Thursday, 30 November 2017

health update

Good morning everyone.
I thought I would write a post this morning bringing you all up to date with my health situation at this time.

On the 22nd November I had a meeting with my consultant for the result of the biopsy on the mass he had removed.  He informed me that the mass had been larger than they thought & I would need further surgery to remove more lymph nodes & that he recommended a mastectomy.  

As you can probably imagine this completely floored Bob & I. I was knocked for 6 & that night the tears flowed which I guess was bound to happen at some time as I had not given into them before.

The first thing he wanted was for me to have a full CT scan before having the surgery to check for the possibility of any further occurrences.
I had that scan on 23rd November (yes - that quick) & returned to see the consultant on the 28 November for the results of the CT scan.
It’s a bit of good & bad news depending on where you sit in the scheme of things.
The CT scan showed small amounts of cancer material in my bones – so that is now the priority.

On Monday I am having a Radioisotope scan (a process which takes hours!!).  This will then be followed fairly soon by a visit to the oncologist.  My consultant said that the oncologist was pretty certain that she could treat these cells given that it is small amounts. The further surgery mentioned earlier is now on hold & there is a very slight chance it, this session of chemo, could help with the problem still in the breast – but not definite. 

The chemo is to start as soon as possible after seeing the oncologist & could take up to 6 months depending on how well I respond.
Both Bob & I feel a little happier strangely – both of us for the same reason. We had both been worrying that the scan would show up something awful – so small amounts in the bones – sort of “good” news.  I am a little relieved that surgery is not the immediate option, although the fact that I might still have to have some is not good news.  I just really couldn’t face another op so soon.
So – now a new road to take & face whatever it brings.  

Being decidedly female – my big concern now – my hair & losing it.  The consultant said that most chemo treatments will cause hair loss – but that the oncologist will be able to guide me on this.  He also said not to go & get my hair all cut off until I had spoken to her.  As if.

But I have started looking at wigs on line .............. such lovely shopping sessions   😕

So there you have it.  It probably means that I won't make meetings in the New Year - but I will have a better idea when I know what days & how many & how they fit into the times & dates of your meetings.  I will be there when I can.  In the meantime I know that you will all pull together to keep the meetings going & probably come up with some great ideas too.

Don't forget to keep me informed so that I can keep in touch by blogging.

Thank you also for your continued good wishes they are much appreciated not only by me but Bob too.

That is me for today.  I will let you know how I get on with the oncologist.

Tomorrow I have photos from Tuesdays Mold II meeting to show you & still more members news - so it should keep me busy for a few days.

'Bye for now - take care of yourselves.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have the photos from the Mold club meeting of the 16th & they are of their project for the evening.  This project was shown by Mold club member Janet & she covered the grid technique with an added twist.

Here are the photos & it looks like two methods were shown;

Maureen's two cards show one of each method.

As do Joanna's cards also. I love the use of text on them.

 Both of Sheelagh's cards were created with the alternative technique

Rhiannon has also used the alternative technique - this time showing clean clear lines.

Joan has used the alternative technique & I rather like the informal outer edges on this one.

Mair has one of each technique on her card.  I do like the idea of just the central panel Mair.

Oh I do like those images on Rachel's card.  A really fun card.

One of each style from Yvonne & I like the impact of the white space in the centre of the right hand one.

Two cards from Clare also & the right hand is more in the style of the original technique.
Two great looking, different designs using the same images & colours.

Wow Lynn - it would almost look like stained glass if your lines had been black.
As it is it reminds me of marbled patchwork.

Finally - two examples from Janet which I think she probably did during the evening whilst demonstrating the technique.

Thank you Janet for showing the ladies this technique.
I think you can safely say - looking at their results - that they thoroughly enjoyed making these.

Well done ladies - now I need to have a go myself but it won't be for a while just yet.

Tonight is the last meeting of 2017, for the Mold II ladies - have a great evening ladies.

That is my post for today - back again as soon as I can.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the consultant - will let you know how I get on.


Monday, 27 November 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Good evening everyone.

This evening I am trying to catch up on some club photos & have a couple for you in this post, both of them from the Mold club's Show & Tell  which was a card depicting fireworks.
Their meeting was on 16 November.

The first one was made by Lynn;

What a lovely burst of colour in this card & good use of shapes to depict the different effects that you see with fireworks.  Great card Lynn

The second card was made by Sheelagh & she used the U-fold card design shown to us by Carolyn;

Another great card Sheelagh - it is full of splashes of colour from the firework effects, & lots of atmosphere with the crowd around the bonfire.

So that is the first set - I may be back later with the second set - or - it could be during the day tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 24 November 2017

csnw photos

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I am catching up on photos from CSNW ladies last meeting on 1st November.

It was a very small group that met up & for the Show & Tell part of the evening there was only one card.  The theme was a card depicting fireworks;

 Clare's card really showed the sparkle & fun of fireworks.
Great card.

I am also going to show you in this one post, the photos of the project for that evening which was that lovely U-fold card shown to us by Carolyn of Mold II club;

This is Elvena's card with that lovely silhouette topper of the girl with the balloons & a pretty heart background paper.

A lovely classic style to Ruth's card & I love that topper made with squares of card, a flower & a button with thread tie.

A delicate clean & simple style from Clare with a very pretty butterfly topper.

Grace chose to decorate her card with some silhouette stamps & I love that word stamp "Celebrate" where the letters are all different fonts.

Sorry it has taken me so long to put these here - but better late than never.  That card of Carolyn's was well received & I think that we will be seeing more of them during 2018.

That is me for today ladies - more as soon as I can.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

mold II photos part 1 Oct extra

Phew that's a long title, isn't it.

What it means is that I have for you an extra set of photos from the Mold II project for October which was shown in part 1.  Dot of Mold II club has sent me photos of the concertina book she completed from the project Rita showed them.

As in other books we have learnt to make during the year - Dot has also added extra smaller pages & pockets;

Dot, it is beautiful. I think you said it was a present for someone. They will be absolutely delighted to receive it.

As we are having our grandson over at Christmas I will be taking lots of photos, then after Christmas will make this as a memory book for our first Christmas all together.

Oops - just noticed I did not say - Good morning.  So - good morning everyone I hope you are all well.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

a bit of catching up

Good afternoon everyone.

Just a little chat to bring you up to date with things.  I am progressing well although still uncomfortable & sore, & tired.  I have had a little set back as I have a problem with one of my operation points. This has made me me a little more uncomfortable & I am finding it difficult using my right arm.

Typing is a bit difficult & I cannot keep it up for too long.  I have things to put here on the blog - some club photos, member showcases, my own card makes from before.  I will get on here as much as I can - but it will probably be in short sharp doses.

Please send me any photos of your work that I can feature on the blog.

This is all I can manage for now - will be back again soon.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

I am home

Hello everyone.

Just popping in to let you all know that I am now back home. Came home on Monday afternoon in fact.

I am very tired, wobbly & fortunately not in pain - but very uncomfortable. Not able to get too comfortable a sleeping position at the moment but managing to sleep reasonably well.

My wonderful hubby is looking after me really well & I am being waited on. Mind you he has just told me not to do too much on here, so he is also getting good at nagging too.  😏 Would be lost without him.

I will stop in a moment for today but not until I have said a big thank you for all the lovely text & email messages, beautiful cards & flowers. Plus a big thank you to Hayley who sent me an amazing hospital survival kit - many things got used.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart.
Much love.