Monday, 31 January 2011

Succesful talk

Good evening everyone

I have just returned home from my Rubber Stamping talk.  It was to a Women's League Group not the Women's Institute.  There were about 18 ladies present & 2 of them had done rubber stamping & also attended the HSNW stamp festivals. 

My system of prepared demonstrations worked very well - I took six, & carried out five in the time allocated, including a little background talk about myself.  All in all I was very pleased with the evening.  I have another talk to do next week & will use the same system.  Also I stamped the demonstrations in such a way as to be able to use the images later on a card.

I haven't done any crafting today except that mentioned above.  There were some domestic duties to carry out then I took a fairly lazy afternoon to make sure I was not tired for this evening.

Tomorrow morning is eye test day & definitely new glasses - oops, my credit card just hid at the bottom of my bag!

Today being the last day of January I shall in the morning, take photographs of all the cards I have made this month & put them in a slide show. Hopefully in tomorrows blog.

A few days back I ordered some items from Create & Craft including a glass cutting mat - that arrived late this afternoon, so tomorrow can set up my desk with my new mat.  Oh yes! one of the things I prepared to use at tonight's demonstrations was - from some cut up pieces of fun foam I-  a stamping mat.  I have one of those large ones but didn't fancy taking that with me.  In my cupboard (one of many) there were some pieces of fun foam about A5 size.  They had originally been used for paper pricking but only had a few little needle holes in them.  So I took 5 of them & stuck them together with DSST - worked great.

Well I am off to bed now - will read a book for a while I expect.

Hope you are all well.  More tomorrow.  Sleep well - night night.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Finally, photos

Good morning everyone & a nice sunny morning it is too.
Oops speak too soon - the sun has just gone in.

This morning I finally got around to photographing those cards made from the pyramage kit.  Here they are;

Before that I prepared my box for my WI talk tomorrow.  I had already decided what I would be doing & had got out all the stamps etc on my desk yesterday.  This morning I decided that I should prepare them in a Create & Craft, & Blue Peter-ish style.  So I have a poly pocket for each sample I am going to work that contains the stamp, ink pad, card, acrylic block if required, EP, glitter & a finished sample.  Then I have a box with my Aquacolour markers in, plus the smaller tools such as craft knife, tweezers, bone folder, scoring tool, paintbrush, adhesive.  Also a pocket with previously made cards in. Added to that a bag with cutting board, ruler, heat gun, baby wipes & kitchen roll. On a sheet of paper I have typed out an itemised list of what I intend doing - each item on the list numbered with a matching number in the poly pockets. 

"How organised!"  I hear you say.  Yep!  But - will I stick to it & more to the point will it work.  I will let you know on Tuesday.

Today we are having a family meal.  Gareth - who came home from Germany on Thursday evening (but has to go back again on Tuesday) is coming round, along with Nadine & Russ who are finally managing to get their days off work on the same day.

I hope whatever you are doing this weekend has been, & continues to be, most pleasant.  More tomorrow - 'bye for now.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Birthday Greetings

It's 29th January & a Mold II RS Member has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Liz

Have a great day

Friday, 28 January 2011

Three challenges in one day

Hi everyone
Although I am feeling rather tired again today I decided to take part in some blog challenges.  As the title says - three in one day!  You can see them over on my personal blog by clicking HERE.

I finally photographed the 2 little tags that I had made during that tag workshop.  There isn't any stamping involved as it wasn't a stamping workshop.  I just gave them a box of papers & embellishment & went from there.  The photo is at the end of the blog.

I was really lucky with the heart tag, as I just pulled out some items from the box & there was the piece of red card with the heart aperture & the outline silver heart, which of course just fitted inside the aperture.  After another look in the box I found the other silver heart & the word Love on a piece of paper which I trimmed & popped inside the outline heart.

The other tag was made to show how using papers in strips or patchwork can really work well.  Then in the box I found the butterfly.  I haven't put ribbons in them yet - but they are going to go in my book of tags that I have been creating.  You may remember last year I showed photos here of the tags as I made them. 

Just love making tags they are so quick - well generally - & can be used in different ways.

Well that is all I am writing today as Gareth arrived a few moments ago & now he has gone off with Bob to get us a fish & chips dinner.  So I must be ready when they return.

Have a lovely weekend.

More tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another workshop day

Good evening everyone
Today was another of my crochet workshops & once again it went well - I really must think about doing some of my own.

Anyway, stamping - I haven't done any today but have prepared my club box for the CSNW meeting next week & also put some things ready for a talk I am going to be doing for a WI group on Monday evening.

Yesterday afternoon I posted on my personal blog, showing some of the stamped cards I had made recently & also entered one of the blog challenges.  This one was using CD's - I did try to think of a way to stamp with it, but couldn't get the brain in gear.  When I popped in to write todays blog here I noticed I had comments on my blog.  Very nice comments too - I am really pleased. If you want to take a look click HERE

Also yesterday I was watching a little bit of Create & Craft & one of the items on the programme was the x-cut punch that can cut a design in 2 sizes of circles, an oval, a square, a border & a corner.  I was very tempted & then this morning noticed that Purple Butterfly Crafts had them in stock.  Yep - I weakened.  It makes a nice alternative to nestabilities.  Hope to try it out tomorrow with some stamping. But I did order something from C&C too - a glass cutting mat.  They had it at a very good price & even with postage it works out cheaper than I have seen in the shops.  They are much better for cutting but you do get through blades a bit quicker.

I am still behind with photography -but I am sure I will catch up

That's it for toniight ladies more tomorrow.   Night night.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mold II photographs

Good morning Stampers!

Well here I am as promised last night with the photos from the Mold II meeting.  The slide show is the photos of their show & tell - which was using those strips of card!  After that there will be 3 pictures showing 3 of the albums that were almost finished.

I do feel rather tired this morning - so will not be doing anything strenous.  Probably sit & make some more cards & providing I can decide straight away what I am doing I shouldn't get stressed out by it.  Do you agree that it takes longer to decide what to do than actually do it - most times anyway?

I mentioned yesterday the tag workshop I had done in the morning.  I am going to put photos up of the 2 tags I made whilst showing the ladies - but I am going to put them on my personal blog - as I haven't put anything on there for a while.  Will let you know when they are there just in case you want to take a look.

I will probably pop back in again later today as I did say I would be putting other photos on here of those "kit" cards I had made.  Talking of photos - I must apologise if the colour of those I took last night are not as correct as they should be.  I think it is partially down to the lighting in the room - but the flash didn't go off on the camera either.  I also noticed this morning that one was a bit blurry - I think that is down to me.  I had a reminder last week that it was time to have my eyes tested - so I think I had better get that sorted asap.

"Happy Birthday"

"Happy Birthday"

It's 26 January & there is a Mold Club member with a birthday today

Happy Birthday Joanna
Have a great day

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mold II Club meeting

Hi everyone
It was the Mold II club meeting tonight - the first for 2011.

The Show & Tell was the use of those strips of card I left before Christmas & there were some great designs.  Also we made the little toilet roll inner album.  During the course of the evening I had a couple of other ideas to make a similar item & I am going to try & find time tomorrow to follow one of them through.

Forgive me but no photos tonight - I have some from the meeting to show you - but I am just too tired to be able to upload them & include them here.  I will probably blog in the morning getting up to date with photos.

I had a workshop this morning at Purple Butterfly Crafts - we did a tag workshop.  There were 3 ladies on it & just using luggage labels & scraps of paper from a box of stash & some peel-offs, stamps & images for toppers they made 3 different tags. They looked really good.  I made 2 as well whilst explaining to them - will photograph them & show you tomorrow.

I am afraid that's it for today.  I am off to bed now - not sure I will be able to read my book tonight, which will be unusual for me.  Night night.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pleasant day out

Hi everyone
Today i had a very pleasant day out with our daughter-in-law Nadine.

We had a nice drive to Llandudno & of course visited the craft shop there.  I didn't buy much but I couldn't actually go in & buy nothing.  Sorry ....................... not buy anything.

I bought some nice black square cards, some 6x6 papers (Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen no less); & something else which I can't remember.  That's bad isn't it/

The we had a nice scenic drive back along the coast.

When I got home I put the box ready for tomorrows Mold II meeting.

This morning Gareth set off early for Germany where he is working for a little while.  He is in Dusseldorf, & will be home on Thursday evening.  This will be going on for quite a few weeks I think - if not months later.

That's my news for today.  As I was out all day I didn't get photographs taken of the cards made over the weekend.

Hope you had a good weekend.  That's it for tonight.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Forty Four cards!!!

Yes, you have read that right - 44 cards.

Good afternoon ladies
Yesterday & today whilst Bob has been watching Rugby I have been up in my little craft room making cards & sorting more stash.

Of the 44 cards - 2 were rubber stamped & were made from toppers that I had made last year.  They were in fact the 2 toppers I made for the HSNW Festival Exhibition board when we did the black & white theme.

24 of them were made from the left-overs of a kit I had bought in 2009 from Create & Craft. The kit contained 40 beautiful floral cards with decoupage, which when you popped out the layers gave you pryamage & invertage (in's & out's!) - so 20 of each.  I made up quite a few of them some time back for fundraising & used the decoupage option.  A couple of people who bought them remarked on the amount that it cost them in postage because of the depth.  So when I sorted them out yesterday I made the other 14 with just one frame of the invertage option, & the 10 remaining decoupage with just the second smallest layer attached.  This means I have some of the invertage layers left over.  Basically they are frames with differing sized apertures in them.  Looking at them - I can use most of the as frames.  So I will use them & find a nice floral stamp that will go with them for the middles.  Once they have all been used I will have made in excess of 80 cards from the kit.  I don't feel so bad at buying it now.

Today as I put away freebies from some of the magazines I had bought recently & during the tail end of last year,  I uncovered some packs of chipboard elements.  Four sheets of flower fairies, 3 sheets with dogs & cats on (quite comical) & some oriental.  So I made up the flower fairies & 6 of the dogs.  Voila - 44 cards made.

Have you seen the latest Docrafts "Creativity" magazine.  This issue has a free gift again - a small set of clear stamps - cupcake design, & a floral embossing folder.  Although I am not into cupcakes - I do quite like the little set & the folder is really good - all for £2-50. 

I will probably take some photos of the "kit" & "chipboard" cards tomorrow & pop a slide show here.  The others that I have been making throughout the month will be in a slide show at the end of the month.

After the Mold meeting last Thursday I stood around for a while talking to Joanna. One of the things we spoke about was the problem of storage of hand-made cards that have been received.  I do not want to throw mine out - I have them going back 10 years.  As we chatted Joanna wondered whether the best thing to do was to photograph them & put them onto a CD / DVD.  That is a good idea - so at some time or other I have to start photographing.  That stills leaves a problem - what to do with the actual cards.  So what I have decided is to sort through them carefully once they have been photographed & then recycle what I can.  I will save what toppers I can & embellishments & turn them into new cards, perhaps for charity or the soldiers.  Of course some complete card fronts could be recycled by being layered on to new base cards.  This of course will not happen overnight but is a task I will undertake throughout the year.  It has to be done as I have 4 plastic crates that measure about 30" x 18" x 15" - full of cards.  Also there are some in smaller boxes.  I have been very fortunate to received all these beautiful cards & in one regard it will be quite painful to cut them up - but it would be even worse if they just deteriorated in a box.  So those of you who have given me cards over the years - thank you - I hope you approve of my decision.  I won't reuse them until they are at least 12-18 months old. 

Well, that's my weekend - I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend whatever you have been doing.

More tomorrow - bye for now.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Mold Club January meeting

Good morning ladies - well, it was when I first started today's blog.  Now it's good afternoon.

Several things happened - I had three phone calls on the trot, then Bob decided we deserved a treat & we went out to lunch.  We3 went just down the road to The Plough on Aston Hill just above Queensferry.  Lunch was really good value & very tasty indeed.  Enough about my lunch.

Well the rubber stamping year has started with the first meeting for 2011 for Mold club taking place last night.  There was a lot of information to pass on at the beginning of the evening & all that information will be given out at each of the other 2 clubs - (Mold II next Tuesday & CSNW on 3 Feb).

This did eat into the play part of the evening a little but none the less I think the ladies enjoyed the evening.  I need to put here a reminder to the ladies to bring their finished project back next month in order for me to take photos.  Will probably send you all an email about it.

Ok - so here are the photographs of the Show & Tell last night.  There were more photos taken but they didn't come out too well.  I nearly forgot to take them so probably did them a bit quick & also I should have been in a better light.  If your card is not there - my apologies.

Well that's it for today ladies, more tomorrow.

"Happy Birthday"

It's 21 January & there is a Mold Club member with a birthday today

Happy Birthday Janet
Have a great day

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mold Club

Hi everyone
I have just got in from the Mold club meeting - the first for 2011.

The drive home was not very pleasant as there was quite thick fog.  So although I wasn't tired
 from the club meeting I am afraid the drive home has left me a bit weary.  Fog takes it's toll on your eyes doesn't it?  Particularly night driving. So, I apologise but cannot manage a full blog tonight.

We had a good evening - not everyone was there - but a good turnout.  Will tell you about it tomorrow along with some photos, probably write it up in the morning.

Take care in this icy fog.

Night night.

Who stole Wednesday?

I just popped in to prepare the blog for tonight & I find I didn't blog yesterday.

I was a busy girl yesterday & thought I had done it!  I must have thought it through & my mind thought I had actually typed it up.  Gosh - the minds going.

I am off to Mold Club in about 2 hours - so will blog when I get back from there & should have some pictures.

Made lots of cards yesterday - but more of that later.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

End of an era

Hi everyone
That title sounds a bit melodramatic doesn't it?  But it is the end of an era, for me - because last night I finished as Chairman of HSNW after 14 years in  "office".  I explained a couple of days ago about it - it's all part of my cutting back on some of my workload.  It was quite a sad moment really, but of course I will still be attending & enjoying the meetings.

Today I have been card making & have done some more of my quick cards - plus 2 stamped ones & some work done towards 3 more which I will finish tomorrow. I used a stamp that I hadn't used for some time, & the non-stamped ones used more of my paper stash.  Good couple of hours work. Also I had a good look around blog land & the challenges out there & I am hoping to join in with 3 or 4 of those this week. Hopefully if I think things through carefully before starting - one card can be made to fit more than one challenge.  We will see.

I am not going to show you pictures of the cards I made today as I am leaving all of them until the end of the month when I will do a slide-show of all the cards I make during January.  Actually a couple have slipped through the net though - the latest one that didn't get photographed, being the one I made for the HSNW lucky dip birthday box.  I had just sealed the envelope when I realised I hadn't photographed the card.  Never mind.

Well, I think that's it for today - I hope you liked the idea of birthday wishes that I introduced earlier today - don't know why I didn't think of it before.  It doesn't replace a card - just another way to recognise someone on their special day. Of course I realise that not every club member has the Internet - or uses it - but everyone will be mentioned.

More tomorrow.


Hi everyone
Here's a little idea I have decided to include - hope you like it -


Mold club        January                              Shirley                      6th
                                                               Wyn                          15th
CSNW                                                       Verena                      5th                      

belated wishes - but just as fondly meant

Back later.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Preparing for club nights

Well! that's another weekend almost over & have you noticed how the evenings are slowly drawing out.  Spring is just around the corner I think - actually I mean I would like to think - but it possibly isn't so yet.

Good evening ladies - I almost forgot!

I have spent most of today getting the admin side of the clubs sorted - new membership lists, birthday lists - reorganising my own folder, tidying those club boxes & making sure they have everything in them.  Raffle books, box for raffle money, programmme slips, sketches & whatever else is needed for the next few meetings.  That has got me organised for a while now,  so I should stay on top of things.

Also tomorrow night is the AGM of  HSNW club.  We have been committee run for quite a few years now & tomorrow night is my final night as Chairman.  I am standing down & going to be an "ordinary" member.  It will seem very strange as I have been Chairman since the year we decided to have a committee.  But times move on & I have promised Bob I will take things a little easier this year.  Mind you I am also thinking of things to do - but I won't be quite so busy as before.

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned a card I was going to make & put on here as a tutorial - well I hope to get the card made tomorrow but not sure if I will get the tutorial written as well.  Although there are not many instructions to it so I should be able to. At the same time I mentioned that there was another idea I was going to write as a tutorial but couldn't remember what it was.  This morning I suddenly remembered but didn't write it down now I am not sure I can remember it again.  Isn't the brain marvellous?  Perhaps if I ask it nicely just as I go to sleep to help me out, it might come back to me.  You know, the same as banging your head 3 times on the pillow saying at the same time something you want to remember.  You've never done that!  Ah well - my Mum bless her did have some strange sayings & ideas.

I'm off to bed & a read of my next book on my Kindle.  Sleep well.

Talking of Kindles we had Gareth round for dinner tonight - & I cooked the dinner.  My first full roast dinner cooking since you know when.

Night night.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Missed Christmas Cards

Hi everyone

Just popping in quickly to upload those missed Christmas Cards.  Here they arel

More later.     Bye.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Oops - more Christmas Cards & unusual present

Good evening ladies.

The oops is because whilst pottering around this morning before going to meet Caroline I spotted that on the top of a corner unit in our dining room I was still displaying 4 Christmas cards.  So they haven't appeared in the slide show.  Also on Tuesday I was given a Christmas Card that had been left for me at the craft shop down the road & today I met up with Caroline to exchange Christmas stockings & that included her Christmas Card to me.  So will photograph them tomorrow & put them on tomorrows blog.

I had a nice few hours with Caroline - we visited a wholesale store on the Wirral & I bought some things  towards next Christmas.  Yes! I really am getting organised.  But - of course I will have to remember where I have put them.  Afterwards we went to the garden centre behind Hulme Hall & had lunch & a good long natter.  Very nice indeed.

When I got home I had received a parcel from one of the online sites I buy things from.  The one I got most of the Christmas raffle prizes from - some more bargains, including a free stamp set.  Very nice.

I mentioned above exchanging Christmas stockings with Caroline.  Each year for some time now we have made each other up a Christmas stocking - but the weather beat us this time so we have only just managed to meet up.  So I have had another Christmas day.

Early in the evening Gareth popped in to see us & he remarked on the Christmas goodies (choccies etc) still on the table in the lounge.  If I put them in the cupboard they will probably get forgotten - so I have left them out.  That brings me to unusual present.  Russ & Nadine gave me a presentation box of a Toast rack & Marmite.  I know its not to everyones liking but I was brought up on Marmite.  The only thing was they also gave me a bar of chocolate - with Marmite in.  I mentioned to Gareth that I hadn't had the courage to try it yet.  So! I asked if he would like to give it a try - with me having some as well.  He said he would try it - so I opened the wrapping.  First thing is a light Marmite aroma.  The chocolate bar was quite thin.  So courage in both hands - well mouth actually - we tried it.  It was actually quite nice.  You could sense the Marmite but it wasn't overpowering.  So there you go.

Before Gareth arrived I had been up in the craft room & made 3 quick cards.  Yes! - three.  They were quick ones using papers & toppers again from my stash.  I am putting them all in a box - then at the end of the month I will photograph them & post a slide show.

After all that excitement - I am tired enough to think it is time for bed.  Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it is enjoyable.  Let's hope the weather is reasonable.

More tomorrow.  Night, night. 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hi there everyone

I have had a busy day today.  This morning it was my Learn to Crochet workshop.  I had 5 ladies on it & I am pleased to say it went very well. They were a really good group who all got on well & enjoyed the workshop & have fixed their dates for the follow on lessons.

In the afternoon I took our daughter-in-law Nadine out for the afternoon.  We ended up at Burleydam Garden Centre on the A41 - it has a really nice gift section & they sell Yankee candles which Nadine loves. I bought a Yankee candle car freshener - I love the candles too - but - they make Bob sneeze, so we tend not to have them.

I know that doesn't sound busy - but it was two sessions in one day which can still leave me tired at the end of it, but not as tired as I used to get.  So things are on the up.

Whilst at my workshop this morning I bought the latest copy of the "Docraft" magazine which had a free stamp on the front.  It was to do with "cupcakes" which I thought had started to go out of fashion - but evidently not.  But also it had a free embossing folder too.  I haven't looked at it yet or read the magazine - but the folder looked quite nice too.  The last couple of issues of the magazine have had a little set of stamps on for free, & they have been really good, when you consider the magazine is only £2-50 its actually very good value.

I also bought the latest issue of Craft Stamper on Tuesday - that's quite a nice free stamp on there too - a watch face. But i have found a very nice project in there.

Ooh yes & before I went off to my workshop this morning I made another card.  I grant you the stamping had already been done & coloured, but I had to trim it & decided how to lay it out.  It was one of the little footballer images that I had made a week or so ago.  I had stamped 2 images in the one go - but only used one so far.  So! I am still on track for making a card a day.

Tomorrow I am meeting Caroline for a good old natter & lunch - that will be nice.

Well I am off to my bed now - sleep tight everyone.  More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Just a quick pop in

Hi there
Not a lot to report today - I have been sorting family history records/paperwork as it had begun to take over my work desk - that's a different desk to my craft desk.

I have some paper & toppers on my craft desk ready to make some quick cards, & also I have a slightly different design card to make - it is very simple - so rather than save it for a club night - I will put it on the tutorials page.  I will also print off some notes too - for those ladies who do not read the blog.

There was something else I was going to do a tutorial for - & I can't remember what.  I will have to read back through the postings to remind me.

Off to do my crochet workshop tomorrow morning.

That's it for tonight.  Sleep well

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Christmas Cards 2010

Good evening ladies
Well tonight I have some photos for you.  A slide show of all the lovely Christmas Cards I received - they were absolutely gorgeous, thank you.  At one point when opening them I thought I was going to have my first double up on handmade cards - which would have been very weird.  But no - one was my lucky dip card from Mold II & the other one which was slightly different in fact - was from one of the ladies of Mold II who obviously made my lucky dip card too. There were so many techniques & styles amongst them it really is a pleasure receiving them & looking at them again later.

Here is the slide show;

The other photo is of the card I made Bob for his birthday last week.  It was from a kit I downloaded but we had made this style of card at club night some time back - this one had the added arch which I thought looked good.  With the kit you could do two arches but I thought that was a bit over the top - so backed them to each other & just put the one.  The 2 cars I decoupaged & inside the middle section is a little envelope that contains the birthday greeting.  I think I will use this style again - but next time make it from scratch & stamp it!  Here it is;

Also today I have made a stamped card.  It was for a challenge website & you can read about it & see a photo over on my personal blog.  Just click HERE.

I also did some more sorting of toppers & papers 7 have one more folder to go through - which I will do tomorrow.  Then I will have got everything into one A4 storage box rather than 5 folders.  Much easier to find everything.  Also I ho0pe to be using some of it to make up some cards.

I think I might have to look at the make-up of the slide shows as in the one above there appears to be quite a large black surround.  I might need to change something in the setup.

Well! that's it for tonight.  More tomorrow - hope you are all well & busy crafting.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Just popping in for a chat

Hi everyone
Had a big sorting day today - most of those toppers & papers I mentioned.  So haven't even made a card - so 2 to do tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the start of this years club meetings - the first one being a week Thursday for Mold.  Then the following Tuesday after that for Mold II.  CSNW takes place on the following Wednesday to that which will be 2 February.  Poor ladies - they have not had their Christmas raffle goods yet.

I have much going on In my head for the club & the first thing is a new idea to do with the Show & Tell. Hope you will like it.  Then I have something new & big on the boil - so make sure you are at the first meetings to hear all about them.

Today I have also been busy taking photos of the handmade Christmas Cards I received - it has been a bit of an overcast day & getting the right light slowed the process down a bit.  Hope to have them for you to see tomorrow.

That is is for today - more tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Non-card making day

Hi everyone
Today has turned out to be a non card making day.

After going to Asda for our shopping I decided that I would make sure everything was in order for my first 2011 workshop.  It is  "Learn to Crochet".

I finished my worked samples using the notes I had written rather than by memory to make sure they worked & read correctly.  There were a couple of amendments to make - mainly because I decided to reduce the number of rows that would be worked at certain points.  So after correcting the notes & finishing the samples I had to put the notes back into a folder in a sensible order, & work out how to show the samples.  I decided to put each piece in a cello bag & attach them to an A4 sheet of card.  That way I can actually pass them around & they will be kept clean in between times.

I did all that sat beside Bob whilst he watched the Rugby.

On the card making front an important thing to do is re-sort all those papers I have accumulated.  Quite a bit of it got used over Christmas & for early 2011 birthday cards.  But it has left the folders in a bit of an untidy mess - so much so that I am not sure what goes with what & cannot remember what I have got.  Plus some of the pages filed inside have had bits cut out of them or the background pages have been cut in half or smaller.  So all in all it looks a bit of a mess.  You know how sometimes you get little images on these printed sheets? Well I tend not to use them all that much - so there is going to be a clear out too.  I am also going to do some serious clear out of backing papers, which I will probably pass to Clare for her MS fundraising.

Well that is me for today - expect I will pop in again tomorrow.  I do hope you are all having a nice weekend - so glad the snow went.  Well! it did here anyway.

I'm off now to do some more reading of my book on my Kindle.  Downloaded about 5 more on Thursday along with a collection one.  So plenty to read.

Bye bye.

Friday, 7 January 2011

My first Christmas Card

No! I don't mean I have received one - I have made one. Yes! - made a Christmas Card, in the first week of the New Year.  It is certainly a first for me.

I thought with the snow on the ground the obvious card to make today would be a Christmas one.  It isn't a stamped card - it is using one of the many Christmas pictures I have in my stash.

These cards I am making at the moment will be for this years fund-raising box, so they are more simple in design to those I make for giving to friends & family. I will be making quite a few of these obviously, & using up all this stash, so will probably save them up & put photos here in batches in a slide show. Here is today's card.

The little girl & the mini message have been raised with foam pads, & to give it a bit of sparkle I have outlined the main picture & the greeting with glittery gold peel-off borders.

I have stamped a card today as well - which is my entry for one of the challenge websites I follow.  You can take a look at it HERE on my personal website.

Tomorrow I will photograph all the handmade Christmas Cards I received & put a slide show on the blog. Oh yes & a photo of the birthday card I made for Bob.

That's it for tonight, more tomorrow.
Sleep well.

Oh no - more snow!

Good morning ladies

Well! they did say it would snow - but I didn't think we would get this much.  Mind you rain is forecast later in the day so it could all be gone by tonight.

I had to get the camera out again - & took a picture of that same tree that is in the Boxing day sunrise.  I will be back later on today.  For now - here's that picture -

& wouldn't the next one make a good Christmas Card?  Have to include some stamping somewhere on it, though & disguie the TV aerials perhaps.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Almost back to normal

Good evening ladies
That statements really refers to the days now - decorations are down -  well Christmas Cards & a little fibre optic tree.  Bob is back at work & I have some "normal" things to do.

It certainly doesn't refer to me.  I had to pop into Mold this morning to pay some bills.  I got right to the car park of the first place I had to go to & found I hadn't brought the folder with the paperwork & money - so had to drive back home & do the journey all over again.  Head saving feet - sort of comes to mind.

Anyway, once back home I got some paperwork printed, emails caught up on, telephone calls made & then had some time to play.

I have 3 photos for you tonight - the 2 from yesterday which were a funny colour & one of the card I made this afternoon.  This time it's a stamped one.  It's a 20''s style lady with a cloche hat.  On the stamp index it has been painted red - but I didn't fancy red - & I don't have 2 different reds in my Promarkers. So I went for purple / lilac - a colour I do not seem to get away from.  I was disappointed when I first coloured it as the colour didn't seem to show.  But after it dried it was better, & it shows up well in the photo,.  I wanted it muted not bright, but for a moment thought it had gone the other way.

Well! I don't have anything else to say today.  Oops yes I do - just a fun thing.  On my other blog I put a Christmas countdown picture, just a fancy strip with the countdown on it.  I forgot all about it until I blogged on the 2 January.  When I viewed the blog - there was the counter & it had started counting again.  I knew it had stopped on Christmas day & just said "Merry Christmas" - the same as the one on here - but it now said 356 days (can't remember the hours & minutes) - so I had to remove that pretty quick.

Anyway more chat tomorrow - & here are the pictures;

Night, night.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas present swap

Hi there everyone
The title doesn't mean I swapped one of my Christmas presents - I finally got to meet up with Sue today & we swapped presents & Christmas cards.  Although totally different - we gave each other bags - strange wasn't it!.  I think I mentioned the other day the bag I was making in the Pinflair Craft style - well that was for Sue.  In it I placed a book I thought might interest her  - it was making "Inchies" in fabric, & also a cute little Christmas cat stamp.  Sue gave me a Papermania - stitch it together yourself - felt bag & a beautiful fabric embroidered bracelet she had made. If I start soon I should be able to get the bag put together for my holiday.

My visit to the Dentist was ok - although I spent more time waiting to go in for my appointment than I did in there.

Then this evening I have attended a local meeting - so quite a busy day, but I still found time to make 2 cards.  I will put the photos on here tomorrow as I didn't take them until I needed artificial light in the room & they have come out a funny colour.  So will take them again tomorrow in natural light. One is made from toppers I had to hand & the other is embroidery on paper which I had done some time ago & found in a box.  So that is now on a card.

Hope you are all well, more tomorrow.  Night, night.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My car is back!

Hi everyone
Just a short blog today - & I do mean short.

I haven't done any crafting today as it was Bob's birthday & we were out most of the morning; then I couldn't get settled into anything as I was waiting for the Car Repair firm to come & pick up the courtesy car & give me my car back.  It has come back all nicely mended & they washed & cleaned her inside & out as well.  Very nice indeed.  Looking forward to having a run out in her tomorrow - although at the moment that will be as far as the dentist. Fortunately it's just a check-up.

Then later this afternoon we met Gareth at the Running Hare in Ewloe where he bought his Dad a birthday meal,  Well, me too.  Another very pleasant couple of hours.

I will be taking a photo of the card I made for Bob - sadly not stamped, made from a great kit I had found.  Will show you tomorrow along with anything I make.  Also I have seen an adaptation to the stepper card which I think I might do a tutorial for.

That's it for today - more tomorrow.  Night, night.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Finally stamping again

Hi everyone
We had a great family meal out tonight.  It was for Bob's birthday which is actually tomorrow - but this evening was best for Gareth, Russ & Nadine due to their work.  Russ & Nadine work late shifts sometimes.  We went to Ghandi's in Queensferry & had a great meal - it really is excellent value & very good food.

At the weekend I completed the work on writing & printing Nadine's family history & gave it to her when they came round on New Years Day.  Today I have been doing a similar thing for Caroline typing up the research I carried out on her family history  &  hope to give it to her in about a week when I see her.

I also found time to make a card - rubber stamped! So I have photographed it along with the 2 that I made yesterday.  I did 2 yesterday to make up for the fact I didn't make one on New Years Day.  As I think I said a couple of days ago I want to try & make at least 1 card a day.  They won't necessarily all be stamped - but hopefully most will be.  The only reason I will do some non-stamped ones is to use up all the papers etc that I have in my stash. The two little sportsmen cards I made with a set of stamps I bought at Hobbycraft on New Years Eve - for £2-99.  I don't have a lot of stamps suitable for men, so the price tempted me to buy them.  The floral card was made using the set of stamps I bought from Wendy & Martin of Cardio when they visited us - I had difficulty getting the wreath shape underneath the flower to be rounder - but not too bad first attempt. I have some other ideas along the lines of those done at Christmas with the bauble shape.  We will see how they turn out.

Here are the photos of those 3 cards;

Very Simple designs - again also using up papers that I had.

I think I remember saying a couple of days ago how we had had a field fare in the garden for a couple of days eating our fallen apples.  I believe I spelt the name wrong as I thought it was fayre not fare.  Here are a couple of pictures I took - they are a little blurry as I had to have the focus on closeup & I can't hold it all that steady then.  Plus I was taking it through the window, & actually had the camera resting on the top of my teabag storage tin.  The top picture is one pinched from Google images so you can see what I actualy had in the garden, & the other 2 are my photos.

By the way my blog posting yesterday was the 100th since I started.  Soon mounts up.

More tomorrow.  Night night.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Good morning everyone

I didn't blog yesterday as I decided to have a very lazy do-not-a lot kind of day, but take a deep breath & read on because I make up for it today. There is going to be several photos including slide-show & the first is that beautiful sunrise I took on Boxing day morning standing at the front door still in my dressing gown.  I can never tire of looking at such beautiful sights.

I spent  the afternoon reading one of the books I had downloaded to my nice Christmas pressie - Kindle.  I had downloaded several classics - so the one I decided to start reading was "Cranford".  I found it really pleasant to read - it's been quite a while since I read a classic & sometimes the vocabulary & way of writing takes a while to get into - but this didn't.  Did you see the TV serialisation of it?  Judi Dench played one of the main character - Mattie - as I read the words she would have spoken you could almost hear Judi Dench - she really was a good choice for that part.

In the evening we had the family round for a New Years Day meal - which Bob cooked for us & was very nice indeed.  A very pleasant evening was spent afterwards with just general family chit chat. Gareth informed me that Amazon had some £1 books for the Kindle - so I popped in there quickly & bought 3 more books.  I have never heard of the authors or the books but the descriptions sounded good - so I thought I would try them.  I will let you know what they are like once I have read them.

Right!  Crafting is what we are about & rubber stamping in particular.  So what have I been doing?  I have a birthday card for my neighbour to show you - her birthday was New Years Day.  Sadly it is not stamped but produced from a craft CD I have.  The picture does not do the 3-d work justice.

Then also there are the pictures for the Christmas  present I made for my friend Veronica - which again did not have stamping.  I had intended to do some but left it a little too late to get my head around what to do.  So I put to good use the many papers & toppers I have collected during 2010.  It is one of those desk calendars that stand up & you flip each page over.  On the back of each month I had stuck a saying or little poem relevant to the month - it was good fun trying to find suitable ones - I really enjoyed that part.  Here is a slide show of the pages;

Today I am starting on making cards for the coming year & hope to make at least one a day - which means that I have to make 2 today because of not doing one yesterday.

Well! I think that is enough chat for now.  I look forward to chatting more tomorrow & to our club nights this month which will not take long to get here.  It will be so nice to see you all again.

Saturday, 1 January 2011