Sunday, 31 August 2014

some workshop cards

Hi everyone
I can't remember why I didn't blog yesterday - but Saturday's can be a bit domestic in their make-up, so I don't always craft.

Today I have been busy making up samples for a workshop on Tuesday - yes, I know - why so last minute? Well I actually thought I had a sample of each of the cards in my stash - but no - so that is why I have been making them today.

The cards are those that fold differently - the ladies who are attending came to a workshop last month & made 3 cards.  They enjoyed it so much they asked for another workshop with more different folding cards. So this week they will be making - Tri-shutter card; Stepper card & Stretch card;

Here are the samples;

Here are two views of the Tri-shutter card.
Photography not good but have sharpened it a little.
As you can see I added two little embossed squares as part of the decoration.
I have decided I like that so much I will probably make another with more embossed panels on it - sometime soon.

This is the little stepper card & I have two other layouts for them - but probably it will be this one that they make.

This is the stretch card - but it is a photo of one I made some months back.
Need to sit down tomorrow & make another one.

Then after that I have to print the notes, templates & I am ready to go.  When that is done it is back to Bob's Christmas cards.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  More tomorrow & I have some member news for you.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning everyone

Here I am with the photos from the project section of the Mold II meeting on Tuesday evening - where the technique of Triple Time Stamping was shown & tried;

I had forgotten to take my camera that evening so these were taken with my mobile.  There seems to be a slight shadow down one side but I have done my best to remove it. Here are the cards made by the ladies;

I love this design - the images look like a mix between sea shells & the ying-yang symbol.

A lovely black & white card (you know how much I love B&W) & that floral spray is just right coming in from the opposite corners.

Such a lovely colour & the partial use of the image for the corners works really well. That stamp was free on a magazine some time ago - in fact I think it was the first set they gave away with the mag.

A beautiful butterfly design & the colouring was very pretty & subtle.

A great flowing design & I love the way the bicycle is in rainbow colour against the rest of the mono colour.

Lovely clean & crisp design.  It just shows that for this technique you do not necessarily have to use lots of different images

This is stunning, clean & simple - really lovely card, & this lady is new to the club & I think crafting in general.

Another different approach to the technique - I love that the background is soft & subtle & then the focal image stands out over it.  Lovely card.

Now - I have one more card to show you from the evening & it is the one that I did as the demonstration of the technique.  I am showing it because I cannot believe how much actually went wrong in the process.  Here is the card;

You don't have to look too closely to see the non stamped areas of the design - but then a slightly more careful look & you should be able to see the way the ink has taken differently on a couple of the layers. Let's tackle the non-stamp area first - I used my club notebook as a pad for stamping on & when I stamped the first image that top left corner was resting on the spiral wire of the spine.  Didn't check did I that everything was flat.  I still hadn't got it right for the top right tree too.  Now - the amount of ink - the white layers are all from the the same sheet of paper - but one of them had been turned the other way up & it seems the two sides of the paper took the colour differently.  So something to watch for.

I don't mind that it didn't come out as well as it should have done by such a seasoned stamper, or at least -  that I should be - but it serves as a cautionary tale about where you stamp & what you stamp on. The photos of the work that the ladies went on to do show that this disaster did not put them off.  Because it is so bad I have to show one I made some time ago that came out well - if only to make me feel better.

Right that's it for today - I am now going to continue making the 15 Christmas cards that Bob has asked for - I showed you the sample on Monday!

The weekend is here again - have a lovely time.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

quick chat

Sorry - no crafting done, no photos got ready for the blog - because .............. I have been out most of the day with Nadine.  We  popped over to Lady Heyes & had a good look in each of the different "huts".  I was very good & spent £3.99 on a stamp in Crab Apple Crafts - but - Nadine did better - she didn't spend anything.  Well! not until we got to M&S later.

After I got home - Bob returned from work & decided we would have dinner out.  So by the time we had done that & come back & watched a little TV - here I am at just before 10:00 pm.

I will do the Mold II project photos tomorrow - I promise.

I also have some members news to write up.

So! call back tomorrow.  Night night.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mold II photos - part 1

Hello everyone - I have just worked out again how to offload my photos from my camera to my computer so we are ready to go.

The photos are of their Show & Tell where the theme - was favourite quote;

A great tag, it makes a change to see a tag, & the design very apt for the quotation

This is a beautiful card with lovely glittery butterflies.
I don't think the verse will be too clear - so I am going to reproduce it here

"Whisper your wish to a butterfly, and it will fly up to heaven, & make it come true"

A lovely delicate design & a very true saying.

This is a really cute card & those raindrops are different sizes of sparkly gems - very effective.  The quote was on the inside & I did photograph it but I couldn't get it clear enough - so again I will reproduce it here.

"Until the sun comes out again for you, my umbrella is big enough for two"

Two very pretty cards using the same quote but on two different sized cards.

This card has the most fantastic background along with a beautiful quotation.
It was certainly very popular last night with everyone wanting to know more about it & how it was made.
So! I am going to describe how - here
The pattern on the card base is an A4 plastic stencil which has been placed on the pearlised card & put through an embossing machine.  Then whilst the stencil is still in place the card has been coloured with inks.

Here is the stencil - I just had to photograph that too;

Isn't it stunning!  Elma who created the card couldn't remember if the stencil came from B&Q or Wickes. I can see many of us popping down to those two stores to find something similar - or even the butterfly.

As you know I don't normally write a lot about one card but I think this one was deserving of a little more purely because it fascinated everyone.

Great cards ladies - a pleasure to look at - & did you notice how butterflies featured quite a lot.

Back with the Project photos - probably tomorrow.
Have a good evening.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Just chatting

Hi everyone - what a lovely day it turned out to be - some sun to cheer us up.

This evening was the August meeting for the MoldII club & we had 2 new members tonight which was very good..  So I have photos for you which I will show tomorrow - I managed to forget to take my camera so had to take the photos with my mobile phone.  They seem to have turned out alright I now have to remember how to unload them on to my computer.

I made a birthday card today - so I am managing to create something most days & will show that to you a bit later.

So that is all the news for today really.

More tomorrow - ooh yes - & I should be getting my new glasses tomorrow. I wonder what differences they will make.

Night night, sleep well.

Monday, 25 August 2014

my first Christmas card

.. which is really a practice run on the idea.

Hello everyone - how is your weekend going?

A couple of days ago I decided it was time to try out one of my ideas for the Christmas cards I will be making. In this recent tidy up I saw a Christmas stamp I hadn't used - it was part of a set & I had used some of the set but not the main image.

Here is the card;

I can't remember who the stamp is by - but it consists of the wording with a poinsettia set in the middle.  So I stamped & embossed it in gold on white card,  then stamped a second poinsettia.  One of my new sets of frame dies was just the right size - it did pinch off a little of the lower petal of the flower, but when I layered the second flower on top that laid above the frame so it didn't matter.  The next size up frame die I used for the gold card.  I layered the gold card onto the base card, then the white card onto the gold card then the second flower.  I had cut out a couple of the petals to give a 3-d appearance but I think when I do it again I will leave the second flower whole.  The seasons greeting stamp is one of CaroLines - which I have had a long time.

Now! you must have read the post about my problem with opening the glue!!!  Well I used that glue on this card.  As I was pressing down on the white card to stick it to thhe gold card, some of the glue seeped out onto the gold card - so I gently wiped it away with a tissue.  Perhaps I should have waited until it set then gently pulled it away - because it took the gold colour off the gold card.  You can just make out the mark in the top right of the gold card.  When I make some more I have decided anyway that the white card will be on thin sticky dots to raise it a little.

Bob particularly liked this card & asked if I would make it for him to send out to those he sends to - so better set myself for a good session as that's 15 cards.  That should get me in the mood for Christmas.

Well, I had better go now & get started.  More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

Just dropping in to show you the photos from the Mold meeting on Thursday night.  The project for the evening was the Serendipity 2 technique.

You may remember it - we stamped a piece of card with various images in black ink, then coloured the card in different coloured inks & finally cut it up in shapes & put them on a card.

Here are the photos;

What a pretty background card has been produced & a great use of shapes giving a nice balanced design.

I love this design - a bit adventuresome & the use of the branch stamp on the background sets it off nicely.

Another nicely balanced design & the lines drawn around the shapes just lifts it from the pink background.

A nice clean & simple layout - but I know that the creator thought it was lacking something.

Looking at this photo & the fact there is a narrow piece of ribbon on the left hand side I am wondering if I have got this the wrong way up!
I love the way some of the squares have not been layered & those that have are in that diagonal line.

Another lightly coloured design & the faux stitching around each piece really sets it off beautifully

A full card but it all balances well & I love the colours.

This is a very clean & simple layout the butterflies sitting between the 3 squares balances that section of the design so well.  Very nice.

I love how this design works as the images were coloured in rather than the background coloured all over. 
I would love to see this panel on a finished card.

Aha! she said she wasn't happy with it - so it has now been updated with some background paper.
You need to look back at the first version & see what you think.

I am pretty certain I have this the right way up - but the design would work in landscape orientation too.
Good design.

This is another good panel that I would like to see on a finished card.
The coloured layers really set the yellow colour off well.

I was chatting to the creator of this design - she said it hadn't quite worked out as she had in her head - but I think it was a great idea.  Love that image - must use mine some time.

Well, there you are - another batch of great cards.

That is me for today - have a lovely weekend.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon all - well the sun has finally pushed through today & it is hoped there will some more of it over the weekend - before we get to wet Monday.

I have the photos from Mold meeting Show & Tell to show you where the theme was "a favourite quote";

The creator of this card was a little disappointed that she had cleverly used background paper with plasters on to go with the quote.  I think it was delicately done & the clock took our attention.  Great card.

A beautiful card, I love the colours & the quote is absolutely brilliant.  Need to find a copy of it.
(Done that & saved it for use some time)

A lovely delicate card & a beautiful quote which is very true indeed.

What a dainty card & again I must have that quote - it is really lovely.

Another delicate & pretty card & what a beautiful "friend" quote.

Another beautiful card & what a lovely quote - quite uplifting.

A really lovey bright & almost spring-like card, plus another lovely "friend" quote

How great to see a different shaped card - love the inclusion of the tea bag to enhance the quote.

That's it for today - I will try & show the project photos tomorrow - but I do have rather a busy day.  Mind you I can nearly always make time for a bit of blogging.

'Bye for now - hope you have great plans for this the last bank holiday of the year.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Just chatting

Hi everyone not been on long following the Mold meeting this evening.

We had a very pleasant evening & I managed to afford them a laugh as I had taken a new bottle of glue along to the meeting - because I couldn't work out how to open the nozzle to use it.  I had tried lots of different things - it's one of these -

You can just see the little white tip of the bottle & I knew that was stopping the glue just flowing out - but couldn't work out how to make it flow for me.  I pushed, pulled, took the lid off to see if there was a seal over the top of the bottle.  Then gave up.  So I thought - I will ask my ladies.  How embarrassing - it was simply twist the lid.  Still! they found it funny.

So, I have some photos from their Show & Tell & their project & will sort them out in the morning & put them here tomorrow.

Just as we left it was raining & I believe that is the forecast for the weekend - but of course it is - it's August Bank Holiday.

I made another of those wallet cards - this time with stamping.  Will show it to you over the weekend.  Mold photos first.

That's me.  Night night.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Project sample

Hi everyone

More sorting done today - after a trip to Staples for some files to hold my masks & stencils & another for more stamps, plus 3 storage boxes to hold card that was found when unpacking one of those boxes.  The biggest percentage of the card was some that I had been given & is ideal for printing & making card templates from.

But I took some time out to make a sample project card - that I should have made a while back.  The first group to make it is Mold at their September meeting.  To check that everything works OK I made this sample out of ready printed card & a topper - but have 2 partially stamped ones on the go too - which I will show when they are finished.

Here is the card -

It is a wallet card & there are quite a few ways to use it

This is it open with just some background paper on the inside.

The insert verse can go on this background paper directly, or matted & layered onto other paper / card.  If used for a gift card or money then a pocket can be created on the inside.  I am also working on a slight change to the design for the inclusion of a gift card (you know the ones like credit cards?).  I shall try it in paper first & then if it works make a card sample & of course I will show it here.

That's all the news for today.  Mold August meeting tomorrow night - so need to make sure my box has everything it should have & my demo items are ready & complete.

Night night, sleep well.

Birthday Greetings

It is 20 August
& a MoldII member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Annette

Have a lovely day

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A card from the sort out

Hi everyone - still slowly sorting through everything.  I got some of the boxes labelled this morning so I know what is in them - even though most of them are transparent & I can see the contents.

I took time out from the sorting to make a card from "stuff" or perhaps "stash" is  better word, that was in a box I was looking through.

Here is what I gathered together & to this I added peel-off borders & a peel-off "Happy Birthday" along with some gems for bling.

Here is the card;

I used a cream scalloped square card, a piece of the green background paper & one of the sepia images you can see at the bottom of the first photo.  I coloured the image with pearlescent water colour paints - even painting over the sepia block leaves.  I layered the green panel onto the card, went around the edge with the border peel-offs then brushed some pale pink Distress Ink on the cut out flower image which I cut out with fancy scissors.  This was then added to the panel.  With the vertical happy birthday I used the outline part of the greeting - leaving the letters behind for another card.  To tie the greeting in with the image I coloured it in with the same ink used on the rose.

Hope you have had a good day & not got soaked in this awful weather. 

That's me for tonight - more tomorrow.  'Bye for now.