Monday, 30 April 2012

sad news - (Mold clubs)

Good afternoon ladies
It is with a very sad heart that I have to tell you that Tina passed away this afternoon.
Her husband Ken will let me know of funeral arrangements as soon as they have been made & I will then let you all know.
Please hold him in your thoughts.

I will be back later with crafting news.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

just chatting

Hello ladies

I haven't been in for a couple of days as there really hasn't been anything to blog about.

But I have had an email from Betty of Mold II, answering a couple of my questions regarding the photos of show & tell and project cards from their meeting on Tuesday last.

The project card with the birdcage on is Betty's & is not stamped,  and the show & tell tag with the couple & the car is also Betty's.  The car & couple are one stamp from Joanna Sheen.  So there we have it - a mystery solved.

Yesterday late afternoon Bob & I went out for a meal at our local hostelry (The Running Hare) for our anniversary meal.  It was very nice & their menu has a Light Bite section so as I have not been eating a great deal recently this was just the right size for me.  Very nice indeed & my first proper outing in almost 4 weeks.  Hopefully more or less back to normal now.  CSNW has their May meeting on Wednesday so that will be my first return to club nights.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  I am not 100% certain whether I will be at the stamp festival on the Saturday as I am helping with the set up on the Friday & then have a workshop all day Sunday.  I am looking forward to the workshop it is nice to be the pupil for a change - so I don't want to get too tired beforehand.

I hope you are all having a good weekend despite all this wet stuff.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

just chatting

Good afternoon ladies

Having put up with this infection for nearly 3 weeks & missing out on club meetings I have also not be able to take any workshops.  But yesterday I found that there were 6 people booked on my Scrap booking workshop arranged for today.  So! as I must start getting out & about again I decided to go ahead with it.  Other workshops during this time had not booked enough people to take place - so that is how I got my rest.

What a miserable start to the day with the rain - which worsened & somewhat, during the course of the workshop.

Sadly 2 of the ladies didn't turn up but the remaining 4 did.  One of the ladies was new to the craft but the other 3 had been on a couple of my earlier scrap booking workshops.  It was a very enjoyable morning & of course is not too strenuous a subject for me to deal with.

But I have to admit by the time I got home I was somewhat weary.  Possibly due to the fact, as well, that I have been on my own a bit - so very quiet - therefore I expect talking tired me.

Having got withdrawal symptoms from not visiting the shop for 3 weeks I had a good look round & ended up buying another gadget.  It's a cutting system from Purple Cow with loads of blades that sit inside a little tool like a computer mouse.  It comes with a ruler as well for cutting in straight lines - but it mainly designed to do free-style cutting.  I saw it being used somewhere ages ago - so seeing it there on the shelf - I just had to weaken.  Must remember to use it.

Well! that was my day - hope yours was good.

More tomorrow - please take care.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mold II photos - part 2


I am back - this time with the photos from the project for last night.  I sent along with Helen a sketch for everyone to make a card from.  You seem to like this project - so perhaps I will build it into the years programme again sometime.

here is the sketch used;

I rather liked this sketch layout & now that I have seen what you have all done with it - like it even more.  I think I might use it for some cards I have to make.  Now here are the cards that you ladies made;

I like the way the 3 panels have been interpreted in this one.

What delicate colours in these papers - really pretty

A more dramatic colouring & a nice take on the panels - lovely card

Those daffodils really brighten the day don't they. I like the outlining on the panels - makes them stand out.

A really nice clean & simple idea.  Was the birdcage stamped?

Another really fresh looking style, those daisies are pretty

I hope I have this card the right way up.  When I loaded it into my picture folder I increased the size & kept turning it round to try & see if I have it right.

Another twist on the panel layouts - lovely papers used & that cut out rose.

I love flower fairies (sorry about the flash light) & those tags are a great way to show the panels.

Another bright & cheery paper - really brightens the day up, & that tiny rose that has been cut out & placed top right. 

Really dramatic design - love the panel interpretation.

Another delicate design - that heart embellishment is beautiful

The design works really well in this monochrome card.  Really lovely.

What a delicate card & those look like rolled paper roses - very nice.

What pretty edgings to these delicate patterned papers, & a landscape card for a change.

There you have it - well done ladies.

If I manage to be creative myself today - I will be back, if not - more tomorrow.  Hope this rain goes away.

'Bye for now.  take care everyone.

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning ladies

Well, thank you to Helen for taking last night's photos for me & here is the first set.  They are of the Show & Tell, the theme of which was a card depicting transport.

That is a really happy card & I love the image

Somebody's father is going to be very pleased to receive this card.  I am sure I have that car stamp!

That is a fantastic image, from a time when trains were trains.

I love this tag there is so much happening.  I am assuming the 2 people getting out of the car are separate stamps to the car - please let me know.

I really like the use of this image - sorry about the flash light in the middle of it.  (I meant to suggest that Helen switch the flash off)

What a great card - love the dictionary paper & map used with the main image.  Is that a "Happy Birthday" sentiment sticking out of the back of the train image?  is it a tab that pulls out to reveal the message?  Please let me know.

Another great design & I really like that quote.  It's very true.

Right! I am off now to write about the project cards from the evening.  Be back in a little while.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mold II club night

Good evening ladies

Just popping in to say thank you to Helen, who has just popped in with the things from the meeting, & for taking things along to the Mold II club evening for me & giving the ladies their project for the evening.

Also to say thank you to the ladies for their beautiful get well card - it is lovely.

Helen has taken photos for meof your work & I will sort them in the morning & post them here then.

Next month we will go with the project that is down for May & save the tea-light card for later in the year.  There won't be a Show & Tell for the May evening as you should have been given a sketch - so for once we will give that a miss.

It sounds like you enjoyed your evening, & obviously I will be with you next month.

This afternoon I ventured out in the car for the first time.  When I popped out briefly Monday it was in Bob's car as a passenger which left me a bit weary, but today - under my own steam I was absolutely whacked when I got in.  So I hope to build myself up by going out again tomorrow for a short while - both by car & on foot.  Slowly does it as it is when I am walking that my breathing suffers.  Anyway enough about that.

I am hoping to get on & make some cards tomorrow, as I have a couple of "big" birthday card orders to fulfil.  Will let you know how it goes.

I made Bob's card for our anniversary - but can't show you that yet as our anniversary is tomorrow.  It was clean & simple in design.

Hope you are all keeping well.
That's me for tonight - more tomorrow
'night 'night.

Monday, 23 April 2012

just popping in

I have just hit the publish button for some comments that were awaiting my attention & felt I should come in & "explain!"

I am so sorry about the confusion I got you all into about dates.  Please put it down to my poorly state of health at the time.

When I was talking about Joanna helping me that was for the Mold club on Thursday 19th (last week) - but I put 24th - sorry.

Joanna is not taking the Mold II club tomorrow - 24th.  See a previous post regarding the Mold II meeting tomorrow.

Hope that has un-confused you all.

just chatting

Hi ladies
Just thought I would pop in again & let you know what I have been up to creativity wise the last couple of days, now that I have just got started again.

I needed something to get my creativity going again so I sat & played with my digital scrap booking software & a couple of photos from my god-daughters wedding.   I am doing what they call hybrid scrap booking (that is sticking papers & photographs together etc) - but not for every photo I take.  Some of them I am using digital layouts & her wedding is one of those events.  I thought you might like to see one of them

It is this side of digital scrap booking that I like, as the photo of the couple cutting the cake has been merged into the background paper - because for this page I wanted the cake to take centre stage.  I think it has worked well.  I have just noticed that I haven't put their names on the page - just the date.  May change that.

Sadly today I had to make sympathy cards as over the weekend an elderly colleague of mine, through another of my interests, passed away suddenly.  It is always sad to have to make these cards & especially so when the person is so active & sprightly.  I shall miss her very much as we went to functions & events together & I often used to visit & sit & have long chats putting the world to rights.

That's me for now

Mold II meeting tomorrow (24th) info

Hello ladies

This post is mainly to let the Mold II ladies know that unfortunately I will not be able to be at the meeting tomorrow night.

I have been out for the first time today, just up to the post office & I am afraid it just tired me out.  I don't think it would be a good idea for me to go out for the first time (properly) during the evening.  My cough is almost gone but it has just left this awful tiredness, breathlessness & lack of energy.  But I hope to get out a little more tomorrow during the day, & then build up each day.

So! I will get in touch with Helen & think up something for you to do in my absence.  It will be best if you bring lots of goodies with you to work with - card, paper, stamps, inks, ribbon, embellishments etc. Also there are a couple amongst you who do not read the blog - so perhaps you could take along some extras for them as well.  I will probably go along the same lines as the Mold club last Thursday & send a sketch for you to work with.  Hopefully Helen will bring my camera along & take photos for me.

I hope you are all keeping free of these bugs that are going around & that they I will see you all, from all the clubs, soon.

Don't forget - the Stamp Festival is on May 12th - not long now.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 20 April 2012

mold meeeting photos - part 2

Hi - I am back again

This time I have the photos of the project from the Mold club meeting last night.  Joanna provided a sketch for everyone to follow;

Here is the sketch

Very clean & delicate design

Design turned around - he's rather cute isn't he

I have that central image stamp as well

A nice sunny design

Pretty in pink.  Is that one stamp?  Or is it a buildup of teacups.

Ah - you just cannot go wrong with shoes & handbags

One of my favourite colours - very delicate

Lovely use of papers & that butterfly is lovely

A slightly different take on the design - works well

Again a light change to the layout but the original sketch can be clearly seen
An interesting use of papers - they work so well together
What an imposing image - I need to find out more about that one.  Stunning.

 The anemones really suit this design & I see the mesh that Joanna has been used on this one.
Oops I have just looked at the ones above again & there is some of this mesh on some of those.  I didn't spot it at first.

Simple & elegant design - the central image appears to be raised.

I have to ask if the lettering on the panels was put together or is it one stamp - its very effective whichever it is.

I recognise that image - it was a freebie on Craft Stamper.  What great impact it gives on this card.

Lovely cards ladies.  Well done & thank you Joanna for looking after the meeting for me & searching out the sketch.

That's me for tonight ladies.  More tomorrow.
Night night.


mold meeting photos - part 1

Good evening ladies

Joanna has very kindly & very quickly sent me the photos from last night's Mold meeting.  This set is of the Show & Tell cards;

This is the sketch that was used for the show & tell

A great interpretation - really clever

 very delicate

Another great interpretation

Wow!  amazing

A really lovely colour combination - I love the materials used between the section.

Very delicate design

A really different interpretation - turning the design around.

Is this a steam punk design?  Love the colour scheme

What a great way to link the sections - little metal links

An easel card version & the sections joined together very delicately

Ladies, I am very impressed with your interpretations - I am so sorry at not seeing them in the flesh.  The photography is very good but it would have been nice to see them in, as I said, in the flesh.

Off to sort out the photos now for the  cards you made during the evening.

Back soon.