Gift box, complete with small Easter eggs nestling in paper straw

Four greeting cards complete with acetate lid box

card one

card two

card three

card four

All neatly stored in their box with pretty bow.
There was a tag to go with this - but I am not using it.

All the designs really clean & simple & a joy to make.  Clearly Besotted have stamps that have matching dies & I had bought some at the October stamp festival, but couldn't get the die cutting done quite right.  But they have a neat "trick" & it works perfectly (well almost, at the moment) every time.

This "trick" is now going to help me with the Christmas Stamps & Dies that I had trouble with back in December - so next Christmas my cards will definitely have stamped & die cut embellishments.

Oh yes - by the way - the Goulash was excellent!

Bye for now.

page update

Just popping in to say that I have updated the project photos page with photos for April, May & June where applicable.

birthday greetings

Today is 31 March & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Elma

Have a wonderful day

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all the Mum's 
Happy Mothers Day

Saturday, 29 March 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone

I hope you have all had a good Saturday especially those of you who went along to the Stamp Festival at Port Sunlight.

I didn't go after all - but I am looking forward to my workshop tomorrow with Clearly Besotted. I am sure you all saw their stand (they were at the October festival as well).  So all being well I should have some photos to show you from the workshop - probably just my own work.  I am leaving Bob to see to our dinner for tomorrow - he makes a mean Goulash & that's what we will be having.

This afternoon we had a nice surprise visit from Gareth & Elayne & the postman brought me a mothers day card from Gareth for tomorrow.

Have a lovely day tomorrow everyone - especially Mum's, grandmothers.

Night night.
More tomorrow.

Friday, 28 March 2014

just chatting

Just popping in quickly to say that I have some photos to add to the project photos page & I will probably do this tomorrow.  Still have a couple of photos to actually take for this.

Also over the weekend I will show you some photos of work done by ladies on my Thursday workshop for mixed media - just in case you think you might like to try this at a club night.

To all of you that are going to the stamp festival tomorrow - have a great time - don't spend too much - I will want to hear about your purchases at the next club nights.

Whatever else you are doing also - have a great weekend.

Night night.

Member showcase

Good morning everyone - & bit dull looking isn't it?

I am popping in this morning with a couple of items of news from our members - actually it is only one member - so I will put both items here;

The crafter today is Betty from Mold II club & she sent me a photo of a card she had made for her son-in-law;

Betty said she had watched some paper folding on Create & Craft & that it had brought back memories from crafting in the past.

The second part of Betty's news is photos of flowers that she had made & brought along to Tuesday's meeting for us all to see.  You may remember a post a little while back when I spoke about the fuchsia die?  Well, all these flowers were made with that one die;

This is the contents of the little box full of flowers Betty brought along
& the next few photos are close ups of the various groups.

Aren't they lovely? 

I am so envious - as I have the die & just have not had a chance to play.  Must find the time.

That's me - I am off this afternoon to set up the stands for tomorrow's Stamp Festival at Hulme Hall.

May be back again later.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone & a good evening - although it is night time now.

I have for you the photos from the project at Mold II evening on Tuesday.  The project was learning about paper casting by using wet toilet tissue (yes - I know - fund isn't it - so you sort of wonder what else I might come up with?)

Mold & CSNW did this some time ago I am not sure why it has take me so long to do this with Mold II.  So here are the photos of the items they produced - I shall pop in a comment every so often to describe something - but mainly it is a photo view.

There were one or two things which worked rather well & I will pick those out;

image from embossing folder

Couldn't get this any clearer - I think it is a flower stamp

once the effect with this stamp (including using ink) was noticed quite a few ladies borrowed it so there will be some more views of this image.


Sorry about no further comments - but there was a bit of a gremlin in Blogger tonight & each time I tried to comment between photos I just got a rather thick blue line - which I couldn't clear.

So after a little while I left the photos to speak for themselves.  I will pop off & find out what the gremlin is when I finish here.

As you can see by looking at the photos - lots of embossing folders were tried & stamps with & without ink on them were used. 

This technique really works well if you tear away the excess wet tissue before it dries.  You then get a torn, distressed edge which is more fitting for stamped designs.

I took along a paper cast from an embossing folder that I had done some time ago with about 6 layers of tissue.  Before going to the meeting I sprayed it with a green mist spray & a gold mist spray which was very effective.  At the meeting I found I could separate the layers of tissue - I will photograph them & show you later.  It meant from one "stamping" I got about 5 or 6 images to use.  Will work on that in next few days - probably over the weekend.

Today I had 2 workshops - one locally for mixed media & one at the other garden centre I go to for crochet.  Two great workshops - will report on them later & on my personal stamping blog I will have some photos -but give me some time to organise it.

That is me for tonight - more tomorrow.

Night night.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Some members news

Hi - I am back again with some photos of two paintings.  These paintings were done by Liz from Mold II club & were on display in an exhibition recently.

A beautiful sea scene ( or possibly it may have been a lake). 
The clouds & the light on the water are so realistic.

Ah now you cannot go wrong with fuchsia's can you?
What a beautiful painting.

Well done Liz - they are just lovely.

Oops! I think I may have spelt fuchsia's wrong in the last post - sorry!

Mold II photos - part1

Good afternoon everyone.
I am sorry I didn't blog last night - but I got in from the Mold II meeting & got involved in a TV programme & forgot the time.

We had a brilliant meeting last night - very happy meeting - very giggly meeting too - I suspect because the 3 ladies with a birthday this month were all sat in a row together.  Great fun.

The Show & Tell theme was to make an ATC using some embossing - mainly from the embossing session last month.

Here are the photos;

These ATC's are absolutely stunning - beautiful colours over embossed mirri card.

So beautifully delicate set of ATC's I love those pretty Dufex corners.

Some ATC's from our painter member with some basic zentangling on them as well.
Love the shapes.

These too are so delicate & beautiful.  The flowers were made from the recently discussed fuschia cutter.

A lovely spring like trio of Easter ATC's.
The Easter chicks are so cute & the centre card with the butterfly has 2 different embossed patterns on it.  

There is going to be an overused word used here.
Delicate.  Delicate & pretty the embossed card is a paler version of the colour of the fabric roses which is just perfect.

A lovely way to decorate a flourish embossed card.  Just below the blue butterfly is a tiny pink one - except - to let out crafting secrets - it was a flower with a broken petal but it looks like a tiny butterfly now.

Now - this really colourful card is a late entry from last month when the theme was polka dots.
What a brilliant use of scraps of polka dot papers & it works so well.
Very pretty.

Right I need to nip away & sort out some more photos.  I have the project photos for you plus a couple of members news items.

Back fairly shortly.

birthday greetings

Today is 26 March & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Rita

Have a wonderful day

Monday, 24 March 2014

Correction to an update - mold round robin

Hi everyone - sorry but the update I did recently to the Mold project - round robin book - is changed again.

Originally I had the colour combination wrong on Rhiannon's book - so I corrected it.  But we have found that one of the ladies in the same group had made her base book & one page contained details of who was in the group & their topics.  I don't want her to spoil the book by changing things.  So ..................

Rhiannon's colour scheme is ......... Blue, Pink & CREAM

Sorry for the confusion & I will re-correct it on the mold project page.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

more members news

Hi everyone
This is definitely the last posting today.

I have another card featured in a magazine from Rita of Mold II club.  Rita had emailed it to me, but at first I couldn't download it - so she sent it again.  When I received the one via Annette - the Easter Bunny - I thought it was the same one.  But no - Rita has been featured twice.  Here is the card that Rita sent me which I eventually managed to download;

Well done Rita - you are doing well in the magazines. Makes you think of spring this card & it is just around the corner.

Cone on ladies - why don't more of you join in - you never know what you might receive.

That's me for this weekend.

Night night.